Explore the Serene Hill Stations in South India 

Hill stations in India are a great escape from the hectic life of the frenetic cities. Though places in the North are popular among most tourists, hill stations in south India are increasingly becoming the hotspot for a getaway. These beautiful towns are known for their stunning landscapes, lush forests, gusty waterfalls and a serene atmosphere. 

There are many popular hill stations in south India and you can choose one based on your preference. Be it Coonoor, Kodaikanal or Munnar, these places will leave you amazed with breath-taking views. You can opt for sightseeing, adventure sports activities or try the local cuisine. In addition, to save money on the trip, you should use coupon codes when visiting hill stations in South India.

Here are top 5 hill stations in south India that you must definitely visit:

Coonoor – A Calm Yet Charming Hill Station 

Known as the second biggest hill station in Nilgiri Hills, Coonoor is a decent neighbor of a popular hill station Ooty. This captivating town is famous for its dense tea gardens, magnificent waterfalls, deep valleys and pleasant climate. The valleys of the Nilgiri hills are a feast to the eyes. Bird watching is an added attribute of the hill station, where you’ll find an array of bird species including Nilgiri Verditer, Pipits, etce.

Things to do on your Coonoor trip:

  • A joyful picnic to Sim’s Park
  • Trekking and hiking in the valleys
  • Get a ride on Nilgiri Railways
  • Take a stroll through the hill station

Kodaikanal – Nature’s Gift

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that  Kodaikanal is the princess of hill stations as it attracts nature lovers with its breathtaking scenery. The hill station also proves the meaning of its name ‘the gift of the forest’ being home to gushing rivers, lush forests, picturesque landscapes, crystal clear lakes and what not! It is definitely one of the best offbeat hill stations in India .

Things to do in Kodaikanal:

  • Bird watching
  • Trekking
  • Visit Kukkal Caves
  • Have fun at Bryant Park
  • Try night safari into the thick forests of Kodaikanal
  • Enjoy the view at Dolphin’s nose

Munnar – A Blissful Retreat

Everybody loves to visit Munnar, a famous hill station in God’s own country, Kerala. It is a perfect getaway from the bustling city life as there are a lot of serene gardens, lakes, waterfalls and green hills in Munnar. People need a place  like Munnar to get away from the hectic city life and relax amidst nature. All these reasons make Munnar a must-visit hill station in South India.

Things to do in Munnar:

  • Stroll through green tea gardens
  • Mountain biking is just awesome in Munnar hills
  • Trekking
  • Camping is the most loved thing in the hilly place.
  • Paragliding

Araku Valley – An Unexplored Treasure

The least explored nature’s gift when compared to other hill stations, Araku Valley provides a serene landscape that you must not miss. A lazy stroll through the coffee plantations can make your day blissful. Known to be one of the offbeat hill stations in South India, the valley is not yet popular among people from the other parts of India. With its enchanting grasslands, apple orchards, beautiful waterfalls, Araku Valley gives you beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Things to do in Araku Valley:

  • Visit Borra caves, a limestone magic
  • Adore Ananthagiri and Chaprai falls
  • Try visiting the botanical garden
  • Take a ride on the Toy Train
  • Trekking is a must for adventure seekers
  • You cannot leave Araku Valley without visiting the tribal museum

Ananthagiri Hills – Home to Euphoria

Being one of the three hill stations in the Southern state of Telangana, Ananthagiri Hills is the right choice if you are in search of a weekend getaway in South India. The hill station allures tourists to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of their routine. Located in the dense Vikarabad forest, the hilly paradise calms your mind with fresh air. You’ll be impressed by the lush greenery, clear water and the sounds of chirping birds. Hence, Ananthagiri Hills is a must-visit hill station in South India.

Things to do in Ananthagiri Hills:

  • Visit divine Ananthagiri Temple
  • You can do boating and camping in Kotipalli Reservoir
  • Spend some great time at Bhavanasi Lake
  • Explore wildlife at Tyda Park.

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