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Draws occur at 5 :49 pm ( UKtime).

Teatime Results Are As Follows

Uk49 may be the most well-known game in the UK. This game is where the player bets on the sum of the numbers and chooses the number to play.

Every day, the 49s Lottery takes place twice. All week, the 49s noon draw takes place and the 49s at break time takes place. 49s is named according to the number balls that were involved in the play. 49 balls join 6 endlessly-numbered balls ranging in number from 1 up to 49. This lottery isn’t equivalent to any other lottery. Each bookmaker has different norms. Make sure you check out your bookmaker prior the lottery because rules can vary between them.

Timings Of Teatime Draw:

The time for the draw between February and October is 5 :49 pm according UK time. For the remainder of October, it will take place at 4:49pm.

How To Play Teatime :

You will need to choose six numbers, ranging from 1 to 49, in order for this game to be played. Once you’ve chosen six numbers, choose a booster numbers from the remaining 43. The goal is for all numbers to match the draw numbers. The draw is broadcast all over the globe.

The minimum number of numbers you can select is 1. The maximum number of numbers you can select is 6.

After purchasing your ticket, you will need to mark that it is for the teatime draw. There are seven consecutive days you can play.

After entering the game, decide which draw to play. Draw 6 or draw 7. If you choose to draw 6, you won’t get any booster balls. If you select draw 7, you’ll get a booster to go with the six numbers you chose.

Teatime Predictions:

Consider the teatime prediction for today. Increase your chances of winning today’s draw. If you’re looking to dominate the game, then you need to read the rules. These predictions will help in picking your numbers to win the draw. These predictions are based only on the previous results of the previous draw.

Teatime Results:

Uk49 teatime draws offer the possibility to bet money on the result of the draw. This lottery does not have an exact price but you can still bet on numbers and then win if the numbers match. This is the most effective way to play lotteries.

Betting Price:

To win, you’ll need to buy PlayStation1.

Prizes For Draw 6:

If you match the draw number 6 times, then you’ll win the PS7 Prize. PS57 will be given to the winner if they match 2 numbers from 6 draw numbers. The prize is PS601. You can win it by matching 3 numbers drawn from the 6th draw. If you match six numbers, you’ll win the prize of PS7200. Match 5 numbers in the draw 6 and you’ll win the prize PS125,000.

Prizes For Draw 7:

If 7 numbers match the draw, you will win the PS6 prize.. You can match 4 numbers from draw 6, and win a PS3800 prize. You can win the prize PS40,000 by matching five numbers from draw 7.

Questions Frequently Asked:

How Do Uk49 Prediction Works?

An exceptionally skilled team that has worked consistently for UK49 draws for quite some while. They even take part in the draw. They are drawn by the past record assumption and have a particular example. You should play the game for yourself and not trust these numbers.

Do I have to Pay a Bet?

Bets must be made with PS1

What Are the Timings For The Teatime Lottery

The time for the draw between February and October is 5 :49 PM according to UK time. The remaining month’s timing is 4 :49 pm.