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WhatsApp Chatbot Integration – A Complete Guide

In the past few years, a WhatsApp chatbot has advanced significantly by improving customer interactions and offering exceptional service. As a result, many businesses are creating their own WhatsApp chatbot to offer customers a customised experience with a human touch.

WhatsApp is the most incredible app for sending private messages, transactional updates, OTPs, and follow-ups. A WhatsApp chatbot integration addresses and resolves customer queries in the shortest time possible to support business growth.

With its rich communication, it helps in providing customer retention while building brand awareness and loyalty. The article will discuss the importance of WhatsApp chatbot integration along with a step-by-step tutorial for integrating them.

Why WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp has become the industry leader in communicating on a global scale. It first aided people in maintaining relationships with friends and family. But with time, it developed into a reliable foundation for a company’s operations.

It can be accessed without requiring a high level of technological expertise. Furthermore, end-to-end encryption, which prevents even WhatsApp from viewing the discussion between the sender and recipient, is the most secure messaging platform. Your customers won’t have to wait for several hours to receive responses to their questions as a result.

Your business will be more active and effective with the WhatsApp chatbot, and you can build a strong brand for it. Lastly, its media-rich features personalise the dialogue and let marketers share pertinent images, videos, gifs, voice memos, and documents.

Step-By-Step Guide to WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

You can build your own WhatsApp chatbot with the help of the various communication service providers available in just a few simple steps. Then, you can begin communicating with your customers. Let’s look at the steps below on how you can perform WhatsApp chatbot integration:

Register For The Whatsapp Business API

The first step is to register for the WhatsApp chatbot integration by adding an email, full name, legal company name and optional business description. Here you need to wait for the approval, which will take around 15-20 days.

Create The Chat Flow By Considering The Dialogue And Conversation

Once approved, you must update the commonly asked questions and the answers you want your chatbot to provide. Giving your chatbot enough references will enable it to interpret questions and commands and respond to them accurately.

Test Your WhatsApp Chatbot

It’s crucial to test a chatbot after it has been built. Here, we want to see if the chatbot provides accurate and pertinent responses to a fictitious user’s queries. You can use it to help you modify your chatbot in response to comments you receive after releasing it.

Discover & Experience Customer Engagement Like Never Before!

With a WhatsApp chatbot integration, you can make your business available to potential customers over multiple channels where they are most active. Further, the WhatsApp chatbot ensures the discussion by enhancing the development of client relationships and creating a favourable first impression on potential customers. In addition, automating routine contacts lowers acquisition and retention costs while improving the client experience.

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