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The use of a whiteboard was the new frontier in teaching during the 1950s. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the chalkboard took its position in classrooms worldwide. A few years later, the sole, whitey board was adopted by every corporation as their preferred method of conveying and teaching different topics to students around the world. And why wouldn’t they? It’s like a blank canvas that asks for ideas to be painted on it! In 2009, the whiteboard idea was added to video-making, and voila! The outcomes turned out to be exceptional. To produce more interesting results, techniques like stop motion are included in the approach.

Below are 7 entertaining whiteboard video makers for a customized whiteboard animation video. Let’s discuss.

  1. PowToons

With an extensive collection of resources and explainer video templates to pick from, PowToons is a cloud-based DIY online whiteboard animation maker, undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, extensively used whiteboard animation software. Through Powtoons, explainer videos of up to 5 minutes in length can be exported easily.

Pricing for Powtoons:

For the starter plan, it would cost roughly $16 per month, and for the agency plan, it would cost about $99.

  1. VideoScribe

Another popular DIY whiteboard animation tool that is becoming increasingly popular with individuals and businesses is VideoScribe. If you prefer working offline, you can use this whiteboard movie maker to produce attractive whiteboard animation videos.

Pricing for VideoScribe:

The whiteboard animation program has three pricing tiers.

  • Plan for one user, recurring monthly payment of USD 17.50
  • Annual plan: regular payments of USD 8 per user every month.
  • Quarterly plan: $35, paid over three months by a single user.
  1. Vyond

This whiteboard video maker connects with a YouTube tie-in to make your whiteboard films more appealing to the average viewer, Vyond is an online whiteboard animation maker that provides a wide range of tools, including character customization, VO recorder, and modulator with rudimentary lip sync. In contrast to Powtoons and VideoScribe, the whiteboard video producer has different functional elements on the left-hand panel.

  • Start by looking through the library of pre-designed visuals, characters, text layouts, and backdrop scenes in the left-hand panel on the animation movie maker.
  • With the robust yet user-friendly software of the whiteboard movie creator, you may opt to modify any video to your liking.
  • You can easily use the online whiteboard animation maker’s stage, timeline, and assets. You can gather your resources on the scene and add them to the animation video maker’s timeline. In addition to the collection, the whiteboard movie creator allows you the freedom to import your media and alter your whiteboard videos to suit your company’s needs.
  1. Animaker

Animaker, which has an interface similar to PowToons, gives its users access to various animation tools and assets, much like any other whiteboard video maker from above. It has the unique feature of a notepad, which allows you to turn your meeting notes into a killer presentation. To begin with this whiteboard video creator:

  • Select a video canvas from Glass-board, Blackboard, or Switch-board to work with.
  • You’ll be taken back to the main interface, where you can choose from various premade characters, images, and animatics.
  • You can see your slides or photos on the whiteboard movie maker’s left side. Typically, each shot lasts up to 15 seconds.
  • The “Timeline” can be seen right in the middle of the screen, at the bottom. The panel that regulates the timing and movement throughout the video is the most critical aspect of your animation. Before continuing, take some time to experiment with the whiteboard video creator and become familiar with how the chronology is followed.
  • Everything else on the interface of the online whiteboard animation maker is located where you would anticipate it to be. Using Animaker would be a feasible choice to consider if you want to get a whiteboard animated video.
  1. RawShorts

Although it is the last on this list, RawShorts is by no means the least; it is essentially the same whiteboard movie producer as PowToons or Animaker, but it has the combination of graphics and software adjustments to set it apart. The online whiteboard animation maker delivers more fluid animation of all whiteboard elements. Follow the instructions provided above for Powtoons or Animaker to get started and create your whiteboard presentations.

Cost of RawShorts:

A three-tiered price structure for an online whiteboard animation tool is available: Free trial, Essential, and Business. You are allowed a total of 5 non-premium exports in the standard video format under the free trial plan of the animated video creator. The $49/month basic subscription entitles you to 25 premium monthly exports, including ten legally obtained video clips. The business plan, which costs $89 per month, grants you access to 50 premium monthly exports, 20 of which are legally-permitted video clips.

  1. Renderforest

More than 450 interactive sceneries, animated characters, and a vast collection of top-notch music tracks are available on Renderforest. It can be incorporated into stunning storytelling whiteboard animations. The primary benefit of using this animation video creator is the customized choice of video length that you can make at your leisure.

  1. Moovly

Custom whiteboard video animation movies, according to Moovly, are a crucial tool for marketers looking to explain complicated ideas. Utilizing doodle movies and hand-drawn animation is made possible by the whiteboard animation creator online. Regarding the cost, the animation video creator also offers a free trial period during which you are permitted 20 personal media uploads. Then there is the $49/month “Pro Monthly” subscription of the animation movie producer, which offers unlimited uploads of unique media and a ton of other features.

These are the top 7 tools for creating DIY whiteboard animation videos: You can choose your preferred online whiteboard maker and unleash your creativity! Powtoons and Animaker are among the favorites because they are easy to use and render interactive videos. You should, however, test them all to see which whiteboard video maker suits you.

Whiteboard videos produced with an online whiteboard animation maker can be constrained, making them a less practical choice for promoting/maintaining your brand’s image. Additionally, many businesses use an animated video maker as a cheaper alternative to professionally made animated videos. Therefore, the premade designs from an animation movie creator won’t be unique, but they’ll undoubtedly help you get started with a fantastic whiteboard animation video.


So, here we are; which of the following whiteboard animation video maker would you prefer to use? As mentioned before, the top-rated ones include Animaker and Powtoons. However, give it a go for all the remaining ones, just to have a check on how they function and cater to your needs. Or, if you want to hire an experienced agency that can provide an engaging whiteboard animation video, then connect to Video Jeeves, a renowned company known for producing high-quality videos.

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