The celebration of Karwa Chauth in India is commemorated with great joy and happiness by spouses. It is the occasion of the pleasure and joy of the wedded bond and brings partners closer to each other. On this promising occasion, we see huge crowds of ladies outfitted in red with sparkling jewelry and Mehendi designs on their hands who keep ratings all through the day for the extended life of their spouses. However, have you ever felt about why this festival is commemorated in India? Well, just like other celebrations, Karwa Chauth is also established on several mythical and historical tales which serve as proof of how ladies have stood in front of their spouses like shielding walls from threats. They got back their husbands from the death beds with their immense efforts by keeping Karwa Chauth fasting for their spouses. Read the blog the Karwa Chauth tales to learn more about this celebration devoted to blissful matrimonial harmony and buy gifts online.

The Story of Queen Veervati:

This is the tale of a lady named Veervati, who was completely devoted for his husband – Pativrata, according to Hindu rituals. She was the one and only sister of her seven brothers who was intensely adored and cared for by them and these sentiments of her brothers led to the invention of this Karwa Chauth tale.

The Karwa Chauth tale of Queen Veervati starts like this:

On the celebration of her first Karwa Chauth after the wedding, Queen Veervati came back to her parent’s residence. Her brothers were very enthusiastic to see their sister after one year of her wedding. On the occasion of karwa Chauth, she kept a persistent waterless fasting for the healthy life and well-being of her husband. 

As time departed and evening moved toward, she began eagerly lingering for the moon to come up so she could finish her fast. Because it was the first time for her, she began feeling starving and thirsty. Seeing her tough plight, her brothers became tensed and made a plan to break her fasting. They made a false image of the moon on the bodhi tree with a mirror and persuaded her that the moon had appeared, and now she could complete her fast. 

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Getting the wrong idea about this fake moon with a true one, she thought that her fast has completed. The time she grabbed the first taste of the food in her mouth, the report of her husband’s demise broke in. Shattered by the sorrow of the death of her husband, she cried the whole night and her misery compelled a Deity to occur in front of her and made her familiar with the trick planned by her brothers on her. The Goddess informed Veervati to keep Karwa Chauth fast once again with immense devotion, and her husband’s life was brought back. She performed everything as the Goddess said, and Yama, the Lord of Death, imbued life in her husband.

The Story of Satyavan & Savitri:

This is indeed the most widespread story of Karwa Chauth that conveys the passion and devotion of a wife towards her husband. It is also a story that illustrates the strength of a wife to get back his deceased husband’s spirit from Yama, the Death God. Satyavan & Savitri was a delighted married couple whose life twisted upside down when Yama took the soul of Satyavan. Savitri pleaded to Yama for her husband’s soul, but he rejected her proposal. She quitted food and water in revenge  and came after Yama took her husband’s soul. He asked her to wish for any boon from him apart from his husband’s soul, but she was stubborn about getting back her husband’s life. She asked for kids in blessings to which he approved. However, as she is devoted to her husband who rejected to step forward in life with any other person and have kids with him, Yama has no other option, but to imbue life in her husband.

The Legendary Story of Mahabharata:

This Karwa Chauth mythical tale talked about how the Karwa Chauth fasting kept by Draupadi assisted the Pandavas to crush all the difficulties which they confronted when Arjuna was not present. Lord Krishna trained Draupadi to follow this fast as there was proof of its success from the earlier circumstances. When Maa Parvati was stuck in an equivalent situation like this, she was notified by Lord Shiva about the significance of Karwa Chauth fasting through the tale of Veervati.

Go through these extraordinary Karwa Chauth tales and get closer to your prosperous civilization and rituals. These tales will certainly bring the duos closer by infusing severe love and joy into their lives. They will adore their married bond more and will comprehend the real importance and sacredness of the marriage relationship. Make this Karwa Chauth 2022 extraordinary and incredible for your admiring and caring spouse by pouring the person with amazing Karwa Chauth gifts. Take pleasure in the festival!