Solitaire Game

If you love card games then you must know about Solitaire. Because it is one of the famous card games. It is first compatible with Windows and Vista.

But now it is available online. On many platforms like MobilityWare, you can play solitaire with different modes. To play this card game with different modes you should know about them first.

Because they are new and not most people know about them. So if you do not know about them, you come to the right place.

As in this article, we will you about the different deals of the solitaire. Carefully read the article, to get all the information that you need to know.

So let’s start the discussion, shall we?

How To Play Solitaire Game?

In this card game, you have to deal with 2 decks. The main purpose of the game is to arrange them into eight suites in ascending order.

When you complete the suite it will disappear from the board and you will see new cards. It’s your choice to select the suit.

If you select the 1 to 4 suits then the game will become difficult and you have to spend more time on it. When you start the game you have to choose between a random deal and a winning deal.

Keep in mind:

Not all the deals of the solitaire are winnable. And there are almost 104 deals that you can not solve. This is the reason why people love this game.

But to start the game you need to know about these deals. So start with the random deal.

What Is Random Deal?

It is one of the modes of the solitaire game. This mode has millions of random shuffle variations. This means it is impossible to win the game in this mode. When you start the game, you think that you can easily win it.

But when you come into the middle, the combinations start to gets worse and you can easily get stuck.

That’s why some people called it non-winnable mode. As no matter how expert you are in solitaire and how many tricks you use, you will end up losing the game.

Here’s the deal:

A game in this mode does not end. It means if you get stuck you can continue to try your luck. But the bad news is that no matter how much time you spend playing the game, you can not win it.

So it is better to refresh the game and start with the new decks. In addition, if you think by using strategies you can win the game then you are wrong.

Because the random deal is made with sophisticated algorithms that generate random shuffles per deal. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to beat the combinations.

But you do have the facility to undo the move. So that you can think of a better strategy and can make a new move.

What Is Winning Deal?

The second mode of the solitaire is the winning deal. Unlike random deals, you can easily win this deal. Because every game of this mode is winnable.

As every deal comes with a solution. You can click on the gold star that has Winning written on it. Also, you can click on the button that says Show Me How To Win.

By pressing this button, you will get the solution. So that by replaying the game you can win.

Amazing isn’t it?

But not all people prefer this winning mode. Because it gets solved in a short time. And even if you get stuck at any time you can use the hint.

This mode is best for beginners who just start to play solitaire. As it will help them to learn the tips and tricks. So, if you just start to play the game take advantage of this winning deal.

Because if you start the random deal you can not learn the rules and can not even win the winning deal without the deal.

How Random Deal And Winning Deal Is Different?

As the name says, the random deals created random combinations. These combinations are generated by using sophisticated algorithms that no one can beat.

No matter if you are an expert and know all the rules. You can not beat this random mode. While the winning mode is completely different from the random deal in terms of winning.

Because every game of winning deal is winnable. In addition, it comes with a hint so that if you get stuck you can see the right move.

The basic and only different between a random deal and a winning deal is that matches in a random deal are not winnable. While the matches in the winning deal are winnable.

That’s it, there is no other difference and all the rules of the game are the same.

Wrapping It All Up!

That’s all folks, in conclusion, we will say you should give this game a try if you do not play it yet. Start with the winning deal, to make sure you can learn the rules and become an expert.

Because matches in the winning deal come with a hint that will help you to win when you get stuck. And once you master the game you can play the random deal as the matches are unwinnable.

Here you can give yourself a challenge by beating the random combination.