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How To Organize A Virtual Graduation Ceremony?

A graduation ceremony is a very important event for students. So, it has to be fun and perfect whether hosted online or offline. You must find and pick the best virtual event platform that can be helpful in making your event more engaging and interactive.

So, throw away all the confusion like virtual event v/s live streaming v/s web conferencing: what’s best for the next online event and start working on one.

Here is a comprehensive list of ways that can be helpful in organizing A Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

9 Ways To Organize A Virtual Graduation Ceremony!

9 Hacks that can be helpful in managing the complete virtual graduation ceremony successfully without hassle.

  1. Get Creative With Custom Virtual Backgrounds

You must have fun elements like the virtual background that can be helpful in taking photos. Furthermore, you can get an AR photo booth with the best virtual event solutions. It offers different background templates that your audience can use to take multiple photos. You can design and customize all the templates as per your needs and ideas.

Your audience will be able to take photos and download them to their devices. Also, they can share it over various social media platforms. Additionally, you can create a gif using all the photos and selfies.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

You can make the most of your social media accounts. The maximum number of people are available online on various social media channels. Hence, you have a higher chance of boosting your audience engagement and taking them to your event registration. However, the virtual event service providers suggest creating a hashtag first to make a buzz in the market about your event.

Your event hashtag will help spread the word to the global audiences available on different platforms. Also, you can create reels and posts on a daily basis. Social media is all about consistent posting. Hence, you can gain followers only with creative content ideas and regular posts.

  1. Send A Digital Graduation Card

You can send a digital graduation card to all your students. They would love to get a card valuable to appreciate your students and celebrate their success. Furthermore, the virtual event services experts suggest keeping it more brand promotional.

Hence, you can create and share swags labeled with your sponsor’s name on them. It will be helpful in sharing a little motivation with your students as well as promoting your sponsor’s brand. They even offer a lot of giveaways if they would have come to an in-person event.

  1. Create A Heartwarming Highlight Reels

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and many other social media platforms have a trend called reels. Various organizations are getting hype by creating innovative and unique reels over the internet. Furthermore, it will be helpful in promoting a virtual motor show and get you numerous registrations.

You can win the hearts of many people and develop a relationship with them that will take them again and again to your social media account and various events you host and promote over there. However, you can promote your event as well as offer some smiles and messages to your audience by recording some reels.

  1. Host A Virtual Trivia Game

Students love games like trivia quizzes, puzzles, and more. Hence, the virtual property show software offers a proper space to integrate various games. Your students will love to play, compete, and have fun with their friends. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about entertainment as you can add various modes of entertainment.

You can add some live stand-up shows, singing concerts, dance performances, magic shows, and more. It can keep your participants busy for the time being while you set up and start the next session. Hence, these integrations will be helpful for entertainment and engagement during break time.

  1. Support Local Businesses

You can support local businesses with your virtual event by including various aspects. Furthermore, the virtual fashion show platform provides you an option to start fundraising for any NGO or other needs. You can collect money for the needies by raising funds in your virtual event.

Also, you may have some ideas to send gifts to the students or students may have a wish to send gifts to their friends. Then you can get some local businesses as your sponsors and ask your students to order and deliver from their shops. This way, you will be helping the local businesses as well as you can keep ease for everyone at the event.

  1. Customize An Online Commencement

You can make your students feel like they are available in the auditorium themselves and take the reward from the experts. Furthermore, you need the latest ideas and designs to create such a stage for your students.

  1. Host A Drive-By Graduation Parade

You can also have a parade in your event for the audience. Furthermore, they can enjoy the complete parade just like they would have in an in-person graduation parade ceremony. Hence, you have to create a completely similar environment to an on-ground event. Your attendees must be able to make a profitable graduation ceremony. So, they must be able to remember this event throughout their life.

  1. Get Creative With A Cap Decorating Contest

You can add some entertainment aspects by adding some competitions and quizzes. However, you can choose the cap decoration contest as one of the best options. Furthermore, your students will have a lot of fun creating those small and cute caps. Give them the freedom to create a cap however they want.

It will make a better effect and impact on your audience. So, do not restrict or make rules. Let them be with those caps whatever they want to do and create. Just appreciate each and every one of them this last time.


So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in organizing a virtual graduation ceremony for your college or university. Furthermore, you can create a better experience for your attendees by offering them different features and functionalities. It can help boost engagement, interactivity, and networking opportunities at your virtual event without hassle.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in organizing a virtual graduation ceremony.