Different Types of Rifle Scopes

If you love shooting then you will know that with a simple addition to your rifle you can enhance the shooting experience. Some shooters add the equipment left and right side of their rifle. Does a safe need a dehumidifier?.

The scope is one of that. It enhances the focus so that shooters can aim at the target easily. If you do not use scope during shooting then you are missing the real fun.

You should buy the scope for your rifle to boost its performance. Many types of Rifle Scopes are available from which you can choose easily.

In addition, some people get confused with how to zero rifle scope.

If you want to add scope to your rifle then you come to the right article. Because here we tell you about all the different kinds of rifle scopes that you can add easily.

So let’s start the discussion, shall we?

What Are The Different Types Of Rifle Scopes?

The Different Types Of Rifle Scopes

Here are all kinds of rifle scopes that you should know before buying. So have a look at them.

1. Fixed Scope

The basic type of rifle scope is the fixed scope. It comes with a fixed magnification level. Therefore, you can get easily what you see.

But by using this scope you can not zoom in or out to have a better view of your target. But they’re available at an affordable rate.

2. Variable Scope

According to the target location, you can fic the magnification of the scope. The variable scope has a wide range of scopes with different numbers.

The number of the scope represents the objective lens size. So according to your magnification requirement choose the scope.

3. Night Vision Scope

If you love hunting at night then night vision scope is best for you. Because it allows you to shoot right at the target even in a low-light situation as it comes with the built-in infrared illuminator.

Due to this reason, you can use the scope where there is no light.

4. Tactical Scope

A tactical scope is specially made for the specific shooting type. The main purpose of the tactical scope is to extend the engagement range of the rifle.

Therefore, they can be used in the military. But they do not allow you to increase the magnification level. Because they are not made for long-range shooting.

5. Long Range Scope

As the name says, long-range scope increases the range of the shooting. The reason why you should buy this is that it can increase the scope up to 10x magnification.

The thing that you should remember is that not all long-range scopes come with variable magnification. As some scopes come with a fixed magnification.

6. Hunting Scope

They are less complicated than the tactical scope. They are both robust and weather resistant so that you can use them in any season. For hunting, you need less distance.

Therefore hunting scope comes with a magnification of 20x or lower. The hunting scope is not very adjustable. But there are minimum distractions at the moment.

The main purpose of hunting scope is to focus on creating a clear and bright image in all weather situations.

7. Competition Scope

These scopes are not very durable because they are just made for competition purposes. They have high magnification as compared with other scopes.

A competition scope does not have much light transition but they are too fragile and big. These powerful scopes come with a magnification of 4440x so that during competition you can have a better aim.

8. Sniper Scope

To get a ton of information. Shooters use sniper scopes. It comes with a fixed magnification of 10x. Therefore, military people use it for better results.

The snipe scope is adjustable therefore to get accurate results you can easily adjust it. Beginners find it difficult to get accurate results with a sniper scope. That’s why only experts can use it efficiently.

9. Scout Scope

It works like a tactical scope and it can be used by both military and hunters. They have lower magnification as compared to other scopes like 2x, 8x, and 7x. Scout scopes are simple and allow you to adjust them.

10. Red Dot Scope

The red dot scope has little magnification or no magnification. When you look through this scope you will see a red dot in the center of the optic.

This red dot is the aiming point. But it does not clearly show the target and is only visible inside the scope. This type of scope is used in closed-quarters shooting.

Because they can easily find targets and make accurate shots.

Indeed, this scope can not be used for long-range shooting. But close-range shooting, you should select this scope.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

That’s all viewers, these are the best type of scope that you can add to your rifle for accurate results. Read the description of each scope accurately and select the best one according to your requirement.