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What is DAVSC Certification?

The core emphasis of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Certification is to generate a value stream in trainable and  scalable fashion and give customers highest value delivery. Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Certification is one of the core certifications provided by the Project Management Institute. Disciplined agile is the orchestration of all the existing methodologies and approaches from which one can choose the best suitable method or approaches for a unique situation.

Choosing your way of working is the fundamental concept of Disciplined Agile Certifications. DA is a complex adaptive system. A decision taken by a team directly or indirectly affects the organization. A coach must help teams to navigate through complex problems. The DAC must give an effective solution to organizational problems and not just suggest ideas that have a probability of loss. The Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) certification aids candidates in gaining the skills they need to successfully execute agility using the Disciplined Agile toolset as well as to coach others through coaching methodologies.


The DASM is the entry point to all the certifications. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience. DASM is followed by DASSM, which requires agile experience. Disciplined agile coach is the next level of certification that requires high experience in leadership. On completion of the above mentioned certifications one can take up the DAVSC certification.

DAVSC is specially designed for professionals serving under different roles and having extensive experience under the leadership role. The role may include senior project manager, experienced team coaches, senior scrum master, experienced team leader, senior developers,etc. The two main concepts under the DAVSC  are Accelerated delivery of value to our customers and how to use value stream management. Furthermore the DAVSC includes combination of all the existing approaches. That is being used by a variety of organizations and project management around the globe. 

DAVSC takes elements from Constraint Theory and Flow, which is a widely used methodology for software development along with Lean, a widely popular manufacturing approach. The certification also deals with how essentially an organization should start. Therefore the Discipline Agile Value Stream Consultant certification has a core focus on development areas, portfolio management and project management for the organization. The course helps one to continuously improve oneself and the team, it teaches about the fasttrack value driven delivery. 

In what ways does a Disciplined Agile Certification help?

A disciplined agile  uses agile coaching skills and advanced discipline agile knowledge to

enable teams in any part of an organization to independently improve their ways of working by

embracing the DA mindset and applying the DA tool kit. Disciplined Agile Coach acquires the

ability to universally recognize and apply the mindset to any circumstance and challenge. It helps

the team to be self-organizing, self-learning, and self-improvement and therefore helps them to

adapt to any change that can happen to their team and the organization.

A DAVSC Certification empowers the team members personally so that they can contribute to the betterment of the organization.

Although the result is the improvement of the organization, the process which leads to it is

beneficial to the members. They help in increasing the willpower and self-esteem of the team


Prerequisite for DAVSC Certification

  • Disciplined agile senior scrum master certification is necessary 
  • 3 years of agile coaching experience 
  • Three day preparation training should be taken from a discipline agile partner 

Outcomes of taking up DAVSC Certification

  • Learn how to determine where a company should start.
  • Be able to customize an organization’s improvement and develop strategies to meet their  demands while also taking their culture into account.
  • Learning how to hasten the scaled realization of value by your consumers.
  • Using the DA toolkit to determine the best methods for each circumstance.
  • Being able to teach a company how to improve on their own.

Roles of DAVSC Certification 

  • Comprehend the underlying concepts of an organization.
  • Choose the techniques that will work best for them.
  • Effectively plan and assign personnel to the necessary work.
  • Work with the operational side of the business to help the organization understand how to support these initiatives.
  • All parties should come to agreements that will help in the overall transformation.



DAVSC Certification helps organizations to achieve true business agility. It helps one to get experienced with leadership roles. An idea on how to start and run an organization in an effective and efficient way is given by a DAVSC certification. The focus here is on the smallest thing that can be done to provide value to a customer and it ensures completeness to deliver that value.

It is more advanced and beneficial than a standard Discipline Agile Certification. Using the value stream management allows us to lead the entire organization in implementing a corporate-wide for their unique needs. DAVSC is more sophisticated than any other DA Certification since it offers a blend of Lean, Flow, Theory of Constraints, and Organizational Development ideas and practices.