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Craigslist Seattle: A Guide to Selling, Buying, and Exploring the Emerald City Online

Craigslist is one of the most popular online platforms for buying and selling items, finding a place to live, or simply discovering new opportunities in your local area. In Seattle, Craigslist is a go-to website for locals looking for anything from concert tickets to job postings. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Craigslist Seattle, from its history to its current offerings, and provide you with some tips and tricks for navigating this bustling online marketplace.


In this section, we’ll briefly introduce the topic and provide some context for why Craigslist Seattle is such an important online platform for Seattleites.

What is Craigslist Seattle?

Craigslist Seattle is the local version of the popular online marketplace Craigslist. It is a website where users can buy and sell items, post and search for jobs, find housing and roommates, and discover community events and activities.

Why is Craigslist Seattle Important?

Seattle is a vibrant and diverse city with a thriving community of artists, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Craigslist Seattle provides a platform for these individuals to connect with one another, buy and sell goods and services, and explore new opportunities in their local area.

A Brief History of Craigslist Seattle

In this section, we’ll take a look at the history of Craigslist Seattle and how it has evolved over the years.

How Did Craigslist Seattle Get Started?

Craigslist Seattle was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark, a computer programmer who wanted to create an online platform for local classified ads. The website quickly gained popularity, and by the early 2000s, it had expanded to include cities all over the United States.

How Has Craigslist Seattle Evolved?

Over the years, Craigslist Seattle has evolved to include new features and offerings. In addition to its original classified ad format, the website now includes sections for job postings, housing, community events, and even personals.

Using Craigslist Seattle

In this section, we’ll provide some tips and tricks for using Craigslist Seattle to buy and sell items, find housing and jobs, and explore the local community.

Buying and Selling Items

Craigslist Seattle is a great place to buy and sell items, from furniture to electronics to clothing. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Craigslist Seattle experience:
  • Be specific in your search terms: Use specific keywords to narrow down your search results.
  • Look for deals: Many sellers on Craigslist Seattle are looking to get rid of items quickly, so you may be able to find some great deals.
  • Beware of scams: Unfortunately, there are some scammers on Craigslist Seattle. Always use caution when buying or selling items online.

Finding Housing and Roommates

If you’re looking for a place to live in Seattle, Craigslist Seattle is a great resource. Here are some tips for using the website to find housing and roommates:
  • Use the map view: Craigslist Seattle’s map view makes it easy to see where properties are located in relation to one another.
  • Be prepared: Have all necessary documents ready when you’re ready to apply for a property.
  • Check the listings frequently: New listings are added all the time, so be sure to check back regularly.

Finding Jobs

Craigslist Seattle’s job postings section is a great resource for job seekers in the area. Here are some tips for using the website to find employment opportunities:
  • Use specific keywords: Use specific keywords to narrow down your search results to jobs that are relevant to your skills and experience.
  • Follow up: If you apply for a job through Craigslist Seattle, be sure to follow up with the employer to show your interest.

Exploring the Community

Craigslist Seattle is a great resource for discovering local events and Read also : Craigslist Seattle
Personal Loan in Varanasi
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How to Apply for Instant Personal Loan in Varanasi?

These days, obtaining a loan for an emergency is not difficult because you can get an instant loan for your emergency needs. An instant loan is a type of personal loan that is available online and is an updated version of a personal loan. You can access the money instantly with an instant personal loan in Varanasi. You will only need to provide a minimum amount of documentation, making it convenient for the borrower. 

Today, in an unpredictable world, finding yourself in an emergency is pretty normal, but not all of us can handle those situations appropriately. While you might think that your savings will be able to help you deal with such situations, the truth of the matter is that you never know when it comes to emergencies or how much it will cost you to deal with them. If you are in such a situation, it will be wise to take advantage of an instant personal loan without salary slip.

Steps to apply for an instant personal loan in Varanasi 

  • When you decide to take out an instant Personal Loan in Varanasi, you should fill out the application form online. It is essential to provide the correct information, such as your name, age, income details, address, and loan amount required. Upon completing the application form, you will receive a letter from a lender asking you to upload all the required documents, including the ITR form, your payslip, the bank statement for the last six months, etc.
  • For an estimation of your loan EMI and total borrowing costs, you can use an instant loan EMI calculator.
  • When you submit the application form and upload the documents, you may expect a call from the lender within a few hours. You will receive an SMS confirming your approval based on your application’s eligibility and CIBIL score. There will be another call to inform you about your loan details, such as the loan amount, loan tenure, interest rate, etc. After reviewing these details and signing the loan agreement form, you can confirm your interest rate for the instant personal loan. 
  • When you agree with the interest rate, loan terms, and the tenure of the loan, you will be sanctioned with the Personal Loan in Varanasi. The funds will be immediately transferred to your bank account on the same day.

Listed below are a few features of an instant personal loan 

Quick application for a loan

The last thing you want to do in an emergency is to complete a lengthy loan application form. Nowadays, many online financial institutions provide instant personal loans and a very simple and fast application process for which only the necessary information is required. As a result, you can complete the application form online from the comfort of your home in a short time.

Get a big loan

You can take the Personal Loan in Varanasi up to Rs.35 lakhs depending on your eligibility and profile, including your age, income, and job stability. Notably, the interest rate for instant personal loans is lower than that charged for credit card loans, making them more affordable. Using an interest calculator, you can calculate the interest rate on your personal loan. 

Hassle-Free approval

Quick approval, accessible documentation, and the availability of personal loans online are some of the main benefits of taking out an instant personal loan in Varanasi. On the other hand, a loan processed over the internet is approved much faster than any other conventional loan. 

Get a pre-approved loan

A few lenders can provide you with instant personal loans that are pre-approved. Your existing lender offers you pre-approved loans that you can take advantage of as a customer. In addition, such loans do not require any documentation at all. The lenders provide you with a pre-approved loan offer because of your ability to repay the loan and the bank account details. You will receive the loan amount directly into your bank account upon accepting the loan offer.

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How can your organizations make the most out of data analytics software?

What role does data analytics play in a company?  

“If Data works like a fuel for a company, then analytics works like an engine.”  

All over the world, organizations generate tremendous volumes of information daily. Information can be in the form of log records, web servers, transactions, and different client-related data. Furthermore, social media sites likewise produce colossal measures of information.  

Organizations in a perfect world need to utilize each of their produced information to determine the value out of it and go with effective business choices. That’s where data analytics software comes into play.   

Data analytics refers to the process of investigating and analyzing enormous datasets to crack hidden patterns and trends, find connections, and determine important insights to make predictions related to business growth and stability. It works on the speed and proficiency of the business.   

Businesses use numerous advanced tools and data analytics software to manage their data to perform information analytics.   


Importance of Data analytics  

Data analytics is especially significant in furnishing business insight that assists with critical problem-solving assessment. Business analytics has become an essential requirement for many companies in making critical business-related decisions. Major components of data analytics include data mining, statistical modeling, AI, and machine learning, which works on the company’s previous data. Instead of essentially learning what occurred before, organizations can get an intelligent prediction of what will happen in the upcoming future through analysis and modeling of various kinds of information.  

For example, data analytics help the healthcare industry streamline operations and reduce the waiting time for patients to see more patients in a day. Especially during the covid times, data analytics proved to be of great help by providing figures connected with the pace of disease, which then helps in notifying hotspot areas, and forecasting increases or decreases in the rate of infection.   


What are the steps involved in data analytics?  

In this section, we will look at various steps that are involved while analyzing data for the company. Let us understand the flow of analysis with the help of an example.   

Suppose you’re the owner of an e-commerce site, and you handle millions of customers daily. Your point is to sort out specific issues connected with your business and therefore think of data-driven solutions for further development of your business.  

Here are the steps that you can take to tackle your concerns.  


Step 1: Understanding the barriers  

The primary step in data analytics is understanding the business problems, defining the mission and goals of the company, and finding the best solution regarding the issue faced by the company. When we talk about e-commerce, companies often experience problems related to canceling of orders, return of products, product reviews, fraud dealers, and many more.   


Step 2: Data Collection  

After getting a good check on the problems, the second step is to collect the data. To resolve your business’s issues, you need to gather value-based business information and client-related data.   

The data includes information such as the total number of products sold, sales increase or decrease, order placement, etc. While performing data analytics, past data of the company plays a vital role and helps mold the future of a business.  


Step 3: Data Cleaning  

When we collect the information, some irrelevant data also comes along, making the data disorderly and messy. Such data is not valuable for performing data analysis. Thus, a proper data cleaning is required, which removes all the unwanted information and missing values from data collection to make the data ready for investigation.  


Step 4: Data Exploration and Analysis  

After collecting the proper data, the next step is to perform explorative data analysis. Various business intelligence tools, data mining techniques and predictive modeling is utilized to visualize, analyze and speculate future results from the obtained data. Applying these techniques to the data can deliver the effect and relationship of a specific component when contrasted with other factors.  

As an e-commerce organization, you can achieve numerous results from analytics such as:  

  • You can foresee when a client will buy the following item. 
  • You can note the amount of time required to deliver the item.  
  • A better understanding of the kind of products customer searches for.  
  • Ability to predict the deals and profit for the following quarter.  
  • Learn how to minimize order cancellation.  
  • Learn to reduce transportation costs by finding the shortest route while delivering products.  


Step 5: Interpret the results  

The concluding step is to interpret the outcomes and verify if the results meet the expectations. This helps businesses to make data-driven decisions based on current trends and insights provided by data analytics.  

Big organizations contain large data files, and it becomes a complex task to manage the data manually. To thrive in this unexpected age, companies must leverage data analytics software, AI, and machine learning (ML) to create customer loyalty, automate business processes, and innovate future ideas. It eases the task of traditionally analyzing data and providing accurate data modeling.  


How can companies get the most out of data analytics software?  

Data analytics software is a boon to big organizations as it provides potential benefits to the company in predicting the future sales and results of the company. These tools guarantee better decision-making technology, cost savings, and productivity gains. In the digital world, where all big and small organizations are transforming into digital platform, data and analytics work as a center for them.   

Let us see how these tools help companies know their customers better, build innovative ideas, and create exclusively targeted strategies and personalized campaigns.   


`1. Fast Decision-Making  

One of the primary advantages of big data analytics is that it significantly improves the decision-making process and makes it more reliable than calculating business decisions based on intuitions.   

When data combines with AI, ML, and information mining, organizations are better prepared to make exact predictions. Basically, these tools help arrive at conclusions at a much faster rate.   


  1. More Accessiblilty

Now the data is being self-analyzed with the help of intelligence tools, data is accessible to more company employees. Associations can acquire total permeability into their activities across all departments with reports in hand.  


  1. Cost-effective 

With the data analytics software, most of the company’s work gets automated, increasing business effectiveness and reducing cost. From customer service to marketing campaigns, a proper data insight helps cut down on operational expenses and increment revenue.   


  1. Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling permits associations to comprehend the underlying root cause behind issues and better predict future results. For example, financial sectors utilize predictive analytics tools to inspect fraud risks and determine credit value.   

One such software to provide domain-intensive solutions to the financial companies is Perfios. It an extensible financial data analytics platform that can manage data collected from different sources with features including extracting the data, curating it, and then cleaning the data to perform the analysis efficiently.   

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Plus500 Review—Get Ready To Check Review Before Trading

A Plus500 review should highlight the benefits of its retail account, including low commissions, dynamic spreads, and no minimum trading. It is an excellent option for traders with advanced experience and a need for a reliable broker. We’ll also discuss the platform, security, and comparison to Pepperstone. Technical indicators can also be used to measure volatility in the forex market. Bollinger bands, for example, measure the amount of change in a currency pair. Another indicator that measures market volatility is the VIX, a volatility index which combines S&P500-related option prices to estimate volatility over a specified time.

Win The Trade—How?

While its trading platform is easy to use, there is little in the way of educational resources or videos to help traders understand high-risk transactions. This may prove to be a deterrent for beginners, but experienced investors may find this trade-off worth the lower expenses. Plus500’s customer service is available 24 hours a day via e-mail and live chat.

The plus500 review offers a variety of tools for experienced traders, but the WebTrader is a better choice for newcomers. The WebTrader is easy to use and incorporates advanced features from the flagship platform. These include trailing-stops and GSLO, which help manage high risk. Plus500 also has a mobile app that has charting tools. However, the charts do not look like those of its flagship platform.

The Plus500 trading platform is easy to use. It allows traders to create watchlists, analyze charts, and place trades. Plus500 is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which ensures fair market practices. Additionally, it is registered in Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region. This demonstrates Plus500’s legitimacy and reliability.

Choose The Best Forex App

Forex apps are not all created equal, and not all of them deliver the results they claim. Before you decide to sign up for any app, consider several factors to make the right choice. The first is the accuracy of live price data. A forex app that can offer you real-time prices is essential for quality trading.

The FXCM app has an impressive selection of FX pairs and offers tight spreads and commission-free basis. Moreover, the app’s interface is simple and easy to use. However, there are some important things to consider before signing up for an account with FXCM. Currently, 67% of retail investor accounts lose money with this provider, so you need to weigh the risks carefully before investing your money.

Another feature that makes MetaTrader 4 the best forex app is its security. It uses a secure encryption system to ensure the safety of your transactions. This way, even the most sophisticated hackers will be unable to read your personal information. Additionally, the app supports numerous languages. So, even if you’re on the go, you’ll have no trouble finding a language to communicate with other traders and investors.


Forex trading apps are an excellent choice for beginners. They enable you to research currencies and place trades using your smartphone or tablet. In addition, these apps offer information that helps you make more informed decisions when trading. The first step to measuring volatility in the forex market is to determine which currency pairs are the most volatile. For example, the CAD and GBP are considered risky currencies. If the price of oil is falling, the Canadian dollar will be under pressure. Another way to measure volatility is to watch the economic calendar closely. This way, you can be aware of important decisions and major events that may affect the value of a currency.

Gold Loan
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Key Points to Understand About Gold Loan Interest Rate And Per Gram Rate

A gold loan per gram is a specific type of loan where gold is used as security to safeguard the debt. Based on the value of the gold jewellery that is kept with the lender as collateral, the borrower receives the loan amount.

The interest rate on a gold loan per gram is often higher per gram than other loan types, such personal loans or mortgages. However, it provides immediate access to money when needed.

The interest rates on gold loans in India vary from bank to bank and depend on several factors, including the type of loan, the loan’s period, and the collateral’s value. Banks typically offer the lowest gold loan interest rate to their current customers. Some banks also provide introductory interest rates to potential customers.

What are the benefits of taking a gold loan from Bajaj Finance?

A secured loan known as a “gold loan” is one where the borrower pledges their gold to the lender as security. Since a gold loan often has a lower interest rate than an unsecured personal loan, it is a popular option for borrowers seeking easy access to cash quickly.

Gold loans come with a host of benefits that you can make the most of. Some of these gold loan benefits include:

  1. Quick processing: Since real gold is used as security for gold loans, processing is swift and banks and other lending institutions can easily offer them. Lending against gold is a safer option for banks since they can easily sell the gold in the event of a default by the borrower. Because of this, banks usually approve these loans within a few hours. The ease of the borrowers will increase due to the quicker processing time.
  2. Lower interest rate: Gold loans often offer lower interest rates than other financing choices like personal loans, mortgages, or other secured loans because they are secured loans.
  3. No pre-payment charges: Additionally, you are not subject to any pre-payment penalties if you choose to prepay your gold loan. In the long run, this allows you to reduce your interest payments.
  4. No collateral required: Gold loans don’t need any collateral, unlike other loans like personal loans and corporate loans. They are thus a practical financing choice for persons who lack assets to use as security.
  5. Quick and easy approval: It is quick and simple to apply for a gold loan. Within 24 hours of completing your application, you can receive an approval.

Therefore, think about obtaining a gold loan from Bajaj Finance if you’re seeking for a practical and cost-effective financing choice. You will certainly profit the most from it given its many advantages.

What elements affect the interest rate on a gold loan?

Depending on the form of gold loan, a different interest rate is applied. For instance, the interest rate on a standard gold loan will be lower than that of a gold loan for jewellery. This is done so that a gold loan for jewellery can be backed by pricey jewellery while a regular gold loan can be secured by common gold bars or coins.

Both the length of the loan and the interest rate are impacted by one another. The longer the tenure, the lower the interest rate generally is. Because it will take longer for the bank to recoup its investment, it is ready to offer a lower interest rate.

The value of the collateral is a critical factor that influences the interest rate on a gold loan per gram. The value of the collateral will determine how much interest the bank will charge. This is so that the bank, which offers the best terms on gold loans, may offer the borrower a better deal.

According to the type of loan, the term of the loan, and the value of the collateral, different gold loan interest rates are applicable in India. However, you might be able to get a good bargain on a gold loan if you compare interest rates from different institutions and choose the one that best suits your needs.

People who require immediate access to funds frequently choose the gold loan per gram. It is also helpful because you can obtain the loan amount without selling your gold. The gold loan can be used for anything, including starting a business, covering unexpected medical expenses, or going on vacation. You prevent any fees, simply be sure to repay the loan on time.

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What to Look For in a Commercial Loan

If you’re in the market for a Commercial Loan Truerate Services, you may be wondering what to look for. This article will discuss Interest rates, minimum down payment, Application process, and Tax deductible interest. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know what to expect. It’s important to research your options before applying for financing.

Minimum down payment

The minimum down payment for a commercial loan varies depending on the lender and the type of loan. Generally, loans for businesses have higher interest rates than those for residential properties. Because of these differences, borrowers should consider a few things before pursuing a commercial loan. Generally, the minimum down payment is 15% of the total purchase price. However, you should keep in mind that a small down payment doesn’t guarantee a profitable investment.

Another difference between a personal loan and a commercial loan is that commercial loans have shorter terms. While home loans are usually issued for thirty years, commercial real estate loans usually last five to ten years. In addition, these loans have longer amortization periods. This means that you will make monthly payments for about seven years. Then, you’ll make a balloon payment for the remaining balance.

A minimum down payment for a commercial loan varies depending on the type of loan and the borrower’s credit score. For example, a commercial mortgage loan generally requires a 20% down payment, but some lenders will offer smaller mortgage insurance and don’t require a large down payment.

Application process

The application process for a commercial loan involves a lot of documentation and paper work. Applicants will be asked to provide background information about their business and a business plan that shows their expected earnings and profits in the future. They will also need to provide personal tax returns from the past three years, financial statements, and liability information.

There are many nonprofit organizations and state economic development agencies that offer low-interest loans to small businesses. Each loan program has specific documents required, but they generally require the same information. Before applying, it is helpful to gather all the documents needed to show the lender that you’re a serious business owner and a good risk.

The process may take anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on the type of loan that you’re looking for. If you’re applying for a traditional loan, you may have to wait for two to six weeks. However, if you apply for a commercial loan from an alternative lender, the waiting period may be as little as 24 hours. The loan approval time is usually influenced by how strong your application is. If you’ve been turned down for a loan, ask for feedback and work on strengthening your eligibility requirements.

Tax-deductible interest

The interest on a commercial loan can be tax-deductible if the loan is used to purchase assets or pay for business expenses. You may also be able to deduct the interest on a life insurance policy loan that exceeds $50,000. For more information, consult a tax professional. Also, note that interest on a commercial loan taken out to refinance a previous loan is not tax-deductible.

In order to take advantage of this tax-deduction opportunity, you must obtain a loan from a liable lender. If you’re a startup business, a business loan from a family member or friend will not qualify as a deductible business expense. You must carefully document your business loan to ensure that you can properly claim the deduction.

Typically, a business loan is short-term. This type of loan is often paid off in a year. The interest paid on a business line of credit is deductible if you make the repayments in the same tax year. The lender can help you determine exactly how much you can deduct based on the statements you have received.

home loan emi calculator
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How To Plan Your Finances With Home Loan Emi Calculator

Most people typically require a home loan to purchase their ideal home, as very few people can do so with their own money. Home loan interest rates today are affordable, making it the best time to buy your dream home.

People who want to buy their own home prefer to take out a loan because it gives them the money to invest in a long-term asset, enables them to avoid paying rent by moving into their own home, and offers tax advantages on the interest paid and principal paid.

You may calculate your monthly house loan EMI using the home EMI calculator, an online tool. The user-friendly layout of the online calculator tools allows you to rapidly switch between your chosen interest rate, loan amount, and loan tenure, giving you a choice of different repayment alternatives based on your preferences. 

What exactly does an EMI calculator for a home loan do? 

A merchant cash advance calculator is available online at almost all banks that offer home loans and other financial institutions that offer loan products. 

One of your life’s most crucial and pivotal decisions might be to take out a home loan. You can buy the house of your dreams once the loan is authorised and the money is in your hands. You can acquire a home.

You must make EMI payments to obtain a home loan (equated monthly instalments). Your EMI is determined by the total amount of loans you have taken, the number of EMIs you will make (for how many years and months), and the amount of interest you must pay.

Given the number of months involved, it can be a challenging calculation that is beyond the capabilities of a regular calculator. It would help if you had a house loan EMI calculator for that.

What is a home loan EMI calculator?

An online tool, the EMI calculator, is accessible on all bank and finance-related websites, particularly those that offer house loans. You must input your principal loan amount, duration, and interest rate. The amount of your monthly EMI is then determined by the home loan EMI calculator. Once you have added all the required values, you can click the “Calculate” button and know the EMI amount.

Before this, estimating your EMI without a lengthy conversation with a loan representative was challenging. Nowadays, you can find a house loan EMI calculator on practically all relevant websites that’ll get you an idea about the home loan interest rate today.

Knowing your EMI will help you more effectively organise your monthly spending. You can even choose whether you wish to apply for a house loan or not. You can avoid embarrassing situations by private checking the house loan EMI calculator from the comfort of your home. You can use the calculator to determine if you will be able to pay the EMIs based on your current income or not. It would not be good to accept the loan only to find you cannot make your monthly payments.

A loan EMI calculator lets you:

#1 Modify Your Projected Expenses

You can change your monthly expenses once you know how much you will be paying for EMI. You must be able to avoid several expenses. There are many methods to save money once you begin to think strategically.

#2 Select The Best Loan Provider

Different loan providers could provide various EMI alternatives for the same amount of a home loan and the same term. In the long run, even a single decimal place in the interest rate might have a significant impact. Since each loan provider offers a unique home loan EMI calculator, you have various options to consider before choosing a certain loan provider. Again, an online house loan EMI calculator is not as accurate as the quotations you will ultimately receive from the loan provider, but using it will give you a good sense of what to expect.


The nicest feature of a home EMI calculator is that it gives you plenty of freedom to experiment with numbers. Any website that offers house loans from a bank, an NBFC, or any other organisation, has a calculator that you may access.

Equity Funds for Long Term Investment
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Equity Funds for Long Term Investment

If you are planning to start investing a portion of your monthly savings, congratulations you are finally excelling at financial planning. The first step of financial planning is money management and if you have learned to save and are now starting to invest, you are not far away from your life’s financial goals. Once you know what you want to achieve with your money, investment planning becomes a lot easier.

If you have a moderately high-risk appetite and are keen on seeking capital appreciation through investments in market-linked schemes, you can consider investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds have become popular in India these days. Ever since its introduction to Indian investors back in 1960, mutual funds have been evolved and regularized over the years by SEBI so that more people can make the most out of this investment vehicle. Mutual funds offer active risk management, are handled by a team of experienced fund managers, offer the diversification, and are a better option as compared to direct stock investment.

What fund houses do is they collect money from investors sharing a common investment objective and invest this pool of funds across the Indian and foreign economies. The money is invested across various money market instruments like equity, debt, government bonds, corporate securities, treasury bills, certificate of deposits, company fixed deposits, etc. Which asset class and how much portion a mutual fund will allocate might totally depend on the nature of the scheme and the risk profile that it carries. Mutual fund investors will be allocated mutual fund units in quantum with the investment amount and depending on the fund’s existing net asset value (NAV).

SEBI has further categorized mutual funds based on their certain unique attributes like fund size, asset allocation, risk profile, investment strategy, etc. The motive behind this subcategorization is for investors to be able to make an informed investment decision. Of the several mutual fund categories available, equity mutual funds have always been a favorite among seasoned as well as new-age investors.

What are equity funds? Can they help achieve long-term goals?

Equity mutual funds are those funds that predominantly invest in equity and equity-related instruments. An equity mutual fund may allocate anywhere from 65 percent to 80 percent of its total assets to stocks of companies. A blue-chip fund invests in stocks of companies with large market capitalization whereas a multi-cap fund invests in stocks of companies with small, medium, and large market capitalization. There are several other equity funds whose portfolio depends on the investment objective of the scheme.

The reason most investors consider investing in equity funds for the long run is that historically, equity mutual funds have given far better results for those investors who remained invested for a tenure of ten years or more. That’s because equity funds are volatile in nature. Their performance can get affected by daily market movements. Hence, they are a risky investment for the short term. But over the long term, the market has always excelled. There is very little or nil chance of an investor incurring losses in equity funds if he or she remains invested over the long term. In fact, if you remain invested for the long run with equity investments, your small investment amount can turn into a large commendable corpus, thanks to the power of compounding. This is why most investors consider investing in equity mutual funds for wealth creation or of meeting long-term financial goals like retirement planning or building a corpus for their daughter’s destination wedding or for sending their children abroad for foreign education.

Read More: What are Green Bonds?

Now although equity mutual funds can help investors achieve long-term financial goals, they do not guarantee any returns. Hence investors are expected to determine their risk appetite and only invest if they have a long-term investment horizon to remain invested in equity mutual funds.

working capital
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How To Use Working Capital More Efficiently For Business

Working capital refers to the funds used to meet short-term obligations – payrolls, utilities, leases, and vendors. Adequate working capital is required to meet all of these requirements. For this, you should consider a Business Loan that doesn’t need any collateral as a security. 

A company’s assets are ideally used to generate more revenue and increase return. And if it isn’t happening, your company’s growth will stall, and your share price may fall if you’re a publicly traded company.

What is Working Capital Optimisation?

If you are wondering what is working capital and what is its significance? Then you are at the right place.

Working capital is the difference between a company’s current assets and its current liabilities (accounts payable and debts).

Working capital optimisation is essential because it provides numerous benefits, such as improved liquidity, a competitive advantage, uninterrupted production, an improved credit profile, and increased profitability. Working capital optimisation also ensures a higher return on capital and the ability to deal with shocks and peak demand.

What is the State of Your Working Capital Ratio?

Ideally, you want to maintain a healthy working capital ratio. To get the working capital ratio, you need to divide your current assets by your current liabilities. The industry determines the “health” of the ratio, but a healthy ratio can be as low as 1.2 and 1.

Assume your working capital ratio falls from 1.6 to 1.3. Do you have a problem? Is that a good or a bad sign? The answer is usually found in one of these three places:

  • Accounts Receivable: Have your sales dropped, or are you having trouble collecting on time? You may need to boost your performance in these areas.
  • Inventory: High inventory cost, especially when it is not moving. Storage, insurance, interest, and theft losses can all harm your working capital ratio. Achieving desired inventory levels is beneficial to the health of any business.
  • Are All Accounts Paid Yet: Are your vendors giving you a good deal? Is inefficiency costing you money through late payment penalties and interest? Can you work out better payment terms with your vendors?

Your working capital ratio is similar to the “check engine” light on your car’s dashboard. Often, consulting an expert who can help you determine your optimal level of working capital based on the nature of your business is the best option.

How to Accomplish Effective Working Capital Management

There are three primary goals for managing your company’s working capital:

  • Ensure that your company has the cash to cover expenses
  • Reduce the cost of having to fund working capital
  • Increase the return to investors

Methods for Increasing Working Capital

Working capital is critical for MSMEs and small business owners to operate efficiently and effectively. The following are the ways to boost your company’s working capital:

  • Pay Vendors on Time

Companies that pay their vendors in a timely manner build stronger relationships and are better positioned to negotiate better deals, payment terms, and discounts.

  • Create a Strong Purchase Process

The procurement process must include planning, budgeting, reviewing, closely monitoring unplanned purchases, implementing e-procurement processes, implementing centralised purchase processes or authority metrics in vendor selection, order approvals, and so on.

  • Improve Receivables Process

The company must have a good collections system, such as an efficient invoicing system, a customer relations process, a debtor’s ageing system, a payment follow-up system, and a system to discourage bad debts.

  • Effectively Manage Accounts Receivable

Improve debt collection, reassess contracts, and credit terms with customers/debtors.

  • Effective Inventory Management

Understand optimum stock levels and forecast demands and establish a robust internal communication/dataflow system to avoid miscommunication and incorrect inventory decisions, including overstock or understock issues.

  • Assess Working Capital Financing Options

It is prudent to have a bank line of credit (e.g., overdraft, cash credit, etc.) to manage the short-term working capital shortfall. Bill discounting, invoice factoring and other transaction-based innovative financing options are also available.


Now you understand what working capital is. Working capital is the money needed to run day-to-day business operations, improving operational performance and efficiency. Placing an order, producing goods and services, stocking your interests, and selling them to customers are all part of it.

The most important thing here is that the money you need is with you at the right time, in the right amount, and at the right place, known as working capital optimisation. You might want to borrow a loan for a business without security to increase working capital. And you can get such Business Loans from reliable financial institutions; like Poonawalla Fincorp.

insta emi card credit limit increase
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How To Increase Your Credit Limit of Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card?

Are you a Insta EMI Card user & thinking about how you can increase your Credit Limit in an effective way, so you can Shop for more products with your Bajaj EMI Card. 

But before that, what is a Credit Report? A credit report will show a low ratio when you have a high credit limit and a low usage rate. It’s much better to pay it off when it is due (30 days after closing), as you would never have to pay interest.

As well as being cautious for emergencies, you will be prepared to know how to increase the Insta EMI Card Limit.

When it comes to credit cards, what is a credit limit?

Your credit card issuer gives you a maximum limit on how much you can borrow with your card. You must add the amount of each purchase to your credit card balance every time you make one. You can spend more when your balance decreases and pay less when your balance increases.

A credit limit is important in dictating how much you are permitted to charge on an account; it also affects your credit score through revolving utilisation ratios.

This isn’t a minor factor; revolving utilisation makes up a large part of your credit score, but it isn’t the only one. Credit card accounts with lower credit limits are more accessible to over utilise. An increased percentage of utilisation on your credit reports can adversely affect your credit scores.

It’s probably safe to say that going over your credit limit isn’t a wise decision. Revolving utilisation ratios will rise to over 100% when you exceed your credit limit. Overextending your credit limit is never a good idea.

What is the best way to increase my credit card limit?

The answer depends on several criteria. If you request a limit increase after your credit score increases, there is a good chance your limit will be raised. Additionally, there are better chances that your limit will increase if your income has increased. 

Most major credit card companies let you request it through their web portal if you have a credit card with them. You must contact their customer service department. It is best to call the companies rather than use the web portal if you hope to have the best success.  

You can request the card issuing bank to increase your credit limit if you show evidence that your income has increased significantly since the credit limit was issued. The card issuer may offer a credit limit increase if you use the card for significant spending and making regular payments (usually by converting expenses into EMIs).

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For obvious reasons, credit card issuers do not disclose what factors go into their decisions, and as it is an unsecured loan, it is at their discretion. 

To apply for a new credit card, follow these steps: 

Applying for a new credit card with a higher credit limit than your existing card is an easier way to access your credit limit. You could get higher credit limits with an upgraded credit card if you have been disciplined with your payments.

If you already have a credit card, request an increase in the limit 

If you already have a credit card, you may also request an increase in the limit. Credit history, credit score, and income determine how much you can borrow. For individuals possessing multiple credit cards, it is important to choose the one for which the limit needs to be raised.

Maintain a regular credit card usage schedule: 

As long as your credit card is used regularly and paid in full and on time, your credit limits get to be increased by the bank automatically.

Take the effort to improve your credit score: 

Your credit score determines credit card limits, so it is important to ensure your score is good. You can achieve this goal by paying credit card bills and other loans or EMIs on time. Additionally, it is a good idea to avoid maxing out your credit card limit since this will lower your credit score. Maintaining a healthy budget can help you stay on track.

Don’t take on too much debt: 

Your credit card issuer will undoubtedly consider the amount of debt you already have when requesting a credit card limit. The EMIs on your existing loans and your credit card bills are included in this category. Before requesting an increase in credit limit, you should reduce your obligations and eliminate the fixed monthly payments you make.