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Web Design Tips To Boost Site Traffic in Baton Rouge

Are you looking to get more traffic to your website? If so, then you may want to consider web design tips that can help you achieve this goal. Here are a few tips that you can use to improve your website’s design and get more traffic in Baton rouge:

1. Use responsive design.

One of the most important web design tips that you should keep in mind is to use responsive design. This means that your website should be able to adjust its layout and size according to the device that it is being viewed on. This is important because more and more people are now using mobile devices to access the internet. If your website is not responsive, then you may lose a lot of potential traffic.

2. Optimize your website for search engines.

Another important tip is to optimize your website for search engines. This means that you should use the right keywords in your titles and descriptions so that your site will appear in the top results when someone searches for something related to your business or website. You can also use other SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

3. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to web design is to make sure that your website is easy to navigate. This means that your visitors should be able to find the information they are looking for easily. If your website is difficult to navigate, then you may lose potential traffic.

4. Use social media buttons.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, then you should also consider using social media buttons. These buttons will allow your visitors to share your content with their friends and followers on various social networking sites. This can help you increase your website’s exposure and get more traffic.

5. Use attractive visuals.

Another important tip that you should keep in mind when it comes to web design is to use attractive visuals. This means that you should use images and videos on your website to attract more visitors. People are more likely to stay on a website if it has interesting visuals.

6. Use effective calls to action.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, then you should also consider using effective calls to action. A call to action is a statement or phrase that encourages your visitors to take a certain action. For example, you can use a call to action like “Click here to learn more about our services” or “Sign up now to get our latest discounts.”

7. Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions.

Another important tip that you should keep in mind when it comes to web design is to use keyword-rich titles and descriptions. This means that you should use keywords in your titles and descriptions so that your site will appear in the top results when someone searches for something related to your business or website. You can also use other SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

8. Make sure that your website loads quickly.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, then you should also make sure that your website loads quickly. People are more likely to leave a website if it takes too long to load. Therefore, you should optimize your website so that it loads quickly.

The tips that are mentioned above are just some of the things that you can do to improve your website’s design and get more traffic. But if you are keen in knowing that what ruin your website design, then lets dive in…

4 High Level Web Design Mistakes That Ruin a Website Design

Below are 4 web design mistakes that will definitely ruin a website:

1. Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website:

With the increasing number of people using mobile devices to access the internet, it is important for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website is one that can be easily viewed and navigated on a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you may lose potential customers and traffic.

2. Not Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines:

Another important tip for businesses is to optimize their website for search engines. This means using the right keywords in titles and descriptions so that your site appears in the top results when someone searches for something related to your business or website. You can also use other SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

3. Not Using Attractive Visuals:

Another important tip that you should keep in mind when it comes to web design is to use attractive visuals. This means that you should use images and videos on your website to attract more visitors. People are more likely to stay on a website if it has interesting visuals.

4. Confusing User Flow:

Your website’s design should be such that it is easy for users to navigate and find the information they are looking for. If your website’s design is confusing or difficult to use, then people will likely leave your site without taking any action. Therefore, it is important to create a user-friendly design that is easy to navigate and understand.

These are just some of the things that you can do to improve your website’s design and get more traffic. But if you want to ensure that your website is designed correctly, then you should hire a professional web designer who can help you create an effective and successful website.


Web design is a process of creating a website that is easy to use, visually appealing, and informative. There are many factors to consider when it comes to web design, such as layout, colors, fonts, images, and content. If you want to get more traffic to your website, then you should keep these tips in mind. But if you want to ensure that your website is designed correctly, then you should hire a professional web designer.

A good web design company in Baton Rouge will help you create a beautiful and functional website that meets your business’s needs. So if you are planning to build a new website or redesign your existing one, then make sure to hire an expert.

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5 Best Laptops For Gaming

Acer aspire nitro 7

The Acer aspire Nitro 7 laptop comes with a 58Wh lithium-ion battery, which is significant for its size. The display is a bit lower than the Nitro 5 but is adequate for daily tasks. While there are a few issues with the keyboard, most are easily fixed. Depending on the topic, you may have to remove the laptop cover or unplug the battery. Hardware problems, however, are best left to a professional. map

The keyboard is enormous, almost the entire width of the chassis. The arrow keys are full-size and are pushed into the main keyboard area. The right Shift key and the number pad “0” keys are also truncated. The screen has a red border and is surrounded by a matte surface. Its touchpad is accurate but lacks dedicated buttons. map

HP Victus 16.

The HP Victus 16 laptop is an ideal choice for the everyday gamer. It has an AMD processor, an all-purpose gaming keyboard, and a fast refresh rate display for a smooth gaming experience. This laptop also boasts an AMD processor that keeps you cool during the most intense gaming sessions. It also comes with a cooling system for maximum performance. map

The HP Victus 16 features a white backlit keyboard with a full-size number pad and arrow keys that feel comfortable and accurate for prolonged use. It also features a high-quality trackpad with authentic buttons and a smooth surface. The trackpad automatically turns when you plug in a mouse. map

Acer Nitro 5.

The Acer Nitro 5 laptop is a good option for those who want a quality gaming laptop at an affordable price. It boasts an excellent keyboard, plenty of ports, punchy audio, and a spacious desktop. However, some compromises include short battery life and a lackluster display. While gaming laptops are usually expensive, the Nitro 5 is the perfect choice for those new to gaming laptops. map

The Nitro 5 laptop features a 1080p display and 60 frames per second. The screen is the best choice for games with high graphical fidelity, and this laptop can quickly push this number up to 90 fps. The display can also be set at 144 Hz for maximum gaming performance. The Nitro 5 also has a relatively quiet system, thanks to the dual fan and quad exhaust. The fans do sound a bit, but they aren’t distracting. map

Razer Blade 14

The Razer Blade 14 is the ultimate AMD gaming laptop. It has a full HD screen, a powerful processor, and an excellent sound system. It’s fast, responsive, and has a high-quality mouse and keyboard. It’s also easy to use with its Windows 10 operating system. Razer’s latest gaming laptop also has a fingerprint reader to keep you safe while gaming. map

The Razer Blade 14’s design is remarkably versatile. It has two USB-C 3.2 connections with charging, one full-sized HDMI port, a headphone jack, and a custom power cable. You can use a standard line if you don’t plan on charging your laptop via USB-C. However, the Razer Blade 14 will not receive enough power to play most games, so a custom power cable is recommended. map

Sus ROG Flow X13 With XG Mobile.

The Asus ROG Flow X13 With xG Mobile is an accessory that combines the benefits of a desktop and a notebook. It supports USB-C charging and a 4K display. It also features Nvidia’s Advanced Optimus technology, allowing you to use a stylus or touch screen to navigate. map

The Asus XG Mobile has some obvious drawbacks, such as its inflexibility. For example, it’s not as flexible as other eGPU enclosures, which can be difficult if you need to swap out graphics cards frequently. Also, it’s not clear how many Asus devices will be compatible in the future. map

The Asus ROG Flow X13 can handle a wide range of tasks, including office work and gaming. The XG Mobile’s battery life was adequate in our tests, with the Flow X13 running for five hours before requiring a recharge. But the eGPU and GPU will eventually age, and the ROG Flow X13 With xG Mobile isn’t precisely a desktop-level battle station. It’s better suited for office work and less intensive gaming. map map

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Beauty Is War

In today’s world our bodies and skin are constantly at war with our environment. Being outside and exposed to the elements should be considered “across enemy lines”. The sun, processed foods, pollution in the air and the chemicals in non-organic skincare products are only a few of the combatants that have waged war against your beauty, daily attacking your skin to get more beauty product you can visit Beauty store.

What sets us apart from other natural brands is our products are not only natural and organic but they are also 100% handmade right at home so we really know what ingredients are being used to make them. Our products were all inspired by my homeopathic, all natural, chemical free upbringing. I was raised in a home where everything from the food and personal care products to medicine and cleaning products were all chemical free, often homemade, and all natural; entirely made from things that come from our earth and not from a factory. Inspired by my mother and her natural lifestyle, I decided that I wanted to spread the health and beauty benefits of all natural cosmetics and help teach others about the benefits for our skin and bodies.

Arm yourself and protect your skin while on the battlefield! Unlike most wars, this one will never end. Think about it, we will always be battling against both ourselves and outside variables for beauty. For health, we pass on the piece of cake to slim down our waist. We use Lip Balm to moisturize lips and protect them from cold weather.

We use sun screen to evade sun rays and deodorant to pre-treat a future cause of being exposed to the sun as well. At the core, these defenses have the same consequence if abandoned. Your beauty becomes affected. Your physical appearance changes. You look different. Change isn’t always considered a bad thing but we’re talking attributes/features that maybe some people find attractive or unique.

Or even a certain scent that sparks memories that actually cause emotion. So in conclusion, if we did not battle against the natural course of things by using products that reverse, stop, or repair the damage done by just living, we’d be unable to hold or maintain our identity. Actually we would all start to look and smell the same for the most part.  If one didn’t fight back by maintaining these defenses against the threat to your unique image, scent and overall identity, one would fail to exist. Unacceptable, right?! It may be a war waged but we’ve got you covered for life long combat!

Launched from our base in Long Beach, California, “Beauty is War” has created an arsenal of homemade skincare products such as our organic Bath Bombs, vegan based Shampoo Bars, and our top selling sugar based Lip Scrubs. We also offer a option for the bath bombs and soap bars. 

Our mission here is simple. Stay ahead of the enemy. Especially the ones that hide behind big names and shiny labels. Chemicals and animal harming ingredients that cause dryness or irritation are often hidden in today’s bath and beauty products and not by accident.

Because you trust that brand, you’re more willing to return and try different smells and/or fall for another fake promise of smoother or healthier skin. They make a dollar over and over until you finally, or should I say luckily, find the brand that puts Moral over Money. We welcome you, glad you could make it. Understand, everything we need to take care of ourselves from foods to hygiene and even aches and pains, were made when the earth was made, naturally. 

Our Handmade battle bars were designed with war in mind. Our herbal soap arsenal consists of six different ”battle bars” that offer exfoliants like dehydrated fruits, raw sugars and organic coffee grounds to remove dead skin cells that make skin lack vibrance, giving you that dull look. We offer moisturizers like raw coconut and sweet almond oil to treat and hydrate those skin cells. Our Aloe Vera peppermint bar will get the job done.

The Aloe Vera and its natural goat milk base rehydrates skin while simultaneously improving your skin’s barrier of defense. Defense against the war that has been waged against your skin. Equipped with a natural hemp rope, its non-slip grip! Our Bomb Shelter of handmade organic bath bombs offer a few fizzy favorites as well. All of which equip you with the same upper hands of hydrating ingredients and dryness destroying moisturizers.

Most attacks on skin come from an aerial ambush of dust and dirt, but on water is where our bath bombs get even. Plus, they kinda are just a little more cool. Turn that boring bathing routine into a calculated counterattack filled with invigorating scents and satisfying textures. Sugars and oatmeals to gently shed the day away and essential oils right there to soothe and protect for later hostile engagement with the elements. But remember, one battle can’t win a war. Evening times are when cells need nutrients the most, it’s when their anti-aging benefits have the most impact, and so that’s our time of preparation. (Pampered preparation of course) That’s what we call an offensive beauty war strategy. One of plenty you’ll soon be ‘de-briefed’ on.

We practice and live what we preach. So, ask yourself… Are you afraid of sugar scrubs? Huh?  Frightened by the immediate softness after a natural oatmeal & coconut oil body scrub followed with a light aloe peppermint wash up, ended by a cold rinse? Didn’t think so…except for the cold rinse lol.

If you got this far then you must be ready to team up and fight for your skin. All while hurting not a thing on mother earth, empowering a community of like driven good people. And last but not least… Supporting a single mom who just wants to show her mom she was listening all along. Beauty is War… Join us on the battlefield at

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5 Characteristics of Iconic Logos

When it comes to purchasing items or services, a logo is frequently the first thing that people notice. Logos serve as proof that what they’re purchasing is genuine and reputable — in other words, they assist in making a great first impression.

You want your logo to stay in the thoughts of clients for months or even years after you create that first impression.

Here are five characteristics to strive for in your logo design in order to design an iconic logo.

1. Simple

Simplicity is the most important characteristic of iconic logos. It’s much easier to attain the other four attributes listed below once you’ve achieved simplicity in your design.

It’s vital to remember that “simple” does not imply “boring”; rather, “simple” implies “easy to understand” and “uncomplicated.”

The majority of the time, a simple design is all that is required. Adding too many features to a logo might make it appear cluttered, and the human mind responds to clutter by shutting out the majority of it.

Uninteresting or indistinct aspects compete for the viewer’s attention, making it easier for them to skip over (especially since that attention spans are shorter than ever).

Simple logos are easy to learn and assimilate, but they’re also easier to remember when they’re seen again. A simple logo will help you capture someone’s eye while traveling down the highway or make your product stand out on crowded store shelves.

For example, to symbolize their brand and stand out, Nike, the world’s largest shoe company, employs a very simple graphic swoosh.

The cliched yet handy acronym K.I.S.S. (“keep it simple stupid”) is one to remember. Don’t add things to your logo just because you believe it’s uninteresting. Always ask yourself why you’re adding a new color, font, shape, or other graphic element.

Don’t include it if it won’t improve the overall design or your brand message.

2. Appropriate

The second quality is proper. Although a logo must be basic, not all simple logos are iconic. The logo must be appropriate for the intended use and audience.

Logos don’t have to describe what a company does; instead, they must communicate the appropriate emotion. Consider well-known logos. Apple’s logo isn’t a computer, BMW’s logo isn’t a car, and American Airlines’ logo isn’t a plane.

A logo, on the other hand, can be literal. Take, for example, Target or Shell. These logos are a visual depiction of the corporate name, which is fine.

Consider these two logos: Target doesn’t use a bullseye as a symbol to inform you what the company does; they do it to make themselves distinctive. Let’s be clear: a logo’s principal function is to identify a corporation.

Iconic logos are also created for a specific audience. Consider the difference between a bank logo and a logo for a children’s toy store. For the toy store, a juvenile, zany, or fun typeface and color scheme would be perfect. This, however, would not be ideal for a bank because no one would take them seriously or trust their operations.

The Toys”R”Us logo is an excellent example of a well-designed logo. It seems like a kid drew it, with the hand-drawn font, backward R, star sign, and weird color scheme. Children are drawn to the store because they recognise the emblem.

It’s not about sophisticated design components or clever visual techniques. It’s all about coming up with a logo that’s acceptable in terms of the emotion it expresses.

Logos are for identification, not communication; they shouldn’t try to say too much because marketing and communications can achieve that. Instead, the logo style should be relevant to the target demographic and convey your company’s personality.

3. Distinctive

The third characteristic of an iconic logo is that it stands out. Why do we use the word distinctive instead of memorable? Because what makes something memorable is that it is distinct enough to be remembered, even in a crowded marketplace.

If your logo design is memorable, people who have been impressed by your brand or company will be able to quickly convey it to others who might be interested. This can be accomplished by keeping the elements to a minimum and employing only one visual trick or method.

As previously stated, many businesses use intricate logo features to stand out in their designs. A cluttered logo, on the other hand, is much more difficult to comprehend and remember.

Instead, the goal should be to create a logo that is different enough that people can recognise it after only viewing it once.

It’s a nice test to check if someone can repaint a logo on a piece of paper after only one glimpse. (It’s also worth noting that classic logos are instantly recognisable even when they don’t include the company name.)

Apart from the benefit of being memorable, people who are more familiar with a logo are more inclined to associate the company with good attributes. Consumers are more inclined to pay attention to distinctive logos and desire to learn more about the brand.

Remember: If people can’t remember what your logo looks like when it’s not in front of them, it’s not doing its job. If you want to create a memorable logo, it must stand out and be simple to understand. It should be distinct from your competition and stand out from the crowd.

The McDonald’s logo is a great example of a unique design. It’s easy to redraw after only seeing it once (and can be visible from a long distance on a highway billboard), and the two golden arches that form a “M” are easily recognised all around the world.

4. Versatile

Iconic logos can be used in a variety of ways. The term “versatile” refers to the logo’s ability to look well in a variety of sizes and applications. It looks great in any color and can be used in both horizontal and vertical formats.

To develop a versatile logo, make sure it works in all of the places you want to use it. Consider websites, business cards, signage, labels, cars, and other marketing materials. The logo should be both striking and legible no matter what size it is – from a large billboard to a postage stamp.

Legibility always suffers when a logo has too many details. When you try to replicate the logo in smaller sizes, too many colors and elements will be lost.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that you won’t always be allowed to employ a full-color logo. The logo should work in both black and white and not rely on visual elements to stand out.

A flexible logo, often known as a responsive logo, is another alternative. To accommodate and adapt for varied sizes and screens, these types of logos can alter in size, complexity, and even color.

There are more places than ever before to use a logo, and they all vary in size. To build a memorable logo, make sure your design is identifiable and flexible, even when it’s a tiny 16 by 16-pixel favicon at the top of your browser.

The Apple logo is a well-known example of a logo that may be used in a variety of situations. It works well in black and white, as well as tiny and large sizes, and it may be used as a favicon without changing the logo.

5. Timeless

The final quality — and the most difficult to attain — is timelessness. It’s the last trait on the list because it’s very hard to attain without the previous four.

You can’t be sure that a logo will stand the test of time because design fads come and go all the time, and the world is continuously evolving. However, you can assure that a logo has the characteristics to remain ageless.

A timeless logo is basic enough to not go out of style, acceptable in tone, memorable enough to be remembered, and adaptable enough to operate in any size or application.

Only when all four characteristics are met can you be sure that the logo is in the greatest possible position to stand the test of time.

After 10, 20, or even 50 years, a memorable logo is still in use. It should be able to withstand any company trend or situation. If the logo doesn’t stay effective over time, you’ll have to develop a new one every time it becomes outdated; this can be expensive and avoidable.

Every day, we come into contact with iconic logos such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple, and others. All of these logos have at least one similarity that ensures the logo’s timelessness and public recognition:

  • Shape and form are simple.
  • Distinctive
  • There are no graphic elements that are very intricate.
  • Limited number of colors that are appropriate for the mood
  • When scaled up or down, it’s still recognisable.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid following design trends. Trendy logos (glossy shading or intricate gradients) are rarely ageless because they aren’t flexible. If you follow trends, your logo may perish along with the trend.

Logos go out of date for two main reasons: font and color selection. People frequently make the mistake of believing that simple, classic fonts are uninteresting and unoriginal. That is not the case! Sticking to classic, well-crafted fonts will help your logo stand the test of time.

Sticking to a small color palette (one primary color, potentially a minor secondary color, and one neutral color) is also a good idea (like black or white).

A design with more colors is more likely to become antiquated. Slack, for example, recently revamped its logo and reduced the old shading color scheme to just four core colors (plus black).

While it may seem self-evident, the Coca-Cola logo is an excellent example of a classic design. It is one of the most ageless logos in history, having remained mostly unchanged since the early 1900s.

Getting to an iconic logo

An iconic logo is simple enough to understand at a glance, appropriate for conveying a feeling, memorable enough to remember, adaptable enough to function for any size or application, and well-designed enough to stand the test of time.

Follow these five features if you want to make a fantastic first impression and have a logo that will stay for years.

In this article, all of the logo samples are presented in black and white. This was done on purpose to demonstrate that iconic logos don’t need the trademark color to be recognised; a simple and distinctive design is far more significant.

Finally, when developing your logo, think about eliminating aspects rather than adding them. This does not imply that you should eliminate the entire logo. Instead, consider why each component is necessary and how it communicates your brand to the rest of the world.

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Best features to look for in a YouTube to MP3 converter

Considering the fact that Youtube to Mp3 has been around for a long time, there are hundreds of apps and websites that claim to work properly. However, some of these websites and applications are often malicious in nature. As long as cookies are accepted, the website can obtain all the user’s information or infect the computer with viruses and other malicious software. That is why it is important to choose a converter with at least the following functions.

Minimal or ad-free interface

As many YouTube to MP3 converter sites and apps claim to be free, you will find that most of them have advertisements on their interface. Sometimes pop-up windows are important because they can generate income for website owners. If the ad doesn’t look suspicious in nature, this works fine. However, some websites will eventually change the home page of your browser without your knowledge. Furthermore, the browser subsequently began to display unusual behavior, displaying irrelevant ads at inopportune times.

If this happens, the website you visited to rip music from YouTube videos may have infected your browser with adware. Adware is a type of malicious software that infects your browser and injects ads into it. In the worst case, you will not be able to remove background from logo or they will continue to appear. Find and use the site that shows the least amount of ads and it won’t redirect you to the ads page for every alternate like

Option to download MP3 at a higher bit rate

MP3 files have a variety of bit rates, which indicates their quality. A higher bit rate will indicate better audio quality. The caveat for higher bit rates is that the file size will be larger. CD-quality audio is typically 256 Kbps, which is the default quality for most audio files. The bit rate is typically between 96 Kbps and 320 Kbps. The type of bit rate available also depends on the quality of the video you want to extract audio from.

Some sites offer a variety of bit rates for downloading MP3 files, from the lowest quality available to the bit rate provided by video and audio. If the bit rate is low, the audio quality will be poor. For example, if you play an MP3 file with a 128Kbps bit rate at high volume on a Bluetooth speaker, you will start to notice jagged and fuzzy audio in the background. Ultimately, it also depends on your preferences and usage. If you plan to play audio through your own video or speakers, prefer MP3 files with higher bit rates. It is very important that the YouTube to MP3 Converter website or app provides the option to download MP3 files with different bit rates.