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Beauty Is War

In today’s world our bodies and skin are constantly at war with our environment. Being outside and exposed to the elements should be considered “across enemy lines”. The sun, processed foods, pollution in the air and the chemicals in non-organic skincare products are only a few of the combatants that have waged war against your beauty, daily attacking your skin to get more beauty product you can visit Beauty store.

What sets us apart from other natural brands is our products are not only natural and organic but they are also 100% handmade right at home so we really know what ingredients are being used to make them. Our products were all inspired by my homeopathic, all natural, chemical free upbringing. I was raised in a home where everything from the food and personal care products to medicine and cleaning products were all chemical free, often homemade, and all natural; entirely made from things that come from our earth and not from a factory. Inspired by my mother and her natural lifestyle, I decided that I wanted to spread the health and beauty benefits of all natural cosmetics and help teach others about the benefits for our skin and bodies.

Arm yourself and protect your skin while on the battlefield! Unlike most wars, this one will never end. Think about it, we will always be battling against both ourselves and outside variables for beauty. For health, we pass on the piece of cake to slim down our waist. We use Lip Balm to moisturize lips and protect them from cold weather.

We use sun screen to evade sun rays and deodorant to pre-treat a future cause of being exposed to the sun as well. At the core, these defenses have the same consequence if abandoned. Your beauty becomes affected. Your physical appearance changes. You look different. Change isn’t always considered a bad thing but we’re talking attributes/features that maybe some people find attractive or unique.

Or even a certain scent that sparks memories that actually cause emotion. So in conclusion, if we did not battle against the natural course of things by using products that reverse, stop, or repair the damage done by just living, we’d be unable to hold or maintain our identity. Actually we would all start to look and smell the same for the most part.  If one didn’t fight back by maintaining these defenses against the threat to your unique image, scent and overall identity, one would fail to exist. Unacceptable, right?! It may be a war waged but we’ve got you covered for life long combat!

Launched from our base in Long Beach, California, “Beauty is War” has created an arsenal of homemade skincare products such as our organic Bath Bombs, vegan based Shampoo Bars, and our top selling sugar based Lip Scrubs. We also offer a option for the bath bombs and soap bars. 

Our mission here is simple. Stay ahead of the enemy. Especially the ones that hide behind big names and shiny labels. Chemicals and animal harming ingredients that cause dryness or irritation are often hidden in today’s bath and beauty products and not by accident.

Because you trust that brand, you’re more willing to return and try different smells and/or fall for another fake promise of smoother or healthier skin. They make a dollar over and over until you finally, or should I say luckily, find the brand that puts Moral over Money. We welcome you, glad you could make it. Understand, everything we need to take care of ourselves from foods to hygiene and even aches and pains, were made when the earth was made, naturally. 

Our Handmade battle bars were designed with war in mind. Our herbal soap arsenal consists of six different ”battle bars” that offer exfoliants like dehydrated fruits, raw sugars and organic coffee grounds to remove dead skin cells that make skin lack vibrance, giving you that dull look. We offer moisturizers like raw coconut and sweet almond oil to treat and hydrate those skin cells. Our Aloe Vera peppermint bar will get the job done.

The Aloe Vera and its natural goat milk base rehydrates skin while simultaneously improving your skin’s barrier of defense. Defense against the war that has been waged against your skin. Equipped with a natural hemp rope, its non-slip grip! Our Bomb Shelter of handmade organic bath bombs offer a few fizzy favorites as well. All of which equip you with the same upper hands of hydrating ingredients and dryness destroying moisturizers.

Most attacks on skin come from an aerial ambush of dust and dirt, but on water is where our bath bombs get even. Plus, they kinda are just a little more cool. Turn that boring bathing routine into a calculated counterattack filled with invigorating scents and satisfying textures. Sugars and oatmeals to gently shed the day away and essential oils right there to soothe and protect for later hostile engagement with the elements. But remember, one battle can’t win a war. Evening times are when cells need nutrients the most, it’s when their anti-aging benefits have the most impact, and so that’s our time of preparation. (Pampered preparation of course) That’s what we call an offensive beauty war strategy. One of plenty you’ll soon be ‘de-briefed’ on.

We practice and live what we preach. So, ask yourself… Are you afraid of sugar scrubs? Huh?  Frightened by the immediate softness after a natural oatmeal & coconut oil body scrub followed with a light aloe peppermint wash up, ended by a cold rinse? Didn’t think so…except for the cold rinse lol.

If you got this far then you must be ready to team up and fight for your skin. All while hurting not a thing on mother earth, empowering a community of like driven good people. And last but not least… Supporting a single mom who just wants to show her mom she was listening all along. Beauty is War… Join us on the battlefield at

tataloo concert
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Amir Tataloo best persian hip/hop singer of the 2021

Amir Tataloo was born on September 21, 1987 in the Majidiyeh neighborhood of Tehran to Azeri descent in a family of five. They lived in Rasht for some time because of his father’s job. has done. She also has two older sisters. Amir Tataloo was a student for a while in a carpentry workshop and sometimes in a supermarket. Amir Tataloo’s education is a diploma in mathematics. He traveled to Dubai in the mid-2001s and returned to Iran after a while.Amir Tataloo says that the reason for choosing this title is a fake name, it has no special meaning and his intention was to choose a special title that is unique to him.

Amir Tataloo started his music with rap style. Tataloo started working in 2003 and in 2012, Amir Tataloo released his first album called “Under the Ground floor”. Amir Tataloo formed the TNT group with Hossein Tahi in 2004, and after several joint ventures, they separated and operated independently.

Amir Tataloo started working in 2003 and published his works with a blog created by his close friend Amin Dunker. Little by little, he found a name among the young singers of those days. In 1390, Tataloo released his first album called Zir Ground Floor. He also released the album Tetliti in 1392, which contained 15 songs who you can check here دانلود اهنگ های تتلو.
The price of a Tataloo concert ticket in Turkey, which is normal or normal, is $ 35, and unlike VIP tickets, it is not possible to sit and it is a stand. A typical ticket costs $ 35 and has a capacity of 20,000.

Video of Tataloo concerts on (Amir Tataloo’s Official Website)

To watch the original videos in 720 and 1080 quality of Tataloo concert. The تتلود جدید Turkey with the original quality is available in one piece and in parts on the official website of Tataloo. We have also prepared concert music for you to play in pieces on Tataloo website.

The best type of Tatlo concert ticket in Turkey is VIP Gold, which costs $ 200 and has a capacity of only 160 people. In second place is the VIP Silver ticket, which has a capacity of 150 people and is priced at $ 100.
Amir Tataloo started his music with rap style. Tataloo started working in 2003 and in 2012, Amir Tataloo released his first album called “Under the Ground floor”.

Amir Tataloo, who is currently involved in his concert ceremony, will probably work on a new album called Behesht after his big concert.

Canvas Prints
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Photograph on Canvas Prints – The Ideal Way to Print Large Images

In this advanced age where the specialty of computerized photography is presently a piece of regular daily existence, numerous photographic artists like Samantha Marie Photography are searching for new, more compelling ways of showing their cherished computerized pictures. With cutting-edge progress in canvas printing innovation, moving your photographs to canvas is currently both the most unique and practical method for flaunting your beloved photos.

Printing enormous scope pictures on canvas

While printing pictures for a considerable scope, the canvas is the best media accessible for the gig by a long shot. This is because canvas conceals large numbers of defects featured during the broadening system, permitting even a few inferior quality pictures to be printed onto canvas with extraordinary outcomes.

Issues you might confront while expanding a picture

The primary issue experienced while amplifying a photo is the loss of picture quality. When a picture is amplified, the pixels that make up that picture are extended. The more these pixels are opened, the more the nature of the completed painting will fall apart. Numerous cutting-edge strategies are being utilized to reconstruct or even copy the first pixels as the picture is developed. These cycles are highly viable at assisting with limiting any misfortune in quality. Sadly, regardless of whether these strategies are utilized, there might, in any case, be minor indications of pixelation. This slight pixelation keeps many broadened photos Check out it out at The principal benefit of printing an expanded picture onto canvas is the finished completion. This finished surface conceals large numbers of these blemishes, giving the general photograph on canvas print a significantly more engaging and striking look.

Canvas prints from paper photos

Assuming you wish to move a paper photograph onto canvas, the picture should be filtered to make a computerized picture. Before screening the vision, ensure that it is liberated from scrapes, scratches, or some other indications of harm. Assuming you notice any imprints on the photograph, you can’t eliminate yourself. Yet, you would like eliminated before printing, address an accomplished canvas provider to check whether the areas of concern can be fixed. If these issues are not excessively extreme, there are some excellent canvas organizations around that will complete this work for you at no additional charge. Continuously pay special attention to organizations that deal with free altering.

Powerful form

Continuously remember that assuming the photograph on canvas print you pick is enormous, the edge should be solid and thick. Any track development brought about by a frail, precarious edge will make it wrinkle, lose its shape, and ruin its appearance.

Canvas prints the best gift

Excellent photographs on canvas prints likewise make wonderful customized gifts. From a photograph of the cheerful couple on canvas as a wedding present to an image of the children on canvas for grandparents at Christmas, canvas prints quickly turn into a well-known decision of customized presents for some events.
Canvas prints are presently the most shocking, savvy method for changing your pictures into masterpieces that will look incredible and keep going for a long time.

gucci perfume
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Collection of Gucci Perfumes Online Canada

One of the best-selling fragrances of all time is Gucci’s ROSES, a sensual and musky scent, designed for a sophisticated woman. It’s perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to be victimized by others and is willing to accept that life isn’t always as rosy as she’d like. She’ll be the center of attention and wear this fragrance wherever she goes.

The fragrance for women was released during the decade of florals and chypres, which included hints of leather, oakmoss, and patchouli. Most women’s fragrances also contained carnations and the French tradition of complex compositions was still in fashion. The heart of the fragrance contains notes inspired by the handmade suits of men. The base, meanwhile, is a rich, musky blend of musk, leather, and amber.

Gucci’s New Fragrance

There is a lot of hype surrounding Gucci’s new fragrance, but few people have tried it yet. There are a couple of ways to try it. The easiest way to try the new scent is to sign up for a fragrance sample. All you need to do is visit the Gucci website and complete an account. This free trial offer is valid for seven days, and you can decide which one you prefer. It is also worth noting that you don’t have to pay a single cent.

Another way to try Gucci’s new fragrance for men is to try Gucci Made to Measure. It’s a rich, white floral scent, and it is meant to unfold like its name suggests. You can get a free fragrance sample by signing up for the fragrance sample offer. All you need to do is sign up using Facebook, which is free for registered users. You can also try the fragrance if you want. There are no catches, and it’s completely legitimate.

60 Gucci Fragrances

You can find more than 60 Gucci fragrances in the fragrance base. There are perfumes for every occasion – from day to night! Whether you’re in the mood for a classic or more modern fragrance, there’s a scent for you. The company’s Gucci perfumes are expensive and can be a bit overwhelming for many people. But don’t worry: a few different scents are available to try and you can find a fragrance that suits your personality.

If you’re looking for an elegant fragrance, the best choice is Gucci Perfumes. This feminine scent isn’t gourmand, but it’s rich and delicious. This scent is best suited for women, but men can wear it as well. Its price is largely determined by the size of the bottle and the collection, and the formula. If you’re looking for a basic perfume, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $150.

Perfect for Woman

If you’re looking for a more feminine scent, consider Gucci Guilty. This sweet, powdery fragrance is perfect for a woman who is a little bit guilty. It smells delicious right from the first spray, and is seductive after two hours. Its spicy, floral, and musky scent is both sensual and complex. It’s also a nice choice for a man’s gift.

In 2018, Gucci began its history in the fragrance industry, and since then, its fragrances have become as iconic as the company’s fashion. The luxury designer brand offers a large number of fragrances for both men and women. The brand’s fragrances are often highly complex, and there is a perfume to suit every season. The Gucci Bloom range of perfumes has a floral, fruity, and spicy scent, and is a classic choice for both men and women.

Intense & Delecated

Gucci’s perfumes are both intense and delicate, and are made for both women and men. The Gucci Guilty scent is designed to be worn at night and is the perfect evening scent. It features bergamot, jasmine, and a touch of patchouli. The Gucci Bloom range also includes a fragrance designed for daytime use. Its floral notes will evoke memories of a romantic and exotic holiday.

The Eau de Gucci fragrance is a beautiful floral and woody fragrance that has a distinct Italian flair. Its aristocratic, opulent and modern feel will make you feel pampered and beautiful. Its fragrances will be a part of your life, and it will make you feel good about yourself. It is a true luxury. And if you’re looking for the perfect scent for yourself or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place!

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Discontinued Gucci Perfume For Men
December 20, 2021
givenchy perfume
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Discontinued Gucci Perfume For Men

Gucci Perfume for Men is a very versatile scent that can be worn in various situations. This scent has a very masculine aroma that is a combination of bergamot, Tunisian orange blossom, and French lavender. The notes also include nutmeg, plum, and leather. It promises moderate longevity and sillage. Whether you’re looking for a scent that will make you feel sophisticated or relaxed, you’re sure to find a cologne that will suit your personality and style.

If you’re looking for a scent that exudes elegance and sophistication, you’ll love Gucci Perfume for Men. This fragrance has a sophisticated and powerful aroma, and it comes in vintage and green bottles. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for a man or looking to buy a gift for a man, you’ll love the scents from the Gucci line.

Gucci’s Oud perfume

If you’re looking for a scent that embodies masculinity, Gucci’s Oud perfume is a great choice. The fresh, spicy fragrance is perfect for the office or on a date. The tart grapefruit note helps to clear the scent. The other ingredients in the scent include a spicy base and heart notes that are earthy and fruity. The packaging is solid glass with a mint green label and a silver-colored screw top cap.

Gucci Fragrances for men

Among the Gucci fragrances for men, Bloom is the most feminine of the three. The scent transports you to a garden of blooming flowers, and it is meant to be a metaphor for women. It contains bergamot, tuberose, and jasmine. The floral dry down contains patchouli, labdanum, and a hint of sandalwood. This is an excellent option for men who want to impress their date, and they will thank you for it.

If you are looking for discontinued perfumes that will make you look stylish and confident, Gucci is one of the best choices. With its complex and multifaceted fragrances, you’re sure to find a scent that suits you. If you’re looking for a fragrance that is a great fit for you, the Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum is a great option. A spritz of this scent will make you smell great.

Flora is a floral scent

Flora is a floral scent with citrus notes. This fragrance is reminiscent of the scarf worn by the Princess of Monaco. It starts with a fresh natural scent of violet and fades to a woody base. The heart of the scent is made up of pimento red pepper and cinnamon, and the base is composed of vetiver and cedar wood. Several other scents in the Gucci perfume for men have the same basic composition.

For men who like a man who wears a scent that’s masculine yet elegant, Gucci Pour Homme II is a great choice. Its floral notes will make you look charismatic and macho, and will give you the confidence to get out there and be seen. This men’s perfume is not only stylish, but it will make you stand out in a crowd. It will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Gucci for Men

The Gucci for Men Eau de Toilette Spray is a woody fragrance with a woodsy, citrus aroma. It has notes of bergamot and violet and is a great choice for men who like to be outdoors. A woodsy scent that is masculine and doesn’t smother you will leave you feeling envious of women wearing the fragrance. However, a man’s fragrance should not overpower a woman.

A man can make a statement without being overpowering. With a scent that has a distinctive aroma, it will be remembered for a long time. The scent can be used during the day or at night. It is a wonderful choice for evening wear. A man who wants to wear Gucci perfume for men will have a nice scent. It is a scent that can be worn on any occasion.

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme is a dark fantasy scent that reflects a man’s mood. It is an aggressive scent, which is perfect for young men. It opens with coriander and levels off with neroli and orange flower. The scent lasts for a long time and has a woody base. It is a very masculine fragrance, and can be a great choice for any man.

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Collection of Gucci Perfumes Online Canada
January 3, 2022
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Advantages of Investing in Cleveland Foreclosed Homes

Financial backers are rushing toward properties in Cleveland. Those on a careful financial plan will profit from Cleveland dispossessed homes, accessible at absolute bottom costs. But, other than the appealing costs, there are a few different advantages of Cleveland dispossessed homes. Check More colleges in Albuquerque.

Cleveland is a city in the territory of Ohio and the district seat of the most crowded region in the state, Cuyahoga County. It was laid out in 1796, and its nearness to a few waterways and rail street lines made it middle for assembling. From there on, however, fabricating has declined, the economy has broadened to the help economy, including monetary, lawful, medical care, and protected areas. Cleveland is likewise home to the I.M. Pei-planned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The city is known for its public-private coordinated efforts to rejuvenate downtown and urban renaissance. In 2005, The Economist positioned the town as quite possibly the most reasonable in the United States. It was likewise placed best city for conferences in the country. Monikers for the city incorporate, ‘The Forest City,” The Rock and Roll Capital of the World’ and the “Cleve.”

Cleveland is home to the Playhouse Square Center on the social front and the second greatest performing expressions focus in the U.S. It has Broadway musicals as well as Opera Cleveland. The Cleveland Orchestra is viewed as one of the best on the planet. The Cleveland Museum of artistry is a significant American Art exhibition hall. This city is likewise the setting of numerous Hollywood motion pictures and the setting of many writing works. In 2008, this city was depicted as ‘Up and coming eating city’ by the Chicago Tribune in its Travel area on its culinary accomplishments. It is additionally home to different galleries like Steam transport Mather gallery and the Great Lakes Science focus. Style week Cleveland is one of the top design shows in North America.

Cleveland additionally scores in the space of sports and instruction. Cleveland’s pro athletics groups remember individuals for most wearing associations. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is the most significant K-12 school region. The city is home to various schools and colleges, the most popular being the Case Western Reserve University, known for its exploration and learning.

The economy is excellent towards work potential open doors. The city has expanded into an administrations area structure its assembling base. It is the central command of many large organizations like Eaton Corporation, NASA’s Glenn Research Center, etc.

Cleveland abandoned homes are accessible in an assortment of neighborhoods. Redevelopment has been going on firmly in the midtown region. The quantity of downtown lodging units has expanded as lofts, townhouses, and condos throughout the years. Some new lodging projects like The Flats, The Euclid Corridor project, and so forth, Cleveland abandoned homes are hence an extraordinary open door.

The quantity of Cleveland dispossessed homes has been on the ascent, with 10 % of the city’s homes lying empty because of abandonment. This presents an extraordinary chance for financial backers intrigued by Cleveland dispossessed homes.

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The Essentials of Wholesale Clothes Websites for Business

Nowadays, many people wish to have the best possible business. The good news is that they can now succeed in the clothing industry, which is one of the most sought-after industries in the business world. People will always need clothing as it is one of their daily necessities everywhere in the world.

So, if you are planning to start a wholesale clothing business,

 All you need to do is find the best suppliers and you can start selling your clothes on your own website. However, you should know that setting up a website will cost you a lot of effort, since you will have to provide all the details you need to include on your website about these clothing items, such as the following.

When you are going to create your online catalog, you need to put all the details about the garments on the sample page. First of all, you should specify the type of clothing, such as whether it is casual or evening wear. This is very important as it will make it easier for consumers to choose the right clothes for the event they will be wearing them to.

Secondly, the materials used to make the garment should be specified.

Very often, many consumers are very concerned about the materials of the clothing as they want to get something that is comfortable for them. For them, it is a great help if you put this detail on the garments, and many of these customers will positively evaluate stores that can provide them with this practical advantage.

Third, if you don’t post a front and back photo of the garment, be sure to describe the details of the pattern, as it may be different from how the customer sees it. For example, a backless dress may look like a shaved back garment if you only show the front. The problem is that if your customer receives the garment and it doesn’t meet their expectations, they will become an unhappy customer.

Finally, talk in detail about the measurements.

Remember that everything is a matter of perception and that not all countries have the same sizes. Some countries may have smaller sizes than others, so you can provide the details on the website.

Besides these clothing items, you can also sell additional products on your websites, such as Wholesale at FondMart, so that people find your store useful because they get other products that complete their fashion image.

The basics of creating Wholesale clothing websites are detailed. Remember to provide all the information your customers need to make searching and buying easier than usual. This will not only contribute to the success of your website but will surely make your customers more satisfied with your service.

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Eyelash Extensions – Benefits and Usage

The benefits of eyelash extensions are various and consolidated, giving your eyelashes a broader, thicker, and more regular appearance. Besides this, they make the eyes more open and have a far-reaching look, making individuals notice them.

Moreover, the more lengthy eyelashes will make them look younger and fresher for those with hanging eyelids. However, since not all people have long eyelashes regularly, there are different eyelash things in the market to help them.

Watching out, changed producers of eyelash extensions are open, and like this, the customer needs to know the benefits and disservices of each to make the legitimate assurance. Personally, I recommend you can try the lashes from

Moreover, the regrowth season of eyelashes depends upon specific factors, such as the size of hair you have lost, similarly toto the innate characteristics. Accordingly, the individual can’t animate the eyelash advancement on different occasions, and they may need to go for fake eyelashes to give them a further refined look.

Among these things is eyelash extensions. They give the customers longer and thicker eyelashes and go with specific suffering periods; nonetheless, many can suffer up to two months. This infers that it is unrivaled when diverged from other eyelash improvement things. Watching out, changed producers of eyelash extensions are open, and like this, the customer needs to know the benefits and disservices of each to make the legitimate assurance.

Since eyelash extensions are available in different lengths, customers can pick as per their necessities. Whatever their choice, they should ensure that the FDA upholds these eyelash extensions for clinical and therapeutic use. The other thing to recall is that these more extended eyelashes should not hurt the ordinary eyelashes.

They additionally need to pick the ideal aesthetician who will apply for the extensions. The advantage of using these extensions is that they will be shed off when the standard eyelash exits after their whole cycle. Moreover, the customers need to understand that there are different systems in affixing these things.

One of them joins the association of silk or mink eyelash extensions to the client’s eyelashes. The reference is made on each eyelash until the whole eye is covered. The potential gain of eyelash extensions is that they are ensured to use in the shower, either while swimming or resting, and the customer can add a touch of water-based mascara when required.