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7 Reasons why Canada is better than the UK for Indians

Indian immigrants are usually stuck between whether to apply for Canada PR from India or apply for UK PR from India. 

Let’s face it – no place you decide to live in, is going to be perfect. *Sigh* – harsh reality.

But it becomes important to find a place that is perfect for you and your loved ones. 

Canada vs the UK

From exceptional healthcare and education systems to job opportunities and low crime rates, both Canada and the United Kingdom offer great prospects for Indian immigrants. But comparing the number of immigrants that apply for Canada PR from India and those applying for a PR in the UK – the Great White North takes the lead. And for good reasons too. 

Here’s – 

Why Canada is a better place than the UK for Indians?

  • Sorry.

It’s no secret that Canadians are renowned for being some of the nicest people in the world. Canadians pride themselves on their warm and welcoming nature. And get this! Canadians are so kind, friendly, and apologetic that the government had to create an “Apology Act” – to protect Canadians from implicating themselves in a crime by apologizing. Not that people in the United Kingdom are not friendly at all, they’re just less so than the Canadians. Canadians win this category hands down. 

  • Jaw-dropping landscapes!

Although the United Kingdom has its share of beautiful landscapes such as Lake and Peak Districts, it simply cannot compare to the 48 national parks and over a million lakes & rivers. Not to mention the world’s longest coastline – just waiting for you to explore! Visit the Northern Lights or the majestic Canadian Rockies. Canada is a perfect blend of urban and rural lifestyles. The beauty and vast rolling landscapes in Canada will leave you awestruck. 

  • Better job outlook.

Both Canada and the United Kingdom offer Indian skilled and unskilled workers amazing opportunities to further their careers. However, the abundance of natural resources and ever-growing industries – alongside the aging population, has led to a surge of numerous high-paid job opportunities in Canada. Although the unemployment rate in the UK (4.8%) is lower than that of Canada’s (7.5%) – the Great White North beats Old Blighty in terms of finding a job. 

  • Booming business.

According to statistics, Canada is ranked 10th globally for business skills. So, if you’re an Entrepreneur looking for top-notch business opportunities – Canada is the place to be. Not only does Canada offer attractive business tax incentives, but it is also conveniently located in terms of transportation. Combined with its labor market shortages – Canada brings better growth and expansion than the United Kingdom. Canada also offers a fast-track visa process to apply for Canada PR from India as an Entrepreneur. 

  • Low crime rate.

There will be some sort of crime wherever you decide to live – no arguing with that. But when you go in comparison, Canada has a 23% lower crime rate than the United Kingdom. Statistically speaking, the UK has recorded 33% more robberies, 20% more assaults, 28% more hate crimes, and 30% more murders. Being one of the safest countries in the world, Canada offers a safe haven for Indian immigrants looking for a great place to raise a family. 

  • A state-of-the-art lifestyle.

Experience a multicultural society to study, work, and settle in. Canada offers higher life expectancy, low tax rates, high unemployment rate, low cost of living, low transportation expenses, and free healthcare – than the United Kingdom. Canada is ranked number one in the quality of life rankings. Where the UK has an average air quality score of 34, the average air quality score in Canada is 30. Both Canada and the UK have good air quality levels to live in. 

  • Highway to permanent residency!

Comparing the process to apply for Canada PR from India with the process to apply for UK PR from India – the Canadian government offers easier pathways with fewer requirements, minimal eligibility criteria, and quicker processing times than the United Kingdom. When considering the daunting UK PR process, Canada has continuously proved to be a more tempting opportunity for immigrants, especially those hailing from India. Check eligibility for Canada PR today!