If you are looking for some information about King Von, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at his criminal history, his relationship with Shaeniya Robinson, and his friendship with Quando Rando. We will also take a look at his rap career.

King Von’s rap career

King von autopsy is a Chicago based rapper who began his career in 2018. He was born on the South Side and grew up in the crime-ridden O Block neighborhood. He spent time in jail before beginning his rap career in 2018. Lil Durk noticed King Von’s early tracks and welcomed him to the Only the Family collective. He soon began to gain traction with his first single, Crazy Story. The track tells the story of a robbery-turned-shootout. It was a viral hit, with the music video being streamed over 20 million times.

While in prison, King Von dedicated himself to rapping. After he returned home, he was signed to Lil Durk’s label and released his breakout single, Crazy Story. In the following year, he released his first official studio album, Grandson, Vol. 1. The album also contained a remix by Lil Durk. In 2019, he released another mixtape, called Levon James, featuring Lil Durk and YNW Melly. This project peaked at No. 75 on the Billboard 200. In October 2020, King Von will release his second full-length studio album, Welcome to O’Block, which features Lil Durk, Moneybagg Yo, and Durk.

His relationship with Shaeniya Robinson

Before the recent rumor of King Von’s relationship with Shaenia Robinson, the rapper was single. However, he has since become involved with a woman named Asian Doll, who is an American female rapper. However, they have never shared any pictures together. In fact, their relationship is still a mystery, even though their friendship was very close.

Von and Robinson were close friends and supporters of each other’s careers. In addition to their friendship, they also became musical partners. The two have a strong musical connection, as Von’s love of singing made him enter the music industry at a young age. This led to his breakthrough as a solo artist, as well as a collaboration with Lil Durk. In November 2018, the two appeared on the Charlamagne Tha God’s Breakfast Club.

His criminal history

Rapper King Von was born in Chicago, Illinois, and is best known for his hit song “Crazy Story.” However, his history of criminality was far from a clean one. He had been arrested several times and spent time in jail for various crimes, including robbery and murder. However, this didn’t stop him from becoming famous. He signed to the Only The Family label and released a mixtape in 2018 called “Crazy Story.” The song went on to chart on the Bill 200 and has since become his best-selling single to date.

While Von’s early life was free of major charges, it was not without tragedy. The rapper spent three years in prison on multiple charges. But his past experiences shaped his art and he was eventually acquitted. In 2014, he was accused of attempted murder. The case was later dropped, and Von was able to go back on the road to success.

His friendship with Quando Rando

In the days before his death, King Von was on Lil Durk’s label. In addition, Quando was signed to NBA Youngboy’s label. The two were allegedly friends and were in contact. Although, the two had some beef in the past, King Von has denied any beef with Quando Rondo.

Recently, Quando Rondo has been involved in a shooting. He was not seriously injured in the incident, but his associate was fatally shot. Police have not identified the person who allegedly shot Quando Rondo, but it’s clear that the shooting was targeted at him.

In a recent interview, Quando Rondo revealed that his friend and mentor had a history of fighting. But, he was willing to deal with the consequences. In November 2020, King Von and Quando Rondo fought and argued. Eventually, they both died. The fight was allegedly staged, but two people were killed. Quando Rondo was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

His songs about gang violence

Rapper King Von has a deep understanding of the dangers of gang life and the dangers of gang violence. His “Crazy Story” song is a powerful example of this. In this song, Von raps about a robbery gone bad that ends in a shootout. The song’s video has over 64 million views on YouTube. It eventually achieved gold status. Von also gained new popularity in March 2019 with “Cousins,” a song featuring Chicago rapper JusBlow600.

The lyrics in King Von’s gang-related songs are often blunt and brutal. Although many rap artists choose to make rap lyrics about violence, King Von has a more explicit stance on the subject. This rap artist has been accused of gang-related crimes and has been arrested on several occasions.