After writing a killer blog post, you have an understanding of whatever your audience is going to love and accept. However, how do you know that you have written down something they would adore reading? There is no magical way of informing your audience about it, but SEO Brisbane services will help you.

After hitting the publish button, you immediately need to promote your blog posts. The best news included here is several ways you can get it done. First, the more you are into it, the higher the chances that your blog post is a great read; where you will more likely start getting comments and shares, which more likely help you gain subscribers and readers.

Today, we have shared a few things you should do immediately after hitting the publish blog post button!

  1. Sharing the latest blog posts on Twitter

Simply start with an instant tweet mentioning you have a new blog post by linking to the right URL with a great photograph or even a graphic where your tweet is more likely to get read with the inclusion of the image.

Scheduling a few additional tweets going out in about 3 days, 7 days, since 2 weeks later, even using the scheduler to get this done automatically for you. There are a few additional features for automatically resending the tweets on the schedule of their choice.

  1. Sharing the latest blog post across the Facebook page

You should allow your followers on Facebook to understand that you have a recent blog post, confirming that you contain a bit of blurb with the URL and a picture. Never should you try sharing the latest Facebook posts. Instead, ensure that you should share a nice blend of the old content with the content of other people and general chitchats regarding your life and keeping them social.

  1. Sharing the latest post on Instagram

Always take a better graphic or photo from the posts and share them on Instagram, allowing your Instagram followers to know the latest post present on the blog.

Facebook can ensure that you are taking time across the social platform of Instagram. Never should you share any new posts, sharing snippets from life and ensuring that you are taking time to reply to the good comments on people’s posts.

  1. Start pinning your latest posts on Pinterest

Each time you create the latest blog posts, ensure to start including the images pinnable in the post and taking time where the image is present on each board to be relevant across the group and your boards. You can use the Tailwind app to make these easier and instant while spreading across each pin. Always ensure that you start spending time pinning the people’s content onto the boards, making them appear interesting and attractive to the followers of Pinterest.

  1. Sharing the latest posts with email subscribers

You can get this done each time you post or include them in the weekly newsletter. Do you require any assistance with the email? You should not email the entire blog post to subscribers while they have no reason to click. Instead, the email involves the smaller extract and continued reading of the actual blog post.

  1. Sharing the latest blog posts in the Facebook groups

Several groups on Facebook allow you to start sharing the latest blog posts with a massive audience. Never forget about connecting to the other people in this group. Never become the person dumping the runs and links. You might become very busy that day while you still perform a few likes and prepare a couple of instant comments. It is not the right thing to get done; however, connect with several other bloggers who might offer you all kinds of opportunities across the future, making valuable connections and friends.

  1. Sharing the latest posts on the links of the bloggers

Links allow you to start placing smaller photos and linking to the latest blog posts across someone else’s website. These internal links become the best way to make your site visible and improve the SEO, get several blog comments, and connect with the blogger’s community. When you publish the latest posts, you should start linking them across the best links.

  1. Suggesting the post across the roundups of the industry

There are roundup posts across the blog, including the monthly news about WordPress, mainly popular ones. Make use of the trend to the benefit of reaching out to the blogs hosting these lists and asking about the inclusion of the post. To get this done, you should start locating the sites across your industry by publishing the lists of the roundups. There are a few instant searches on Google where you should start turning up a couple of candidates.

  1. Ensure that you get your blog post SEO optimized

It is surely the thing that should get done earlier on when you hit the publish button for the latest blog posts; however, it will never hurt to get them checked. Ensure that you included the keywords appropriately in the title and scattered them a couple of times throughout the post, first paragraphs, in one of the headings, and in the alt descriptions. If you missed out on this, start updating the post.

  1. Updating the internal links of your earlier posts

The highly innovative thing to get done for SEO is to head back to the older content according to the relevancy of the past content and add the links to the new posts, especially if you wish to start ranking with the newly added and published posts.

The higher you add internal links to the post, the higher the search engines deem this most essential and the higher the ranking. Therefore, keep in mind to start linking from the older articles to the latest ones. However, never add any random internal links, as you should ensure that the posts you are linking to are similar across these topics.


You can make your start by forming high-quality content with the help of SEO Brisbane services. Always ensure that you start working consistently and methodically, and it is almost similar to building casinos in the middle of the desert. If you do not have anyone to inform you about whatever you are planning on doing and the best way you can help them with every effort would never be for anything as you should start taking the blog posts and work them on how to pay off repeatedly.