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Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry: hotel business intelligence tools and solutions

Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry is becoming more and more significant because it can perform traditionally human tasks whenever it wants. This may allow hotel operators to significantly reduce costs, do away with human mistakes, and provide better service.

In tourism, providing excellent customer service is crucial because treating guests may make or break a hotel. Artificial intelligence in the Hospitality Industry has countless ways to enhance this component, from more individualised services to specialised recommendations.

In this article read about Artificial Intelligence, Hotel Business Intelligence solutions, Hospitality Business Intelligence and 5 top Hotel Business Intelligence tools

Check out these 5 AI applications for hotel Industry

Transform Pricing to Hyperdynamic

Booking engines can employ hyperdynamic pricing to monitor social media, previous user data, and even international news to display prices that maximise revenue you can get help from business brokers. For instance, the artificially intelligent software would rapidly modify prices to reflect the demand increase if a sizable conference nearby fills up all the neighbouring hotels.

Predict the Use of Utilities

Energy, water, and trash monitoring tools enhance revenue management and contribute to environmental preservation. They have been utilised by hotels like Hilton for a decade, with no signs of stopping. 

Use Group Reservation Software

Innovative technology is used by RateGain for Hoteliers to enhance the booking experience, increase current clients’ sales, and easily organise all associated departments.

Make Smarter Employment Decisions

Hospitality recruiters are using Intelligence learning to hire the hospitality industry in aspects beyond the old-fashioned resume model. IHG and other leading hotel brands have hired thousands of staff using existing team member personality profiles and gamification-based tests.

Utilise Translator Chatbots

Depending on their location, chatbot translators can swiftly determine the languages that website visitors speak. They can also handle simultaneous guest questions from all over the world and translate scripts on the fly. 

Hotel business intelligence tools

Here are the top five Hotel Business Intelligence tools which provide the best Hotel Business Intelligence solutions.


Rate Gain, which aims to increase conversions and profits, is the first content platform for Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry. However, a lack of visibility in dispersed systems made it difficult to maintain content parity across demand partners, declining reservations. With the assistance of OTA hospitality management and Content AI on an Intelligence platform, the content’s appeal to favoured demand partners, discoverability in distilled searches, reservations, and income can all be increased.

eZee Front desk

Many hotels use this eZee Technosys innovation as business intelligence for the hotel industry for hotel bookings, rate management, profit-making, and event management. As a result, EZee Frontdesk is recognised as having one of the fastest growth rates among hotel network manager software in the property management sector. 


Hotelogix is used in more than a hundred countries as Hospitality Business Intelligence. It has a single-point dashboard and a multi-device booking engine. The programme also integrates external programmes like Jovago and TripAdvisor and supports nine different languages.

Maestro PMS

Front desk, hotel bookings, POS, and event planning, are just a few of the many cloud-based options available to hotels and other hospitality organisations from Maestro. 

OS SkyTouch Hotel

Skytouch Technology has developed a property management tool for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Its optimisation for actual operations monitoring supports front desk management, inventory control, sharing of benefits, sales, cleaning, and catering management.

Selecting the top business intelligence for the hotel industry should be pleasurable as you focus on what is most important to you and your company. So if you’re seeking reliable software, check out RateGain. Contact them right away!