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Whether you are planning to explore New Jersey on-road or deciding to drive down to New York, having the budget to rent exotic cars can prove to be a true game-changer! Being able to explore the streets of NJ and NYC, snuggled inside the cozy comforts of your luxury vehicle, can be an ethereal experience no less! Article Submission Site


However, when you rent a BMW or a similar high-end vehicle for your vacation, the decision can bring in loads of responsibilities. First, you must pick up the challenge of driving your vehicle in a foreign location! Second, you must be prepared to assume complete responsibility for the vehicle for as long as it is with you.  Third, you need to tackle all kinds of procedural challenges including parking, insurance, and so on. Guest Posting Site

When it comes to driving your vehicle in New Jersey, taking note of the following guidelines may prove to be of help.  Article Submission Site

Driving in New Jersey: Points to take note of

    • You need to always keep to the right side of the road unless you are overtaking another vehicle. Lane cutting is strictly prohibited. 

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    • All passengers in the front seat need to always wear a seat belt. If you have passengers between the age of 8 to 18, they will be required to always wear seat belts, irrespective of where they are seated. 


      • Drinking and driving are of course not allowed. Your blood alcohol level should not be 0.8% or more! You can be tested anytime, anywhere. So, make sure you are always sober if you plan to drive. 


  1. If there are infants in the car or children below 8 years of age weighing less than 80 pounds, they must be buckled and secured with the help of a booster seat or an approved car seat. 
  2. Do not use a cell phone unless you have it hands-free. Ideally, you must refrain from talking on the phone or texting when you drive. 
  3. Remember to stop at about 25 feet from school buses on any private or public road or even in a parking lot if the bus is flashing red lights. 
  4. As per the law, those driving in NJ should always yield to pedestrians. So, giving way to pedestrians is the way of the world here. Never honk when pedestrians are crossing the roads. It may be considered violating the law. 
  5. Headlights are allowed from half an hour after sunset to about half an hour before sunrise. Headlights are also permissible for safe driving in low visibility conditions. This could be due to intense rainfall, fog, or just about anything that reduces visibility to less than 500metres. 

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New Jersey experiences intense traffic on most working days. Speed limits for highways here are generally lower compared to other cities. Most streets will have a limit of 25mph. Schools and residential areas will be lower. When you opt for an exotic car rental in Jersey City, NJ; ask your service provider for “exotic car rentals near me” to guide you concerning documents you need to carry when you are driving in NJ.  Doodle Folks