Stacking pressure and several other factors harm the products during shipping to the far situated regions. Therefore, businesses need packaging to show a comprehensive resistance against all such factors. A full flap shipping box owns all such traits. A fine quality cardboard material usage and the internal padding make it easier to ship items securely. Businesses can get the top flaps in several popular designs to make the unboxing experience unique. Customizing them with the embossing, foiling, and scoring options raises their appeal and aids in branding purposes. The content with high-quality digital printers under the CMYK color schemes engages the customers with color richness.  

Packaging has got the same importance nowadays as the products have. You need to use it with an innovative mindset to get as many advantages as possible for your eCommerce or retail business. Custom full flap shipping boxes is one such packaging that can break the boundaries and fulfill every professional and personal business need. Learn the tactics to get the maximum from them.  

Highlight the sustainable traits

Sustainability is trending all over the world in every sector. This idea has been adopted hugely by businesses for their packaging and as a way to boost sales. Luckily, the flap boxes are already a sustainable packaging solution, and you can cash this positive trait to gain several advantages. Highlight their sustainable trait by displaying the related signs over the surface at some visible position. Similarly, you can achieve this goal by printing the related information in the text. Highlighting their zero impact on the environment and contribution toward a green initiative will surely provide positive results. 

Display a storytelling design

There are some creative ideas for this box flap packaging that you can follow to inspire consumers and retailers to purchase in bulk. The display of an engaging storytelling design is one such technique. This idea is about creating a sequence of designs that get completed on multiple boxes. This quantity can reach up to 3 boxes. Such a divided storytelling design will inspire the retailers and common consumers to buy the products in huge quantities. Competition of the design will lead to a sequence of bulk purchases. It is specifically more useful for kids’ toys, kitchen groceries, clothing, and other products.  

Add luxury cardboard safety inserts

A primary purpose behind the usage of this packaging is to guarantee the safety of the products during shipping and operations afterward. This full flap blog is about using a single feature for multiple purposes. Usage of the luxurious cardboard safety inserts is one such option. These inserts are made right according to the size and dimensions of the product. Different components of a single product are then placed inside these inserts. It keeps the items safe during transportation by not allowing them to collide with each other. Moreover, the display is also increased, and the elevated presentation inspires people for purchases.  

Install dividers for storage expansion

Have you ever imagined shipping the products in bulk while occupying less space and bearing the minimum expense? Installation of the cardboard dividers in the custom full flap box offers these benefits simultaneously. These boxes usually come in medium or large sizes that could easily carry a heavier item. Eliminating the free space by installing small compartments will increase the storage space to ship more products at a single time. These cardboard dividers are placed while leaving the space according to the size of the product. A double layer of products can also be created by placing a roof sheet at the below-stacked items. Less space occupied by the products for shipping will also minimize the transportation costs.  

More sales with thematic design

The arrival of several seasonal and occasional events also allows the businesses to raise their sales volumes. A business can easily target these events by using the thematic design over this full flap packaging. A theme design will easily engage all such customers looking for the products over such events. It is easy to transform the prior design to the thematic one. For example, for a Christmas event displaying the Santa characters bringing the special offers for customers will inspire them. Printing the greetings texts in attractive fonts will further enhance the visibility of products.  

Make logo prominent via customization

This custom full flap box is considered more beneficial for branding purposes. It is because of the flexible nature of this packaging that allows implementing the customization techniques to gain several benefits. Display of the log through the embossing technique is one such benefit that will become a strong element for the branding or even a fresh business. Embossing makes any image or text highly visible. The logo will look like placed over the box separately. So much prominence of the logo will be easy to recall of the buyers for future purchases and from the random stores.  

Play with flaps for unique unboxing

The unboxing of a product is the most important element that put a strong impression on the consumers. There is huge room for this in the case of these flap boxes. You can bring the concept of minor and major flaps in this packaging if needed. Similarly, you can increase the length of a specific flap and adjust it beautifully with the others. Using this flap to print information will also benefit you as you can print the product’s user manual over it.  

This list of advantages of a full flap shipping box must have blown your mind. The success of a business is associated with how creatively it is using the available resources. Using this packaging type according to these techniques raises public reputation and builds a strong brand image.