The game of cricket originated in England and it has gone on to spread to other countries of the world. For this precise reason, the game of cricket is popular in all English counties, and if you watch cricket live video for free, the Bodyline and the Ashes series are a delight in themselves. Towards the latter part of the 19th century, England started playing cricket, meaning that there was a cricket-playing nation for close to a century. Numerous cricketers have gone on to play for England, but let us restrict ourselves to 11 players.

Jack Hobbs

He was the first opening batsman to play cricket for England. Towards the early part of the 20th century, all his cricket was played. His technique was great, and with his attacking intent, he could score on both sides of the wicket. With an average of 56, he went on to score 5000+ runs in 61 test matches. The average is really a testimony to his class, as in those days there were uncovered pitches and body line bowling.

Sir Alastair Cook

He is among the few English cricketers to be knighted, but that is not the sole reason for making him part of the elite list. Not only was he a left-handed batsman, he went on to score runs all over the world. At an average of 45, he has gone on to play 161 tests. In fact, he is the highest scorer for England in tests. His performance against Australia and on the spinning tracks of India made him stand above the rest.

Sir Len Hutton

He belonged to the class of English batsmen whose surname ended with the letter H. At one point in time, he had the highest score in Test cricket when he scored 364 against Australia at the Oval. The record was shattered by Sir Garfield Sobers, but he is one of the best No. 3 batsmen that England has ever produced. His grit and resolve were immaculate and put a price tag when it came to his wicket.

W Hammond

He is the captain of the team, and before the Second World War, he went on to play the game of cricket. Often, he drew comparisons with Sir Donald Bradman, and this was not the only reason to have him on the team. Viewers all over the world appreciated his drives on the off-side, and he had an average of close to 58. He was also a handy medium-pace bowler.

Joe Root

one of the modern greats in English cricket and is destined to achieve new heights by the time he finishes his career. After having been relieved of his captaincy, he has taken his performance to the next level. The best part about him is that he is only 31 years old and is considered a modern-day great. His sweep and cuts are an appealing sight to the viewers.  Other than this, he boasts an average of 50 or higher on tests.

Kevin Pietersen

Having been born in South Africa, he decided to opt in to play for England. The selectors need to be commended for this move, as he transformed himself into one of the best batsmen in English cricket. He was known for his stroke play and the legs side he was great. Apart from that, he had the ability to hit towering sixes, which made him popular among the crowd. Even so, he was able to cope with the off-field issues better.

Sir Ian Botham

Hardly few cricketers have played the game of cricket who can stand up to the talent, aura, and skills of the great man. With his bat and ball, he was such a talent that he could turn the game in any direction. Rated among the top all-rounders in the decade of the 1980s, for a considerable period of time he was the match-winner for their team. By the tail end of his career, he went on to suffer a serious back injury.

Alan Knott

An elegant, athletic, and eccentric cricketer who donned the English shirt for a considerable period of time In the 1970s, he was among the top glovemen in world cricket. Since he kept to some outstanding bowlers he takes behind the stumps was simply great. Along with it, he was a handy lower-order batsman who chipped in with useful contributions down the order.

Derek Underwood

He is rated to be one of the best when it comes to left-hand spinners that England has gone on to produce. The best part is that he made batsmen encounter a difficult situation, and Sunil Gavaskar was in admiration of his skills. Though he did turn the ball, at no point in time did he lose his line and length. What it did is that it made him really difficult to score. You have to keep in mind that scoring in England was really tough for the batsman.

Stuart Broad

Another active player in the circuit who does fast bowling does all the talking. Though his father played test cricket for England, Stuart has gone on to leave him behind in terms of his all-around abilities. A few experts will argue that he is susceptible to the short ball and that his batting skills have taken a toll in the last few years. He did form a great partnership with Jimmy Anderson, and they are rated as the best in the game of todays wordle.

Jimmy Anderson

The king of swing who made the batsman dance to his tunes. On the rough side of 40, he is still going strong, and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon to book ticketon. If not the fastest, he has turned out to be one of the best swing bowlers in the game of cricket. Since he has had the ability to swing the ball both ways for a considerable period of time, he has been the mainstay of the English bowling attack. a true legend on all counts shuftipro.

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