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Avoid 5 Common Eco-Friendly Packaging Mistakes this Easter

Packaging plays an important role in keeping the items safe and sound. Eco-friendly packaging is made from re-used material. Environmental friendly packaging material has more positive effects on the environment as compared to any other types of packaging. The process for decomposition of these packaging uses living organisms or bacteria which causes zero pollution for your environment.

Why eco-friendly packaging matters?

There are many consumers that are searching for packaging items that completely fight against climate changes and make the environment free from negative impacts. Most of the people purchase cardboard packaging boxes in order to promote their brand in an eco-friendly material. It is a fact that packaging is considered as one of the most important ways of promoting your brand or products within the targeted markets but the use of packaging material that is eco-friendly is generally the first step in making a good impression among customers.

Covering material matters a lot because when you present your products with a good presentation then this will definitely help you in increasing your sales. If you use cardboard packaging for your products then you can easily give an appealing look to your products that attract buyers. Most of the customers judge things by their covers so as a businessman you should consider eco-friendly packaging as a top priority.

Sustainable packaging for your goods or products is also a good way of attracting consumers as they do not want to spend their money on those products that are not sustainable. Companies are using various ways for reducing negative impacts on the environment and one of the ways used to improve the eco-friendly environment is to reduce packaging but if the packaging material used for sustainable packaging is itself eco-friendly then it would not make any harm.

Common Eco-friendly packaging mistakes

Some of the common mistakes associated with packaging boxes are as follows:

Too big boxes for shipping items

If you are using big boxes for your products then obviously it will hamper all your efforts that you are trying to make your products sustainable. Big boxes for small products create dead air and can easily harm your fragile products. The size of the box must be according to the item which you place inside it. Oversized or big packaging for your small products is not appropriate for shipping or storage items as you need to pay more for shipping charges, also few items can be fitted in a delivery van. Just to avoid this kind of mistake use minimal packaging material or close fitting cardboard packaging, just to ensure the safety of your fragile products while shipping.

Re-using mixed packaging

Another mistake that you should avoid while selecting packaging for your products is the selection of mixed packaging materials. Sometimes a packaging starts with eco-friendly material but with the additions like polymer and foil, the material of the box get unsustainable. The will confuse the clients. Always try to keep your packaging design simple and unique.

Wasteful returns

Just ensure that your packaging is hindering the return process of your products because sometimes you need to spend extra funds on repair and replacement of your products. A box must be strong and durable.

Use of plastic

We cannot say bye to the use of plastic material for packaging, various business owners now being urged to think about finding ways for reducing the use of plastic in the packaging of their products. Always try to observe the requirements and thoughts of customers before finalizing the packaging of your brand. If some customer sees your packaging that only includes polythene wrapping or covering then your brand’s sale is in serious danger because they do not like those products that are not safely provided. There are various types of plastic packaging that is not only sustainable but also considered as plastic-free packaging for your products. So just try to select that material which is eco-friendly for packaging and also provides sustainability to your products.

Have not showcased sustainability

The researches show that 1 out of 6 customers prefer buying those products whose details are clearly mentioned on their packaging. Showing detail is not only a way for smarter sustainable packaging but also it is good for the marketing of your products. It leaves a good impression on the clients. It is your responsibility to highlight all your detail and credentials on the packaging. The customers are attracted by these recyclable and sustainable packaging which definitely worth it. It is your own choice to show all of your detail on the packaging for marketing purpose.