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Cricket Bats – The Complete Comprehensive Range

Cricket bats are an integral part of any successful cricketers’ equipment. Cricket bat brands like Wilson, Lordee, Cricbuzz, Knight, Star Sports and Adidas offer multiple styles of cricket bats. These cricket bats can be used during practice sessions and even in games. No matter how many times you hit a ball, you will need to have your own cricket bat.

A good quality cricket bat is the most important investment any cricket player can make. We have compiled this handy round up of the top cricket bats for sale so that you can choose the right wood from the many choices available. In addition, before listing the top cricket bats in NZ, there is a short buying guide outlining all the major things to remember before making a purchase. This buying guide also lists the top manufacturers in New Zealand as well as details about pricing and delivery costs.

Traditionally Made

This medium sized weapon is known as the stomacher or toe held cricket bat. The shaft is traditionally made from ash with a steel rivet worn around the edges. Two metal prongs are worn on each side with finger holes on the end for inserting thumb screws. Finger holes allow players to place their fingers comfortably into the stomacher ensuring maximum grip.

Widely used Varieties

This is one of cricket bats most widely used varieties. Made of carbon fibre, it is light yet sturdy and highly effective. Players can bat an average of 250 yards without breaking their sweat. Like all cricket bats, this equipment is portable and players can be comfortable carrying it around. It has no butt plate, making it easy to bat without adding extra bulk. However, the bat is lacking finger holes, which may cause damage to the hands should a ball be hit hard enough through them.


The indian cricket bats are most commonly known as the full sweet spot or full-sweet spot cricket bat due to the fact that the sweet spot is situated just below the sweet spot. This makes the bat easier to swing around providing greater control over the ball. The full sweet spot bats are best suited for all styles of cricket, although they are most popular with spinners.

Different Manufacturers Producing

This variety is widely used throughout the world and as such, there are many different manufacturers producing this equipment. Bat companies include names such as English willow bats, Kent cricketers, County cricket equipment and cricket bats manufactured by All Ash. Prices range widely depending on quality and brand. While prices for a basic set of cricketers will run in the hundreds, some of the highest quality cricket bats available can be upwards of a thousand dollars.

Cricket Equipment Companies

These cricket equipment companies offer cricket equipment ranging from standard size cricket shoes to the complete comprehensive range of cricket equipment. They have cricket shoes that fit all standards, including size 9, making them the most universal cricket equipment available. They have cricket boots that also vary by size and style to accommodate the needs of any player regardless of their height. They even offer cricket apparel that will help cricket players stay comfortable during games and practice. From cricket shirts and shorts to cricket socks, the comprehensive range of cricket equipment offered by English cricket equipment manufacturers is amazing.


As the name suggests, Dhoni bats are produced by an Indian cricket brand. Dhoni bats are known for being extremely popular among players and fans alike due to their unique design and construction. The full-length blades of this bat are made using solid carbon steel to ensure strength and consistency no matter what style of cricket is being played. With the durability of this bat style, it is no wonder why it is so popular with leading players and teams throughout the world.