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People use cannabis for various reasons, including recreational and medical. However, many people still can’t tell the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. In this post, you will learn how these three cannabis strains differ from each other and how you can determine which strain is best for you. Keep reading to understand cannabis better!


    • Origin: Indica strain is native to Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Turkey. Indica plants are adaptable to dry, harsh, and turbulent climates.
    • Physical description: Indica plants are short with chunky and bushy green broad leaves.
    • CBD and THC ratio: This Strain has higher levels of CBD than THC.
    • Common effects: Since it has a higher concentration of CBD, it’s best to attain the therapeutic effects of CBD.


    • Origin: Some common locations where the Sativa strain is usually grown include Southeast Asia, South America, and Central America.
    • Physical description: Sativa plants are usually thin and tall with finger-like leaves. They can grow up to 12 feet and sometimes even more in an optimum environment. However, they take longer to mature than other plants.
    • CBD and THC ratio: Sativa strain has a lower CBD and higher THC concentration.
    • Common effects: Since Sativa has more concentration of THC, it often produces a high and energizing effect. You can expect to experience a high effect if you use Sativa dominant strain.


    • Origin: Hybrid plants are the result of cross-pollinating Indica and Sativa plants. In a nutshell, hybrid delivers the effects of both Indica and Sativa.
    • Physical description: The physical appearance of the hybrid plant depends on the combination of parent plants.
    • CBD and THC ratio: Each hybrid plant may have a unique ratio of CBD and THC. THC and CBD levels can be controlled in the hybrid plants as per demand.

Common effects: since Hybrids are a combination of both Indica and Sativa, they can produce the effects of both. It all depends on which hybrid strain you choose (CBD dominant or THC dominant).

Which is the best one?

Now that you know the effects and CBD and THC ratio in each strain, it entirely depends on you which one you choose. However, you can select a hybrid if your goal is to achieve a balanced effect. Some of the hybrid strains that you may like to try are:

    • Lemon Cherry Piss- Slightly Indica Dominant
    • Gary Payton
    • Grape Gas
    • Trop Guava- Sativa dominant
    • Marshmallow OG
    • Pink Runtz

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