Business Analyst Contribute to a Software Development Company?

Business analysts need to be analytical thinkers and problem solvers. One must be good at communicating as well. Business analysis is a rapidly growing profession, and those entering a software development company must focus on technology-centric data. Their primary role is to improve business operations and increase productivity.

A business analyst must work with a company’s technical and non-technical teams. So, they keep supporting the company for business growth. As students need assignment help, companies need an expert hand to predict their future. Assignments play a major part in the learning and development of a child in school.

Similarly, a business analyst in a software development company has a significant role. They drive the Business ahead and help a company grow. Their job is vast, varied, and can sometimes get too demanding.

The central spike in Business Analysis is primarily due to companies and organisations producing more data than before. This is the ears of big data, and companies are banking hugely on it.

The role of a business analysts needs

Many must be wondering what does a Business Analyst do? The answer is they evaluate. Business data to offer improved decision-making in a company. They are primarily a bridge between the management and decision-makers. Business analysts are involved in improving profits, streamlining production and turning the system more efficient.

Business Analysts are primarily involved in four kinds of analysis

  • Strategic planning reveals the needs of an organisation.
  • The business model analysis is used to define policies and market strategies.
  • Process design analyses the standardised workflows.
  • Systems analysis involves determining the needs of an IT team

A business analyst must have many roles and responsibilities, like identifying business goals, outlining business strategies and giving the right business direction.

Focus on business growth

There can be many milestones to be achieved in a business. The key performance indicators or KPIs need to be kept in check. Business analysts will communicate the business growth. The expansion rates are also determined by them. They offer the stakeholder and production team members some key insights.

Translation of business plan

Development planning is essential in any company, and a business analyst gives the right direction. They have various responsibilities and are assigned to transform a business plan into production. The analysis provides the right vision both for the management and production to go ahead. They are involved in decision-making from both ends.

Analysing data

Any project will advance if it meets the business expectations. The data is continuously monitored, and communication is maintained with the project team and stakeholders. The correct feedback ensures that things are in place and areas of improvement are provided. They help in offering a suitable business model.

 Making financial roles

A business analyst is a middleman between the decision makers and the IT team. He is held with a lot of responsibilities. First, they avail the financial report to maintain the business goals. They help to optimize spending and increase profit.

In a software company, a business analyst identifies technical requirements, makes detailed reports and visualises them. They also identify upcoming business opportunities in the market. They work on project planning and management, do variance analysis, are involved in product pricing and ensure follow-through progress reporting

Their involvement also depends on the phase of the project. We elaborate on the phases in detail below:

 The creative phase

This is an elaborated phase where the feasibility of a project is seen from the development point of view. It evaluates the market potential of any product, the cost-benefit involved and the production method.

Initial research

It might include solutions and design. The primary decisions are made in this phase of initial research. Here, the business requirements are stated, the tech stack has been chosen, and work is prioritised. Solutions for the problems are predicted before development.

Active software development

The roles get assigned in the development phase. The business analysts monitor the business progress. They ensure that development needs are met, and surpass the technical milestones.

Final state

The data for changes and improvements are stated here. A business must realise profits and must meet the expectations of shareholders.  It must  realize profits.

What are the skills required by a Business Analyst in a software company?

Technology keeps changing quickly, so business analysts need to evolve their methodology to gain as much. They must have significant skill sets like communication, both oral and written. Consultation and interpersonal communication. They must know how to facilitate interdepartmental communication as well.

Data Analysis

Business analysts must be able to visualise data, be analytical thinkers, and have problem-solving skills. They must provide an accurate and precise report. They are known to have a detail-oriented mindset. Correct data analysis helps in getting accurate results.

Process modelling

They must be familiar with a given business structure and stakeholder analyses and develop organisational skills. They need to have an understanding of networks and know-how the database is gathered and stored. They must also be aware of basic coding and have IT skills.

The tools used by Business Analysts


They are involved in tools required for analysing and gathering data. So, the tools need to be relevant and in sync with the trending digital business environment. Business Analysts are involved in preparing a report and initiating communication. The tools they commonly use are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Google Analytics and Tableau. However, if there are any complex tasks involved, then new tools can be used.


  • Knowledge of coding and programming skills
  • Know popular programming languages like Python, SQL, R


How can one become a Business Analyst in a software development company?


Those willing to explore a career as a Business Analyst can go through courses in programming languages like Learn Python, Learn SQL and Learn R. A hold on computer language will help better grasp Business.

What is dark data?

The information collected by an organisation but not used for analysis or business purposes is known as dark data. According to a study, almost 55% of the data is unused.

The job of data analysis is different from business analysis. Improving the viability of a Business requires leveraging the data. It is common terminology used in the field.


Business analysts must have a clear vision as they are the architects of developments. They understand Business well to take ant software project ahead and lead to a positive outcome. They know business needs and apply their experience to launch any project.


  • They see the scope of work, analyse the company’s specifics and processes
  • Aligned project delivery with business goals
  • Bring stakeholders on different levels
  • Create documentation for complex business concept
  • Come up with a coherent and precise vision
  • Look at the project from a new perspective

A business analyst helps unfold a project and develop a valuable solution by overcoming the odds. They deliver what expected is and live up to the market expectations.

Go through the above blog and gather deep insight into the role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst. How they are involved with a software company and are promoters of change and growth, keeping up with the modern business and technology ecosystem.

Author Bio:  Samantha Mathew is a business developer in an MNC in California. Her role involves overlooking strategies and promoting the growth of the company. She provides essay writers to students. She is a sports enthusiast and is actively involved in playing badminton.