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The Best Astrology Tips for Progress in Business

Today, we can see cut-throat competition in business. In this scenario, all businesspersons desire to thrive in this competitive market. Consultation with the best astrologer in Canada can help you in getting desired success and overcome every obstacle that comes in the way. In the following write-up, we will talk about the best astrological tips and remedies that can be effective for business progression. Read further and check them out.

Important Planetary Combinations for Business Progression

·       The eleventh house is considered the house of success and fiscal gains. The blessings of this house are vital for an individual to yield profit in business.

·       As per astrology, the tenth house is the career house. It is imperative for progression in career as well as social standing and reputation.

·       The seventh house is the major house of business, says the best astrologer in Toronto. Thus, it carries a lot of importance.

·       The third house is another significant house since it imparts valor to face challenges that arise.

The odds of your business growth and success are greatly determined by the placements of the heavenly bodies. A detailed, accurate horoscope reading can assist in predicting a person’s future. Depending on your zodiac and birth details, your career horoscope can be created using career predictions.

Horoscopes are great tools for predicting one’s life and the events that are about to take place. Birth date, time, and place are important information needed to create our horoscope accurately. No matter what the profession is, the 10th house is very important, and those who have just started with business must look at their tenth house and check if it is auspicious for commencing a business venture.

Reasons for Downfall in Business

1.      Planet Venus

Venus plays a vital part in business and money matters. You should look at the line of Venus in your hand. See whether it is complete and long.

2.      Pitra Dosh

This can be one of the top reasons for business failure as this Dosha can greatly impact business. Also, it might bring about loss and debt in the future.

3.      Influence of Saturn and Mars

Saturn (Shani) and Mars (Mangal) are major aspects of your birth chart. They denote whether you must begin with a business or not. If these planets within your birth chart are wrongly positioned, it means that it is not the right time to start a business.

4.      Your palm shape

As per Vedic Astrology, there are lots of things associated with human existence, and the palm is among the core points for them. Your birth chart is nearly created by your palm. If your palm is square, you must opt for business. This is because it is a good indication for those planning to start a business.

Astrological Tips to Get Success in Business  

Are you working hard day and night yet not getting the desired results? If that is the case, there can be many reasons behind it. Planetary positions play a considerable role in the success and downfall of your business. The best you can do in such circumstances is to reach out to an expert astrologer and get the ideal tips and remedies for uplifting your business. Here are a few effective astro tips/remedies for business progression:

1.      Chant Lakshmi Mantra

You must chant Lakshmi Mantra at least 108 times every day. On Fridays, chant it at least 324 times. You will see yourself free of every obstruction and hardship by chanting this mantra every day. Also, you will start to see ample blessings and healthier revenues.  

2.      Chant Hanuman Mantra

Recite the Lord Hanuman mantra thrice a day to see progress in the business and eliminate all the major obstructions that come your way. Reciting this mantra 108 times will also aid you in overwhelming financial troubles and encourage business progress.

3.      Chant Ganesh Mantra

The Ganesh Mantra must be chanted at least 108 times daily. On Tuesdays, it must be chanted 324 times before the idol of the deity. This is regarded as a great remedy for getting rid of all obstacles and enhancing business performance.

4.      Chant Vishnu Mantra

The Vishnu Mantra is another powerful mantra for business growth and success. It should be recited at least 108 times every day. On Wednesdays, it should be chanted at least 324 times before the idol of Lord Vishnu.


All the astrological tips we discussed can help your business flourish. Chanting all the mantras mentioned above can give your business some new wings. To get more relevant information on how to get success in business, consult the best astrologers. Get the right help and guidance from them.