There are several different event solutions platforms to choose from. These platforms include Splash studio media, Eventcube, Filo, and Airmeet. These companies can help you create, market, and promote events. These solutions offer entry-level setup and training.

Splash studio media is a powerful event solution platform that helps you create and market your next event. Its comprehensive platform offers customizable templates and tools for building intelligent guest lists, soliciting attendees, and creating effective registration forms. Using Splash, you can also track and measure event ROI and adjust accordingly.

Event marketing is a complex process with several moving parts. Splash Studio aims to bring together all of them in one location, simplifying the management of events and boosting productivity and attendee engagement. Its platform is also designed to unify the data flow and make ROI tracking easier. Moreover, Splash supports a variety of other tools, so it is possible to create hybrid and virtual events with the help of third-party tools.


Eventcube is a complete event solution platform that allows you to host, market, and sell events. The software is built with customization and adaptability in mind, making it easy to create a unique experience for your customers. Its social sharing features make it easy to promote your events on social media and extend your reach to a wider audience. You can even use sponsored content to boost post-event revenue. Whether you’re looking to promote your next concert or host a sports club, Eventcube can help you create an experience that is customized and fully integrated with your website.

Eventcube makes creating and selling event tickets easy and is compatible with several live streaming networks. This allows you to host events around the world. You can sell tickets for concerts, conferences, webinars, and other online events. Its customizable ticketing store also enables you to manage memberships. The platform also allows you to collect demographic information and create reports.

Among the top event solution platforms, Eventcube has advanced webinar capabilities. It allows you to host live webinars, virtual exhibit halls, breakout sessions, and more. The solution includes event reporting and specialized features, such as multi-lingual support and social media walls. It also allows you to create webinars for up to 200 attendees. Moreover, it also offers video streaming and one-to-one messaging.

You should invest in the right event solution platform to create a successful event. A good event platform should make it easy to plan and manage events. It should also provide you with features like registration, analytics, customization, and scalability. In addition, the platform should allow you to integrate Salesforce and Marketo, which can make your events even more effective. You should also look for an event solution platform that allows you to customize your content and branding.

Eventcube can help you create, manage, and host virtual events that bring together your online community and create an amazing experience for attendees. It also helps you track invitations, create meeting spaces, and build landing pages. Moreover, it also includes virtual networking, live chat, and ticketing.


Airmeet allows you to create and host large-scale events in an interactive environment. Its user-friendly interface can accommodate up to 100K simultaneous attendees. In addition, the program offers many customization options, and you can even set up a private chat room for participants. You can use this feature to generate more audience engagement by providing questions and answers to the audience’s concerns. The app also helps you to collect post-event feedback through surveys.

Airmeet also offers features for organizing webinars. Webinars are presentations conducted via the internet using video conferencing software. Unlike a traditional conference, webinars can be live-streamed and recorded. This is particularly helpful if the host is conducting a lecture or giving a presentation. With the tool, participants can view the host’s screen and respond with thumbs-up, clap, or heart. Users can also upload their screens and share them with the audience.

Airmeet provides a free trial service and has a personalized pricing plan. You can check their website for more information. You can also contact them directly for more details. They are a great tool for increasing their visibility and client base.

Airmeet’s powerful platform also offers unique tools for event organizers. Users can set up webinars, virtual events, and exhibition halls. The software also lets you create and customize branded event materials. You can even match attendees based on their interests. Other features include creating breakout sessions, social media walls, and more. And all of this can be integrated with other apps.

Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual event platform that helps event organizers and marketers create and market live events. This platform can be used to manage the entirety of an event, from registration and promotion to live navigation and engagement. The platform also allows you to collect actionable analytics from the event.

Tame is another top event solution platform. Its platform lets event organizers create a branded experience that never looks like a third party host it. It can handle even large events of up to 10,000 people, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use.


Filo is an event solution platform that offers a full suite of features, from registration to ticketing and post-event outreach. The platform uses the latest technology to help you manage and scale events and connect with your audience personally. Its mobile version is fully optimized and supports virtual attendance. It helps you create communities around your content and encourages attendees to stay connected with contacts they make on the platform.

Filo boasts over 1 million users across more than 100 countries and is rated high by its clients for both ROI and support. It also has simple-to-use engagement dashboards that easily track how attendees are engaging with your event. You can subscribe to the basic plan for $99 per month or upgrade to a higher plan to unlock more features.

Filo has several collaboration tools that make it easy for users to conduct meetings and manage their schedules. It also allows users to switch between one-to-one calls and multi-person video events. It also offers a clean interface and a range of integrations. Companies like Unicef and Techstars use Filo.

Filo also has tools to help you collaborate with people outside your team. Its webinar-style platform allows attendees to chat and view the presentations and speakers. It also lets you delegate co-hosts for different events. It is particularly useful for networking events focused on connecting with your audience.

Filo also offers integration with a variety of software platforms. The platform lets you customize your event pages, import data, and track analytics in real time. You can even track attendance for speakers, stages, and specific areas. It also supports video recording and allows you to store and edit videos.

Filo’s features include gamification and a private Zoom module for private sessions. Its features make it a powerful event solution for businesses, small businesses, and startups looking to host virtual events. The platform can be priced according to how many hosts and attendees you expect for an event.