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5 Things To Do on Diwali

It’s time for the festival of giving and sharing. We exchange gifts, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy Diwali’s festive atmosphere. During Diwali, we also give to charities and help the less fortunate. Since India has only recently emerged from a trying eighteen months, many Indians are reducing their self-indulgence and increasing their charitable giving to demonstrate their concern for one another. Why do we observe festivals like Diwali or any other, for that matter? We do it to see our relatives, deepen our relationship with them, and treasure the memories with online gift delivery on Diwali. But have you ever considered that participating in different Diwali activities might also improve a parent-child relationship?

5 Ideas for a Cleaner, Greener, and Safer Diwali Celebration

In the days leading up to Diwali, the nation is ablaze with lights, fireworks, beauty, glitz, and spectacular fiestas as people order gifts online. People go to great lengths to fill their homes and lives with a festive atmosphere. Diwali celebrations used to be about lighting earthen lamps and spending time with loved ones. Even so, they continue to employ energy-wasting fireworks, bright lights, and other displays that disturb the environment. Without even mentioning the long-term effects of such careless behaviors, the air becomes contaminated, animals become alarmed, and people suffer injuries. Not everything is yet lost, though. Without sacrificing the festivities, you may observe Diwali in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly manner with a little effort.

  • Pick “Greener” Gifts

Undoubtedly, the custom of giving gifts adds to the appeal of Diwali, and many spend a lot of time, and money choosing presents for their loved ones through online gift delivery on Diwali. Take time this year to consider whether you are selecting healthy and kind gifts for the earth when you order gifts online. For instance, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to give plants to your loved ones rather than chocolates, candies, and firecrackers? Kitchen herbs, bonsai, indoor plants, feng shui plants, terrariums, and other eco-friendly presents are just a few of the many alternatives available to you. Instead of overspending on unwholesome gifts, the goal is to indulge in feelings. Giving a plant as a present is undoubtedly a way to celebrate a genuinely green Diwali.

  • Keeping plastics out

A green Diwali won’t be achievable until you try to enjoy a clean Diwali devoid of plastics. You got it right when we said “NO PLASTICS”! If you have enough willpower, escaping the grasp of plastics is not all that difficult. Make it a point to refrain from using any plastic during this year’s Diwali. Choose plastic-free alternatives, including wrapping paper, gift bags, Diwali candy boxes, inexpensive plastic decorations, and everything in between.

  • Conquer recycling

Diwali is frequently the time when people clean their homes and give them a facelift with new drapes, paint, furnishings, and decor. Most people follow an unspoken ritual of replacing old goods with new ones as they prepare for the celebration. Why not recycle your old stuff this year rather than buy new ones? If you have a creative spirit, you can recycle your belongings, give them a makeover, and keep using them in a fresh new form. Additionally, don’t throw away your old possessions if you wish to get rid of them. Instead, give them to a person in need. Also, choose recyclable items when you buy new items.

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  • Wrap Reasonably

Most of the time, before you even get a chance to look inside a gift, the wrapping is what catches your eye. Although it may be a popular fad, covering Diwali presents in glossy, sparkly wrapping paper is unsuitable for the environment. By using wrapping paper, you unintentionally encourage the removal of trees. As a result, you can develop inventive packaging ideas by employing pieces of fabric and lace instead of paper. While this contributes to our more significant environmental cause, the thoughtfulness of these presents will also win over your friends and family.

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  • Accept the No-Crackers Concept

The explosion of firecrackers dramatically enhances the joy of Diwali. We concur! But the truth is that these crackers contribute to ever-rising pollution levels by releasing poisonous gases and heavy metals. Additionally, crackers have a history of causing mishaps, injuries, and health problems. The most excellent solution is to observe Diwali without using fireworks. Alternately, you may choose the recently introduced environmentally friendly crackers, which are minimal in noise but high in enjoyment. In other words, you can experience the fun of popping fireworks without harming the environment. Sounds like a plan, right?