Diwali donation

It’s that time of the year when we spread happiness by giving and sharing! We exchange gifts, spend time with family and friends, and take in the festive mood during Diwali. This celebration is all about defeating darkness with light, and by donating this Diwali for children, you can start your celebration on a good note and improve the lives of the underprivileged. Even though this year has been challenging for all of us owing to the pandemic, children have been the hidden sufferers of crises. 

Due to the loss of jobs, disruptions in primary healthcare facilities, midday meal programmes, and schooling, children now face both physical and mental challenges. During the pandemic, many children were coerced into underage labour and child marriage as well. But this Diwali, you can do your bit by contributing to charity on Diwali and make their festival full of joy!

Here are five ways in which you can support underprivileged children this Diwali to make a difference and improve the lives of those in need:

Visit a Volunteer Centre to Help the Poor

Children at shelter homes look forward to enjoying a festival without any concerns or sorrows, so do not hesitate or hold yourself back in any way. It is extremely special for the children to interact with people who are warm and welcoming. So this Diwali for children, take a step and volunteer with an NGO like Save the Children, which works every day for the betterment of children’s lives.Volunteers help to bring about change in the society on such a joyous occasion by either teaching underprivileged children, providing basic necessities to those in need, and participating in child safety activities. 

Contribute and Make a Donation to an NGO

Festivals serve as a reminder of the numerous blessings in our lives. Nothing could be better than giving some of that in the form of a monetary or resources Diwali donation to children. The intervention programmes for those at risk need a lot of financial support in order to be properly conducted, whether the issue is child labour or illiteracy. Moreover, contributing clothes or sweets to underprivileged children can also make their festival a joyous experience. So, donations can greatly assist in keeping them going and making Diwali for children a happy experience.

Experience The Joy of Sharing By Gifting To Children

Children adore receiving a variety of gifts, including books, notepads, toys, clothes, stationery, food, and especially sweets. But underprivileged children do not have the means to afford these things which can brighten their Diwali. Giving and gifting can be such a great way to share blessings with those who don’t have access to such things. Charity on Diwali can help brighten up the faces of these children!

Go to a children’s shelter

Many socially conscious people are choosing to do charity on Diwali more frequently and use their money for a worthwhile cause rather than spending on firecrackers or ostentatious things. Children’s shelters frequently plan a “mela,” a joyous event where boxes, candles, and other handicrafts created by the kids are sold. These fairs are typical sights throughout India, even in the major cities.

Community Firework Session

You can plan a small community fireworks display for kids who are enthusiastic about firecrackers. They can watch from a safe distance and enjoy themselves while the professionals get to work! Eco-friendly firecrackers can be used for this because traditional firecrackers are created with hazardous compounds, including copper, potassium nitrate, carbon, lead, cadmium, zinc, and sulphur, which cause skin allergies, lung problems, and smog. These crackers make use of recycled paper and far fewer chemicals. Furthermore, they make less noise and smoke.

Diwali is more than simply a commercial holiday. It holds the potential to positively impact children’s lives. So, if you choose to dedicate your time, efforts, and resources or even donate to underprivileged children or to community service, you can bring a smile to their faces. For doing this, all that is required is the desire to help others. 

Diwali donation for NGOs is encouraged because they can improve the lives of children all over India. Millions of children who have been impacted by armed violence and exploitation can now access education and a new life thanks to Save the Children’s work in 120 different countries. As the top response organization for children globally, it also engages in advocacy and strengthens its voice.