Many people don’t realize that birds can get electrocuted, but it’s a crucial thing to keep in mind because it causes death and destruction for them. Many birdhouses are simply too close to the wires and this can easily lead to a bird getting electrocuted and dying. This article highlights the importance of bird diverters that prevent birds from getting electrocuted.

What the bird diverters do

The bird diverters prevent birds from getting electrocuted. The devices are fitted to power lines and divert the birds away from the lines. They work by creating a barrier between the bird and the live wire. If you are living in an area where there are regular power outages, you may be familiar with the sound of birds getting electrocuted. This happens when an overhead power line falls on a bird, shocking it and causing it to die.

How do bird diverters help?

Bird diverters are small devices that attach to power lines and redirect electricity away from the birds. By doing this, you prevent them from getting shocked and killed by fallen wire. There are a few different types of bird diverters available, so finding the right one for your situation is important. Make sure to read the product reviews before making a purchase so that you know what features to look for.


The bird diverter is a great way to prevent birds from getting electrocuted. They are easy to install and can be very effective in preventing birds from getting trapped in power lines.