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A Complete Guide to the PTE Writing Section

The PTE test is quite popular as over 3000+ institutes across the world accept the exam results. Some of the most sought-after study destinations like the UK, Australia, Canada, etc accept the PTE scores. So you can seek admission into the universities of these countries with your PTE scores. It is important to know that every university has different PTE score requirements. So you should check the eligibility score beforehand. Simply check the official university website and you will find the PTE score requirements there. In order to get admission to the specified university, you must attain the minimum required score in all PTE modules i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing section. You can check out the official PTE website too and get all the necessary information about those countries that give admission on the basis of PTE scores.

Talking about the writing section students need to be careful while reading the questions. After carefully going through the questions proceed toward the answer. So the writing module comprises two sections. The first one is summarizing the written text and the second one is writing an essay. This article will provide you with the details and tips to do well in both these sections. You’ll easily manage to get a good score in the writing section if you follow these tips carefully. If you are weak in writing and want the guidance of experts then you should enroll yourself in the finest PTE coaching in Jalandhar.

Now keep reading this article to know in detail about the PTE writing section

The First Part:

Summarize the written text

Many students are quite terrified of the writing section. But let us inform you that you can actually gain excellent scores if you possess a strong vocabulary and good grammatical knowledge. If you are investing in hard work and effort then it will be quite beneficial in getting a decent score. So even if you are not too well-versed with grammatical concepts and vocabulary, you can still manage to score around 70. Let us discuss the first part of the writing section- summarize the given text. You have to read a passage carefully and then summarize it into a few words only. 

Important tips

Make sure to frame your answer between 35-45 words only. You should not be writing too lengthy sentences. See your paper will be checked by computer. So if your sentences are too long the scoring algorithm might fail to accurately evaluate those sentences. So frame short sentences which are easy to understand. Also, you need to use punctuation correctly. Many students forget to capitalize the beginning words in a sentence.  So you should take care of punctuation. You need to pay adequate attention to the last paragraph. It summarizes the given text. So now we have discussed the first part of the writing section. Let us proceed toward the second part i.e writing an essay.

The Second Part:

Writing an essay

Let us now read about the second part of your PTE writing assessment– writing an essay. Basically in this section, you have to write a 200-300 word essay based on the given prompt. The prompt usually comprises 2-3 sentences. Now you must be wondering about the time limit for the essay. So you will have 20 minutes only to complete your essay. You won’t get any extra time to attempt the essay. Another vital thing to keep in mind is to stick to the word limit. At the bottom of your screen, there will be a word count feature that will show the number of words in your essay. Furthermore, the PTE essay has to be written between 200-300 words. Also, you will have cut, copy and paste buttons to help you construct your response perfectly. The essay should be free from any grammatical or spelling errors. You should enhance your essay by using new words and phrases. 

How to plan your essay?

Before you start writing your essay you need to check and understand if the format of your essay will be based on opinion, problem-solution, pros-cons, etc. To understand this you will have to carefully read and decipher the given prompt. Spend at least 2-3 minutes to plan the format and structure of your essay. Let us suggest you the pattern to follow for your PTE essay

The first paragraph– Provide a brief introduction about the topic. The introduction has to be very appealing 

Second and third paragraphs- These two paragraphs form the body of your essay. Basically, you will be writing examples, statistics, etc to provide support to the arguments you’re presenting in your essay. 

The last paragraph- In the last paragraph, you will provide the conclusion. Basically, you have to summarize what you have written in your essay. You can opt for a positive, opinion-based, or open-ended conclusion. 

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Summing it up

The PTE exam is widely popular among students aspiring to study abroad. This article talked about an integral section of the PTE exam- the writing section. If you follow these tips then no need to be frazzled about your exam. You can do wonders in the writing section by taking care of the above-stated pointers.