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Is SUP Boarding Good Exercise?

Do you love SUP boarding? Are you a keen fitness fan and want to know is SUP boarding good exercise? All three are part of the same thing: automobiles, trains, and airplanes. SUP board offers a completely different view of the world. Paddling on your board has a low environmental impact and is a great way to slow down and observe the world from anywhere you are. You will also enjoy the dual benefits of cardio and fitness. SUP boarding is a great exercise option and should be a priority for any travels around the world.


The water sport of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), has seen a lot of popularity over the past few years. People use the paddle to propel themselves forward on the board by sitting down (or sometimes kneeling). Nicky Collins, a SUP enthusiast, explains that it is as simple as standing on a board with your feet shoulder-width apart and propelling yourself through water with a long paddle.


Stand-up paddleboarding is a great exercise. You can do a variety of exercises from strengthening your upper body to building core strength and leg workouts. It’s also easy and fun to do. You should skip the gym and go to the nearest water source (or travel the globe for this).

SUP Boarding is very simple

Its simple beauty is the main attraction of stand up paddle boarding [SUP]. No matter what your body size, shape, or fitness level is important. Participation is so easy that anyone can participate. Are you skeptical? Lizzie Carr, a SUP professional, tried paddle boarding for only two years before making history as the first person to cross England’s canals. In 2000, she stated that her mission was to “show that anyone can have an adventurous life.” “What I am doing is something everyone can do.”

SUP Boarding burns lots of calories

The amount of time you spend on stand-up paddleboarding will determine how much you get out of it. Also, the more you exercise on the water the more calories you’ll burn. According to SUP World Mag, even a basic paddler can consume approximately 430 calories in an hour. This is almost twice the amount you would burn if you walked at a normal pace for the same time. You can transform your stand-up paddleboarding experience into an exercise class. One hour of SUP tour (paddling for long distances, without stopping at a moderate pace), will burn 540 calories. SUP surfing (surfing at sea with paddles) will burn 708 calories.

SUP Boarding is great for core strength

You want to get your core moving without the strain and pain of a plank. You can use stand up paddle boarding as your guide. You can use your abdominal muscles to help you maintain equilibrium. It is a great way to test your core. Although it’s more enjoyable and relaxing than a seated barbell twist, you will definitely reap the benefits. Nicky says that the rockier the water, you must work harder to keep upright and balanced. This is great for your core. Nicky. It’s great for flat stomachs – I have never had a six pack before but it’s coming.”

SUP Boarding helps to build your entire body strength

SUP is great for all body types. SUP is a great way to increase endurance and strength. It requires almost every part of the body to work together and support its weight. The quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees all work together to propel you forward when you paddle across the lake. Your stability is also supported by the leg muscles. Because you are distracted by the motion of sliding across water, you don’t feel the pain the same as you do at the gym. It is a great tool for cross-training, and offers both strength-based and aerobic training.


Paddle boarding is more than just about burning calories. Because of its many benefits, it’s also an excellent exercise. SUP has a special tranquility that comes from the ability to slow down and see things in a slower and more precise way. SUP can be used to enjoy the outdoors and see the beauty of the surroundings from a new perspective. More information about the benefits of SUP is available here:

SUP Boarding is simple and relaxing.

You don’t need to think of a rigorous weight-lifting program. SUP can help you get in shape without the negative effects of strength-training exercises. It is also less intimidating than surfing and skiing, which makes it easier. You can choose the intensity level you want to go. Current and speed can also affect the outcome. However, it is a great activity for people who like taking a break from exercising. It’s a wonderful way to relax with the stunning view of nature. You can also get an energy boost by jumping in the water when it gets too warm.

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SUP Boarding engulfs and engulfs in the nature

Stand-up paddleboarding is more than just an exercise. It’s also about escapism. With the sun shining on your shoulders, the ocean stretching out all around you, it’s easy to immerse yourself into the natural world. It is a rich and enjoyable experience that will allow you to connect with Mother Nature’s peaceful pleasures. Lizzie believes that nature has the power to bring clarity and calm. Lizzie. According to Lizzie, her canal trip was an opportunity for her to feel “a presence of tranquility and calm in densely populated places”.

SUP Boarding lets you explore the world in a way you find easy.

SUP allows you to do a complete body workout in the most beautiful environments. You can see the world through the water’s eyes and gain a completely new perspective. It can be used to expand your travel horizons. Paddle boarding offers a peaceful way to see the world from a different perspective, whether you are paddling through the Philippines’ vast tropical waters or the vastness of central Europe. This is a unique way to see wildlife and take in the beauty of our rivers and lakes as well as our coastlines. It taps into both the joys and pleasures of slow traveling.

SUP Boarding is the ultimate cooling sport

We find that the best workouts end with some relaxation. Stand up paddle boarding is one of our favorite types. Once you feel like you have had enough paddle, you can relax on the board and enjoy the sun. You can take a restful nap, then pour some water on your body to cool off. Or you could have a water fight with your SUP neighbor (#yolo). Paddleboarding is an international sport. Even in the same place, wind and water conditions can vary. This means that no two sessions are ever the same. Relax and enjoy this sport.