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Reasons To Select Node.js for Web Development

Choosing the right technology for web development is a complex task. Why? Due to the increased number of frameworks, businesses now have many options to choose from for their web development project. 

But out of all of them, Node.js is something special. It is one of the favorite tools among web developers because it enables them to create complex web applications very easily and efficiently. There are still more reasons to select Node.js for web development. Want to know that? Read below

1. Offers rapid development

Node.js is built on Google’s Chrome V8 engine which requires fewer lines of code to write the application. Its rapid I/O performance enables web app developers to utilize the framework in many different functions such as middleware messaging, necessary routing operations, and static file serving. 

Node.js allows developers to merge the frontend and backend development into a common development task. As a result, it increases the process of the web app development process. 

2. Build real-time applications

With Node.js, you can create high-responsive web applications which give instant results. It has a good capability to create real-time applications that can perform multiple tasks at once. Node.js provides a single-threaded and event-driven architecture that helps you execute multiple concurrent requests without affecting RAM. 

3. Good availability of Node.js developers

Since Node.js uses JavaScript as its programming language, it makes it easier for developers to learn and use it in various projects. JavaScript is the common language used in web development. Therefore, the availability of Node.js developers is good in the market. You can easily find a Node.js developer for frontend and backend web development projects. 

4. Easy learning curve

One of the top reasons to select Node.js for web development is that it is based on Java-Script which is easy to learn programming language. Since most developers are familiar with JavaScript coding, it makes it highly beneficial for developers to use Node.js in various web development requirements. Moreover, it requires less time and coding effort for both client-side and server-side applications. 

5. Use a single codebase

Node.js uses Meteor which allows using a single codebase for web development. With Meteor, Node.js developers can create web applications using a single codebase. When developers write code, it saves the data into the database and then sends it to the server automatically. 

6. Easy data sharing

Node.js uses NPM (Node Package Manager) which enables developers to share data easily and quickly. And that is why developers prefer using this framework to create web applications. With Node.js, they can easily share data while working on a joint project. Apart from this, Node.js also allows you to maintain and deploy code quickly making the development process smooth and efficient. 

7. Cost-efficient solutions

If you want to make web applications at low costs, then Node.Js stands out as one of the best web development frameworks for this case. Node.js development requires less coding efforts and allows easy data sharing when you are working on a project. This allows businesses to create cost-efficient web development solutions. 

Moreover, as you can use Node.js along with other frameworks in the same web development project, it allows you to create web applications with reduced costs by almost 56%. For example, you can use NodeJS and AngularJS in your web development project and build a fully-functional web application. 

8. Long-term support

While most web development frameworks usually have frequent updates, Node.js gets major update releases for a long-term period. Every major release or update in Node.js remains for the next 18 months of the data. During this period, no new features or updates will be merged into the existing or previous version. 

Moreover, all the bug fixes and security updates would be taken care of by their team. Hence, Node.js stands out as a good choice for a web developer who wants a reliable framework to create a web app. 

Final Thoughts

Node.js is a popular framework that has been used for a long time in the web development field.  It provides a variety of benefits over other similar frameworks. With Node.js you can create complex web and mobile apps too. But to make these applications, you must possess that knowledge. 

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