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What Benefits Can You Reap by Using Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics gives you detailed information about how your Twitter account is performing. Some of the metrics whose details you can access are listed below:

  • Clicks
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Favorites
  • Engagement

In addition to providing details of your account, this data will also reveal some details on the activities of accounts that follow and/or engage with your Twitter account. By analyzing this data, you will be able to figure out how your account is performing. You will find this data on your Twitter analytics dashboard.

You can reap many benefits from using Twitter analytics. Here are some of them:

Learn More About Your Tweets

You can see the metrics for each of the Tweets posted from your account using the integrated analytics dashboard. You will get data on the total volume of engagements and impressions generated by your Tweets. You will also get to know the overall engagement rate of your account. If there are any spikes in the impressions graph, you may review the Tweets you posted on the days of the spikes and identify the reasons behind them.

Get To Know the Demographics of Your Target Market

Twitter analytics will give you details on the demographic distribution of your account followers as well as those who engage with your account (follower or not). Some of these demographics are listed here:

  • Country of residence
  • Age group
  • Online buying behavior
  • Gender

Having these demographic details will allow you to customize your communication to capture the attention of a greater volume of Twitter users.

Get To Know When the Ideal Times Are to Tweet

You must know it is not a good idea to post a Tweet after midnight because everyone is asleep at that time. We all know when not to Tweet. But what is a good time to Tweet? And is it the same for both weekdays and weekends alike? After performing analytics, you will figure out patterns of user engagement. You can use this knowledge to expand your reach to the maximum number of users.

Validate Your Promotion Spend on Twitter

You raise your stakes when you employ promoted Tweets to draw traffic to your account. Where money is involved, you will want to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment. Twitter analytics for business will provide you with insights into how your money is being spent. It will let you compare organic impressions with promoted ones. This will help you decide if it was worth spending money on promoted Tweets.

Twitter Analytics Tools

Apart from the default Twitter analytics application, several third-party tools will enable you to perform analytics on your Tweets. Here are some of the best Twitter analytics tools.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

This is the default analytics service offered by Twitter. It is very detailed and is quite easy to use for reporting and analysis.

When you launch the analytics application, it will display a 28-day summary of your account in addition to an overview of key indicators like top follower and top mention. You can view all the individual Twitter metrics with this app.

Twitter Assistant by Union Metrics

This is free analytics tool by Union Metrics. It offers highly personalized suggestions and metrics based on the Tweets and followers of your account. In just a short time, it can provide answers to queries like:

  • What kind of Tweets score high on engagement?
  • What will you be required to make new Tweets?
  • Who among your audience wields the most influence?
  • Which hashtags should be used to raise your impressions?

With the help of this tool, you can find out what content appeals to your audience, get tailor-made content ideas, and identify the ideal times to post Tweets that will reach a large section of your followers. Union Metrics is an official Twitter partner, so there won’t be any credibility concerns.

Summing Up

Twitter analytics provides a treasure trove of information on all you need to drive traffic to your Twitter account. It will give you data on your industry, your target audience, and it will let you know the current trends on social media. If you are running a Twitter account, it is about time you start using analytics.

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