If you have ever visited the dressing rooms of theaters, you must have seen how well-lit they are! To enhance the application of make-up, bulbs of high luminosity are used and they even replicate the stage lighting setup as this allows the performer to use the right amount of lipstick, rouge, etc. 

But it is not compulsory to install a well-lit makeup mirror only when you are about to perform on the stage as even day-to-day makeup application can be enhanced with the help of a better lighting setup. But remember, light can be both an enemy or a best friend to makeup applications as it all depends on how you use it. 

Poor lighting conditions will never let you know how much makeup you need and too much brightness can result in overdoing makeup. This is why it is necessary to strike a perfect balance while building a makeup mirror lighting setup and we are here to help you. 

Always use the right kind of light bulb 

The type of light bulb you choose for your makeup mirror can make or break your dream of enhancing makeup application. With so many options of bulbs- LED, fluorescent, incandescent, selecting the right type of lighting requires a little bit of know-how. 

Take a respite from your long hours of scouring the internet for the right light bulb without any purpose and start gathering information about different types of lights. 

Incandescent bulbs are the most popular kinds of bulbs but apart from producing too much heat, both the temperature and the color of these bulbs can’t be changed. However, since these bulbs produce warm light, they are considered ideal for makeup application. 

Fluorescent lights are the most unfit light for makeup application and therefore, you should avoid them while searching for a makeup mirror with lights. And the LED bulbs are obviously the clear winner in this case. They offer enough warmth and both their temperature and luminosity can be easily changed. 

Select the right position 

Not only the selection of lights but even their position is going to matter when you are building your first makeup mirror with lights setup. If you are using LED lights then you should always position them just in front of your face. This ensures even distribution and dissipates any kind of shadow falling on your face. 

If you have an overhead ceiling light in your room, never forget to turn it off before you begin your makeup routine and rely on the lights that you have chosen for the 4 panel wall mirror.

Some people find it difficult to perfectly position all the lights on the 4 panel wall mirror and in such a case, there is no shame in taking the help of a professional. They will charge a nominal amount for such kind of installation but the results will be enthralling for sure.

The right color temperature for lights

Here, color temperature means the overall warmth or coolness of the light source. This affects how you perceive the colors of your makeup and face and then decide how much makeup or which makeup is more suitable. 

Color temperature is always measured in Kelvin. Lower Kelvin means weaker light with better warmth. But remember, what might seem relaxing and cozy in terms of color temperature might not be an ideal option for makeup application. 

Even in the case of bathroom mirrors, the color temperature matters a lot and when you are talking about precise and detailed work like a makeup application then you must have color temperature in mind. For creating an ideal makeup application condition, you should always aim for lighting fixtures with between 4800 to 5000 kelvin.

Color selection for lighting setup 

While applying makeup, you will never wish the purple shade on your face to appear a bit darker while in actuality, it is hardly noticeable. For seeing the pristine look of your makeup or seeing them as they are, you must choose the right color for your lighting setup. 

You should search for the color wheel on Google and then choose colors that are next to each other. Even professional makeup artists use this kind of setup for applying the right amount and type of makeup. 

If you have no idea about the lighting colors in the case of bathroom mirrors, you can use the same color wheel to make the right decision.

The right color, amount, position and color lighting on the makeup mirror can give you a detailed view of every pore on your face, and then, you get to see the amount and color of makeup as they are instead of perceiving them on the darker or the lighter tone. So, use the above mentioned guide and build our own makeup-mirror lighting setup.