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Hamraaz Web: Hamraaz Web Login & Download

Hamraaz App was specifically designed for professionals in the Indian Army. Humraaz App allows Indian Army professionals to easily monitor their financial details and account balances, job posting details, and schedules.
This app was created for the Indian Army. It allows them to keep track of their personal information and receive important announcements via their mobile phones. This app isn’t for civilians. Army professionals should download and use this app. This article is not appropriate for civilians who do not belong in the Indian Army.

This article is for Indian army professionals who want to download Hamraaz App.
This article will explain more about the app and Hamraaz’s web portal. This article is intended to help Army professionals download the app.
Log in to it and view their account balance, other information, as well as their payment slips. This app and the web portal can present many challenges.
So, we’ll explain it in plain English in this article.

Hamraaz App Download Latest Version for Android:

Many people search for Hamraaz web on the Internet in India. They also want to know how to download Hamraaz App.
This app was introduced by the Indian Army in August 2017. It is developed by experts from Indian Army.
Hamraaz App allows soldiers of Indian Army to access information on deployment and promotion. They can also download and read their monthly salary slip Form 16.

Hamraaz app was created for Indian army soldiers. Ordinary citizens cannot download this app.
After verification of the aadhar details, the installation process begins.
This app is only for Android users. There is no iOS app.

Download Hamraaz App @

Downloading Hamraaz web is easy. If you are an Indian Army soldier and wish to download Hamraaz App, you can follow this procedure.

  • First of all you have to visit the official website of MSeva
  • You have now reached the homepage for Mseva Mobile App Portal.
  • You will find a search bar on the homepage. Now you need to enter Humraaz into this search bar.
  • You will now need to click the search icon or hit enter.
  • This will open a new page. Now you can see the app list.
  • Click on Hamraaz App to open a new page.
  • You are now on Hamraaz App Download Page. Here you will need to enter your captcha code, click on the download button to download Hamraaz App.
    The download will then begin.
  • To use Humraaz app, you will need to download it.

Hamraaz App Signup

  • You must first open Hamraaz App on your mobile phone.
  • To create an account, visit the sign-up page. Fill out the registration form.
  • To sign up, the soldier must enter his employment location, name and battalion in the Hamraaz App.
  • You will need to confirm Aadhar Card by providing OTP from the registered number of Aadhar Card.
  • You are now able to use your app after you have completed the registration process.

Hamraaz Personal Login @

  • You must first visit the Hamraaz official website.
  • After that, you will reach the homepage.
  • You will see the Personal Login button on the homepage. tamilmv new link Click this button to open a new page.
  • Enter username in capital letters, password, and captcha code.
  • Once you’ve entered all details, click the submit button. Now you are logged in to your Hamraaz account. You can access your relevant information.

hamraaz app payslip password

  • Hamraaz Pay Slip can be downloaded. If you wish to open it, you will need Hamraaz Payslip password. We’ll help you if you forget.
  • Salary Slip PDF Humraaz App Salary Slip password is required. Your PDF password will consist of the first four digits from your PAN Card, as well as the date and month (date/time of birth).

Hamraaz App Download related FAQ’s

What’s Hamraaz Web?
Hamraaz Web was created by Indian Army professionals. It is not accessible to civilians, but it is available only to soldiers of Indian Army.

Is Hamraaz app available?
Yes, Humraaz App is available. You can download it from the official MSeva website.

What’s the official website for Hamraaz.

Where can I find my Army pay slip?
Log in to your Hamraaz Account and click Payslip. This article explains how to download Humraaz App Payslip.

Is Hamraaz app available for iPhone?
Hamraaz is available only for Android users. It is not available on iOS, Windows, or Mac.

Humraaz App Login Process?
You first need to open Hamraaz on your mobile phone. Next, click on Personal Login. Once that screen appears, enter your username, password, and captcha code, then click on the submit button to log in to Hamraaz app.


This content is provided for information purposes only. If you are an Indian Army professional, you can download the app from Hamraaz’s official website.
We recommend that you do not download the app from another site. It is advised that users not share their Aadhaar, PAN or Bank Account details with anyone.