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How to Elevate Your Brand Sales with Custom Gift Boxes at Christmas?

Custom Christmas gift bags are essential in modern society. These lovely bags come in a wide range of options to delight Christmas. Thanks to customization, many companies may now get them in any form and size. They are easily printable in a variety of colors and patterns as well. But do you know what you can do with custom gift boxes to elevate your brand sales at Christmas? Let’s find out!

Choosing Durable Materials Is a MUST

Most custom boxes we can find are constructed from paperboard, cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated, and rigid materials. All the materials are durable, thus, making the boxes reliable. Of course, you can choose the suitable material that will suit your packaging needs.

For instance:

  • Paperboard is light and can handle any type of light gift with ease
  • Kraft is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Cardboard will be suitable to pack any type of gift product you want
  • Corrugated is the perfect material to ship your products securely
  • Rigid will be your best option for creating luxurious custom boxes

The right usage of packaging material will assist your brand in growing. How?

By showing the quality appearance of your products, these boxes help you enhance brand awareness and spread the word about your business.

Print Your Boxes!

Printing is now possible on almost every kind of material. For printing purposes, there are many different color palettes. It is very easy to print any font and design on custom boxes. Printing the custom gift boxes you use to present your gift products will make them look really unique and lovely. 

To grab more attention, you can try out printing essentials such as:

  • The customers’ names in a lovely style to personalize your Christmas gifts
  • Exquisite images of Santa Claus or a Christmas tree
  • Additional decorative elements to enhance the appeal of your products

Printing your boxes will eventually make your gift products unique compared to other gifts. Better yet, it will let you create a positive first impression. This is a lovely Christmastime gesture to delight your customers.

Christmas brings a lot of gifts, which is a fantastic thing. Each of us wishes to give and receive gifts from our loved ones on this Holy occasion. You can further enhance the value of your Christmas gifts by using custom Christmas gift bags. This way, you take a smart step to promote your brand and draw in customers for your gift products.

Don’t Forget to Use Christmas-Themed Colors

Giving gifts in a manner that complements the occasion’s theme is the most beneficial approach. On this unique occasion, you should decorate everything with Christmas colors. Custom boxes have the advantage of being offered in a variety of colors. Thus, you should design them as perfect as this Christmas. How to do so?

  • You can try out using kraft packaging in the colors red, green, or white to spice up the Christmas theme
  • You can choose the right one between a glossy and matte coating option
  • You can also consider wrapping your boxes around with a sparkly ribbon in one of the three themed colors to make it look more enticing
  • Give your boxes a wisdom phrase or a good wish such as “Merry Christmas

Try Out Debossing and Embossing Techniques

Debossed and embossed boxes are currently all the trends on the market. The embossing technique lifts the font style or pattern from the surface. Meanwhile, the debossing produces a pattern that is pushed down. Your Christmas gifts will look more amazing when you use personalized boxes. 

The good news is that you can also apply them to your custom Christmas gift bags. These printing styles will make your bags appear more textured. Thus, you can impress more customers by viewing your excellent bags. Eventually, these bags will elevate your gifts and make a thoughtful gesture.

How About Silver and Gold Foiling Techniques?

There are countless personalization possibilities. Yet, do you know that silver and gold foiling techniques will make your boxes stand out even more?

Yes, you can express love and respect from your Christmas gifts by applying one of these foiling techniques. Better than that, applying the techniques to your boxes will make the occasion more festive. As a result, those customers would love to return to your brand whenever they need lovely gifts.

Final Ideas

custom gift boxes can help you enhance the celebration as they may come in a wide variety of choices. You can include any concept in your bespoke bags thanks to their flexibility. Presenting your Christmas gifts in these bags will undoubtedly make customers happier. What’s more, these printed bags will help your business by promoting your brand and gaining market exposure. Furthermore, if you wish to present your gifts in these lovely bags and elevate your brand sales, simply contact Pioneer Custom Boxes.