bigg boss is a franchise and an acclaimed platform for those looking for the ultimate hype and success. An overnight fame with just a single episode of the show and much more.

But it is not about some scripted jokes, games, or drama but it is about the real thrill with the real scenarios and consequences.

bigg boss with its all previous seasons and upcoming show have something for its contestants.

The show is considered as the brave decision as here in this house of bigg boss everything is possible.

If you are winning a task or an argument and the bigg boss is happy from your performance than you will be rewarded. How?

Sometimes its lots of favorite food.

Sometimes safe zone for the next task.

And sometimes your favorite celebrity in the house with you for a day!

So bigg boss is all about making dreams true!

Vice versa if you have done something wrong, or you lost a task or anything that led you to failure than be prepared for the worst.

Night out in extremely cold weather!

Dumped in to the waste.

Cleaning the whole house for next few days and sometimes its nothing.

So here at bigg boss it is like an unpredictable hell and a surprising paradise.

Its up to you what you are going to get in reward.

The reality show is not scripted that makes everything more exciting and fun to watch and that is why bigg boss 16 is on the urge to release. So it is just a few months of patience and than you will see a whole new level of fun and drama at your television.

So get ready for the ultimate fun and enjoy the real life hazards, issues and joys of the celebrities you always admired.