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All you need to know about a customized cardboard box

These days the product we sell needs to be studied carefully. And after that, we launch the item in the market. But many times, a product might not sell or receive the recognition we thought it would. And the same case is with packaging. So sometimes we go with a packaging box that we find suitable. But the packaging does not contain the features that secure the product professionally. And that is when we need a cardboard box. 

A customized cardboard box is a paper-based material with excellent stability and durability. It was first manufactured in 1817 in England. Since then, it has been receiving popularity. Cardboard is 100% organic. And the box gets slotted in a way that we do not need an adhesive to assemble it. And hence it brings convenience to sellers. That is why cardboard is used for shipping products around the globe. Let us discuss all you need to know about a customized box.   

Types of cardboard packages:

Suppose two companies sell the same product. But their features would be somewhat different. The same case is with custom cardboard boxes. There are various types, and each would be suitable for a particular product. Here are some of the cardboard packaging types.

● Corrugated fiberboard.

● Matboard.

● Honeycomb cardboard box.

● Paperboard.

● Gray mat board.

● Gray Paperboard.

Features of cardboard packages:

Let us discuss some of our cardboard boxes with lids have.

Durable and Organic:

These days the importance of durable and organic packaging cannot be overlooked. A product would become useless when we decide to use a lightbox. Meanwhile, the product’s value decreases when we use a non-organic box. But when we use a cardboard box, we can relax and put our minds to rest.


A packaging box that provides us enough room to place the product comfortably is known as a flexible packaging box. And for now, we only know one box that has this feature, the cardboard box.


We use a sturdy box not only to protect our products. But also to impress the customers with the packaging. You can never sell an item in a lightbox. And that is why high-end products always have luxurious packaging. 


Cardboard boxes are considered cheap as compared to other materials. And that is why it proves to be beneficial for both the seller and the customer. However, if a seller uses an expensive box, the customer must pay for the packaging. And the reason is simple. The sellers have to run their business by keeping a good profit margin. And it might not be possible with an expensive box. And so vendors try to find a high-quality yet inexpensive box. 

Visually appealing:

The original color of the cardboard is brown. And many sellers prefer to keep it that way. Now cardboard is used for protecting the products. But do you know that brown color is also associated with safety, security, and flexibility? And that is why we could understand why we feel at ease while using a cardboard box. Meanwhile, you can also highlight the primary colors on your cardboard. It means that if we imprint some info or brand identity onto the box, it will not look horrible. The reason? Well, it’s simple. Brown color can highlight any other color and give a professional vibe.

Different styles of cardboard packages:

Different packaging materials are getting used to manufacture boxes. But a single sheet of cardboard could also be fabricated in many styles. So let us discuss some cardboard packaging styles.

Overlap slotted containers:

Slotted packaging boxes are the most commonly used boxes. This type of cardboard is 100% organic. Meanwhile, they are manufactured with a single sheet of material. Meaning, the box gets slotted so that we do not have to use adhesive to bind them. In an overlap slotted container, the width and the height difference. Meanwhile, regular slotted containers have the same width and height.

Boxes with dividers:

When we need to pack multiple products, we need cardboard dividers. Such a box helps us keep the individual item safe, such as soda bottles. These boxes hold the products in their frame. And in this way, the products do not collide with one another. 

Two-piece boxes:

Two-piece packaging boxes are also known as tray and lid boxes. These packaging cases have received popularity around the globe. And also among the luxurious brands. Whenever a seller sells a fancy or fragile item, they use two-piece boxes. These packaging cases get manufactured with paperboard or mat board. And that is why they are sturdy, secure, and organic at the same time.

Window boxes:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see the product inside the box? Many sellers understood what the client needed and designed such a box. Window packaging boxes are being manufactured with different packaging materials. And it all depends on your budget and the product you are selling. These boxes are often manufactured with paperboard where the window is made from clear plastic. In this way, the product also remains safe from dust or contamination. And at the same time, the item would also be visible.

Now you know everything about the customized cardboard box. Now launch your product with confidence and impress your customers easily with these boxes.