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Why Should We Go for Cardboard Wine Box Packaging?

Cardboard material is the king in the materials of the printing and packaging industry. 90% is used because of its distinct features and up to the mark effects. Moreover, it is easily available in the market in a large variety of thickness. This is made up of paper pulp and easily recyclable, that’s why a large number of green lover’s love for this thick paper. Now, it could be used for cosmetics, retail and beverages cartons. Here, are few tips of using cardboard wine box packaging in the right way to save money, time and yield efficient tips.

The industrial requirement of wine packaging

According to WFA organization ( the wine packaging guidelines are defined. These are the best practices used by the industry and refer to those companies that are dealing with wine production.

  1. Product identification, the placement of the labels is essential to be placed on the bottles of the wine. That contains the information pertaining to the supplier. This information includes the company name, capsules code for the supplier, type of the capsules, description of the product, carton numbers, number of units in a carton, the date of the production, its expiry and a lot number. Such information is mandatory to place on wine cartons.
  2. The second paramount that is recommended by the WFA is documentation of the packaging; this helps them out the supplier and the end consumer to follow the process and procedure not only at national but also at international level. In addition to this, this is also helpful in maintaining the records of the packaging in the company Blower Dempsay procedures.
  3. For bottles packing WFA has decided to follow these rules, bottles must be totally clean, dustproof, resistant to the moisture, bottles should be stable during any shipment, bottles preferably made of plastic and containers made in cardboard, placement of the pallets and dividers among bottles, production date placement, every single bottle must be batch coded for record keeping, printed label on individual bottles, instructions to use the old stock first in the documents and the dimensions shall be approved by the drawings approved by the manufacturer.

These are the industry standard of the packaging for the wine. Yes, this beverage is sensitive and can be spoil by the variation in the temperature. But, by following such industry standards the whole chain would be fine and the procedures would be done in a sequence. This is for sure that the end consumer will get the fresh and up to the mark wine in his hand.

Importance of cardboard boxes

Flexibility is the first paramount factor that makes the cardboard different either it is wine box packaging or simple retail item holders. Flexibility, because it can be shaped in any figure, easily foldable, easily glued and adhesive to the tapes and can be cut. These features make this material a flexible one.

Lightweight and safety is the second important feature of the cardboard sheets. This makes it handy and handle able, that’s why the end user in-directly approach such cartons. Moreover, these are safe during any transportation, restrain from the banging around.

Customizability is another important aspect; this material is highly customizable. In addition to this, it could be personalized and afford a couple of effect on the same types. These effects like UV spot, Gold foiling, silver foiling, Matt and glossy effects make cardboard made boxes stunning and appealing. This aesthetic sense makes this has a great impact on the customer mind.

Why cardboard packaging is important than that of plastic?

Every packaging material has an impact on the environment to some extent but the matter of discussion which material has minimum and most effect.  Plastic is not eco-friendly; it destroys the environment and a piece of plastic can last up to a hundred years in the water. In the US, the packaging is the 3rd number contributor in total waste. Moreover, the cost is another factor, the plastic is costlier as compared to the cardboard. That’s why cardboard wine box packaging is considered the best fit as a beverage container. This is the customizability, it requires greater cost and machinery