Canada is a very popular destination to visit due to its connection to the United States, unique urban cities, and stunning natural landscapes. If you need convincing, take a look at these reasons for tours to Canada at least once in your life.

Unique cities

A view of Centre Island, Toronto, Canada Photo from James Thomas on Unsplash

Canada is blessed to have a variety of distinct cities scattered across its vast area. Winnipeg is famous for its affordability. Calgary is well-known as the closest major city for visitors to Banff National Park; Ottawa has interesting museums as well as The Rideau Canal, and Yellowknife is the city to visit for The Northern Lights.

Vancouver is the most distinctive town in Canada. It seamlessly blends urban life with natural beauty in order to let you get from your office and into the hills in under an hour. Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America, while Montreal and Quebec City bring European charm to Canada. Whatever urban landscape you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Canada.

Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

Calgary is the host city for the Calgary Stampede every year; it is referred to by the name “Greatest outdoors show in the World. Earth.” The Calgary Stampede isn’t just a rodeo event but also features parades, exhibitions, carnival rides, music and agricultural competitions. It’s an opportunity to celebrate Western tradition and culture, with more than one million people taking part each year.

However, this isn’t the only event that draws millions of fans each year. Montreal International Jazz Festival, Winterlude in Ottawa, and Vancouver’s Celebration of Lights are other famous events in Canada.


Canada is certainly home to one of the most stunning natural landscapes around the globe. The majority of Canada’s areas are not inhabited, which implies that many rural and inaccessible areas stretch across the entire coast. 

Then there’s the Arctic lifestyle in Nunavut as well as The Canadian Rockies in Banff and Jasper National Parks, British Columbia’s coast, The Badlands of Alberta and the Prairies located in Canada and some of the most remote parks, national and provincial that are located in Newfoundland as well as Labrador. If you love nature, then you’ll be amazed by Canada.

Slice from Europe within North America

Quebec is an extremely distinct region within Canada. It’s the only province in Canada that speaks French, and it feels as if you’ve travelled to France, but you’re located in North America. The province is home to many patisseries, cobblestone streets and European architecture everywhere you turn. While Montreal and Quebec City are the two major cities in the province, they are filled with charming towns and national parks.


Certain countries and regions don’t have the four seasons. Canada isn’t one of those. It is cold and snowy in winter, and British Columbia has the mildest winters. Spring is coming out of hibernation, and the flowers are flowering. 

The summer season is the most popular for tourists and is filled with festivals, blue skies and perfect sunshine. The Provinces and Territories also enjoy the fall season with flashes of yellow, orange and red foliage on the trees. Canada is, however, beautiful in all seasons.