Disney+ is your streaming home for beloved stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic – plus exclusive Originals and classics with more stories added every week!

While not as extensive as Netflix, Disney+ remains an impressive service. Offering Star Wars titles like Andor and Hocus Pocus 2 as well as forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Disney+ stands up well against its competition.

Getting Started

www.disneyplus.com login/begin is an increasingly popular streaming service that gives users access to an array of content. Available on smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones alike, its library boasts original programming as well as classic Disney films from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars as well as educational movies for children as well as sports events.

Once you’ve set up an account with Disney Plus, you can watch their shows and movies on your computer. Simply launch a web browser and visit their website where you’ll need your email address and password for login; after logging in click “My Account” to manage your subscription.

If you’re having trouble accessing your DisneyPlus account, try changing your password or switching internet browsers first. If that fails to help, reach out to DisneyPlus support so they can assist in solving the issue.

Disney Plus, launched this November, is a relatively new streaming service which competes directly with popular services such as Netflix and Hulu by offering an expansive library of content suitable for all age groups at a relatively competitive price point; especially when purchased as part of a Disney bundle including Hulu and ESPN+ subscriptions.


Disney+ provides an expansive movie library of classic Disney flicks as well as the latest from Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar – including Harrison Ford’s adventures as archaeologist Indiana Jones as well as Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark which remains an industry standard in terms of action set pieces today. However, Indiana Jones movies remain its main draw.

Other than major blockbusters, you’ll also find award-winning films like David O. Russell’s 1930’s drama The Straight Story and Ralph Fiennes’ black comedy Amsterdam on Disney+. Additionally, several original Disney+ movies don’t fall neatly into any one category like Chang Can Dunk – which follows an Asian American high school student as they attempt to make the basketball team by dunking.

Disney+ makes animation fans happy. Virtually every Pixar short ever created can now be streamed in stunning 4K quality on this service, as well as full animated movies from the Disney Channel and ABC channels, High School Musical: The Series and an updated Sing-Along that honors high school theater. Thanks to Fox ownership, fans of Avatar and Night at the Museum films also can now access them!

TV Shows

With their purchase of 20th Century Fox, Disney now possesses an enormous library of television shows to rival those offered by Netflix and Amazon. This includes both new and continuing series such as Jim Henson Company’s Earth to Ned, featuring a blue-skinned alien and his lieutenant exploring popular culture; as well as established favorites such as Scrubs and 24.

Find The Rise of Skywalker and all previous episodes from Star Wars; National Geographic’s eight-episode miniseries Great Migrations, hosted by Meghan Markle; Turning Red a documentary about female grizzly bears; and Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage, an expose on her Broadway career as multi-platinum singer Idina Menzel; among many more titles available here!

Disney Plus boasts an expansive library, boasting hundreds of classic and modern cartoons, Disney Channel hits like High School Musical and forgotten gems like Fuzzbucket; making it a standout among other streaming services; yet its success also lies in offering original movies and TV series.

Imagineering Story, for instance, is an engaging docuseries about Walt Disney that may come across as corporate propaganda; yet its quality cannot be denied. Other offerings from Marvel include She-Hulk and Daredevil (an adult-oriented superhero series focused on fighting and swearing).


Disney Plus boasts an extensive library of movies and TV shows. Many titles offer extras similar to what can be found on DVDs or Blu-Rays – featurettes, outtakes, trailers and deleted scenes are all easily found underneath each title’s official description on every movie/show page.

Disney Plus provides another exciting feature with the ability to stream select films and shows in IMAX quality, providing a cinematic experience like no other. Check it out if you enjoy larger cinematic experiences!

One of the unique offerings on Disney+ is their content collections that bundle related movies, TV shows and animated shorts together into convenient bundles. For instance, there are collections specializing in Simpsons holiday-themed episodes, Toy Story films or Frozen shorts so it makes it easier to access and watch all your favorites at once!

Disney Plus can be enjoyed across desktop and mobile devices, including iOS and Android phones, with simultaneous streaming for four devices simultaneously and seven user profiles, each featuring its own profile PIN and kid-proof exit, to control who can access what on the service. Furthermore, content ratings may be changed at any time for an account and unlimited mobile downloads allow for viewing titles offline.