Biometric Attendance System

Modern innovation and technological advancements have led to the development of products that can help businesses grow and achieve higher productivity. One such development is biometric attendance systems. From fingerprint time keeping to handprint access, biometrics are the new face of office security. Here are some of the many benefits a biometric system has to offer:

Reduces Theft of Time

The most significant benefit of using a biometric attendance system is that it helps reduce and even eliminate time theft. Time theft accounts for nearly 5% of a company’s payroll costs. It becomes very hard to eliminate time theft using routine attendance systems. Even when your workers are upstanding, accidental time theft will occur. 

However, with a biometric attendance app for employees, you can eliminate malicious time theft and shape your company’s culture. By demonstrating that there are consequences for fraudulent behavior, you can dissuade other employees from engaging in time sheet fraud.


Since biometric features are unique for everybody, they cannot be duplicated or forged. Biometrics are an accurate way of identifying and tracking workers. Using them allows you to maintain accurate employee attendance records and monitor precise time spent at work. Additionally, by using multiple identifying markers, some systems can even identify a specific employee from a group.

Simplifies Payroll

Calculating and verifying payroll can be laborious and expensive depending on how you track your employees’ work hours. Thankfully, a biometric attendance system simplifies and automates the process. Additionally, you will not incur additional overhead costs, and some systems can also integrate other payroll services such as tallying work hours.

Makes for a Great Return on Investment

A biometric attendance system can provide a good return on your investment. While most systems help eliminate time theft, others take it a step further by providing additional features that can reduce your overhead costs. For example, a cloud-based system does not need on-site hardware to keep the data. You should not let the biometric attendance machine’s price affect your choice. That said, make sure you find something that offers you the best value for your money.

Increases Accountability

Biometric attendance systems can help improve accountability across the board. Concerning preventing time theft, these systems can help avert buddy punching, which costs businesses nearly 373 million dollars a year. The ripple effect of accountability can increase employee morale and job satisfaction as with accurate records, appropriate punishments can be sanctioned and reward given.

Helps Maintain High Security

The unique nature of biometrics enables you to authorize access to certain areas or devices. For instance, with fingerprints, you can regulate who gains access to designated areas such as server rooms, safes, or lockers. Adding other features, such as retinal scans can enhance security access and maintain high security.

Since biometrics use a person’s unique features, such as a fingerprint or face shape, they make for a nearly foolproof system. There is no question that biometric attendance systems offer numerous benefits and are the way to go, whether you are a small business or a large corporation.