Whether you are planning to start a new business in Brazil or you have just started your company there, a consulting management firm is a great way to gain an edge in the market. Consulting firms can help you improve your business by providing you with advice and guidance, whether you need help in finding new customers, improving your brand image, or increasing your profits.


Prodeg is a Brazilian financial advisory firm that provides innovative solutions for middle-sized and small corporates. Some of their offerings include the IF Consultant Asset Management Gestora de Recursos Ltda, a privately held asset management company. Also, Prodeg has a solid distribution in structured corporate finance solutions.

Prodeg also boasts an extensive knowledge of the Brazilian corporate markets. In fact, the company is able to raise more than US$2 billion for its clients. The company’s presence in the country has played a major role in recouping the most bang for the buck for investors.

Although Prodeg list of notable clients includes bigwigs like Google, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook, the company’s offerings span the full spectrum.

Vector Consulting

Earlier this year, the folks at Vector Consulting announced that it was expanding its presence into the Indonesian market. The firm is looking to replicate India’s impressive record in the consulting game and to take a gander at strategic growth opportunities in Southeast Asia. The company is led by a team of senior partners based in the Indian capital and is supported by local talent. This is the company’s first international office and is likely to be the start of a much larger operation in the near future.

The company’s offerings include a supply chain consultancy, a supply chain management solution, and a technology consultancy. It also has a presence in South America.


Founded in London in 1983, L.E.K. Consulting provides strategic advice to savvy business leaders around the world. It has grown from a small consultancy in the UK to a worldwide company with over 1,600 employees across the Americas and Asia Pacific. It is the only major strategy firm to have grown from a UK base.

Its founders believed that the company would become a leading global firm. They never backed down from their intentions. They built the firm on a lean foundation and grew the company into 21 offices worldwide. They have also recently expanded into South America. They have hired three new partners.

ABeam Consulting

Among the 10 largest consulting companies on the planet, ABeam Consulting is no slouch. Having racked up more than Y billion in revenue, the company boasts a robust suite of consulting services. With offices in Tokyo, Chicago, Hanoi and Da Nang, the firm is no stranger to the Asian market. ABeam Consulting also has a number of representatives in South America.

ABeam Consulting has been around for over a decade in Vietnam, and with the opening of its second office in Ho Chi Minh City, the firm is looking to expand its foothold in the country. With more than four million residents in the country, there’s plenty of room for ABeam Consulting to grow.


Having a presence in three Latin American countries, A.T. Kearney Consulting Management Brazil is one of the major management consulting firms in the world. The company offers hands-on sustainability expertise to clients. It also provides a wide range of consulting services, including strategy, change management, and enterprise transformation.

The firm has a focus on attracting fresh talent. It encourages applicants from all backgrounds and disciplines to apply for a position. It is a privately-owned firm that operates in over 40 countries and has over 3,500 employees.

The firm also offers internship opportunities. For example, a roadshow will be held on August 15th, 16th, and 22nd. This will give potential interns the opportunity to learn about management consulting and analytics. The Aeronautics Technology Institute (ITA) and the School of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of Sao Paulo (Unesp) will host the roadshow.


Having worked at KPMG for more than two decades, Leonardo Silva has been a member of various audit committees and worked for the BB-MAPFRE Group as Executive Controllership Superintendent. His work involved providing services for insurance companies and national clients in the financial and industrial markets. He also worked for two years at the KPMG office in Toronto.

As a member of the Institute of Independent Auditors in Brazil, he has been an instructor for undergraduate and graduate university courses. He also provides consulting services to clients.

A seasoned forensic technology expert, he works with clients to address corporate risk. His work includes fraud and emerging technology risk. He has completed more than 300 projects.