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10 Characteristics of a Highly Effective School Management System

Keeping the school going is a rigorous project, with a new and similar student body coming to the school each school year. School staff quickly experience this constant overflow of ingress and egress, as student and staff information must be protected.

Considering the school’s inherently broad sector, from student administration, academic administration, tuition to school property such as textbooks in the library and Erlenmeyer flasks in the laboratory. The manual pen and paper system alone is not efficient and effective.

Here is the school management software. For a school system to be effective, it must have the following characteristics.

Student Management System;

This is a key feature that keeps track of every student in the school on time. The information stored varies from name, parental information, previous illnesses to achievements.

All of these items stored in one place make it easy to manage students, as the school population is easily known with a single click. And each student is likened to a pen and paper.

Information package for school staff;

A good school system records not only student documents, but also school personnel, both teachers and other staff. Information can be used later

it can be stored for future use or used in the system for other side tasks, such as creating a school calendar for teaching staff,

payroll system for payroll.

The advanced system provides school staff with a username and password related to their work area and grants access to the system. This allows everyone to work independently and speeds up the work. This is better than giving access to the system to one or a few staff members who are usually overwhelmed in certain areas and process data in areas where it is incomplete.

Academic analysis

The teaching staff suffers a huge loss of mental and physical energy to fix the student’s exam. However, an analysis of the exams must be done to determine the student’s academic level. The school system is widely used because the main tasks include:

Scoring of student exams

Prepare a cumulative grade point average of the course and a table of cumulative grade point averages.

Student internship.

Preparation of newsletters.

School accounting system;

This is a very sensitive department that requires pinpoint accuracy or comes under scrutiny from the government and disgruntled parents.

Your school needs a system with a school accounting system. This can track each student’s balance and payment history from the time they arrive at school for vacation.

An efficient school accounting system automatically bills students each credit year or semester as a credit transaction and bills tuition each time a semester is paid. For this job you need NexxusHub. It does so with caution and especially when a student damages or loses school property. NexxusHub has features that place additional burden on this student.

Library management;

School is a place of literacy and, as such, not without textbooks. When can a library use a library management system to track textbook assignments? This system also allows you to track loan history, books in stock, and lost or damaged books.


Most school management systems are researcher focused and it can be of great benefit if the school system can also include a payroll system. This allows the school to easily record and calculate staff salaries, deductibles, and other income.

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