set up Victony WiFi extender

Incorrect positioning is one of the reasons why an extender doesn’t work well. No matter how well your Victony extender works, it won’t work well if you don’t put it in the right place. So, when setting up a Victony WiFi extender, you can’t forget about this. Even after the first time you set up Victony WiFi extender   you need to remember where you put it.

We know that most users don’t even realize that bad placement can cause problems for their extenders. So, there are a few important things to remember before you install a Victony extender. Let’s go over each point in the next section to learn how to put an extender correctly. Continue to read.

Where can I put my Victony Extender?

Not in corners

Most of the time, people put their extenders in a corner. Do you know that most WiFi signals disappear in corners? How? Both sides of the corner can be used for WiFi transmission. Wall sides, on the other hand, are a great place for signals to get lost because they are so close together.

So, instead of putting the extender in a corner, you should put it in the middle of your house. So that WiFi signals can reach every part of your home evenly.

Stay away from thick concrete walls

WiFi signals can’t get through concrete or walls that are solid. This makes your internet connection slow and makes it hard to connect to WiFi. If you want to change your device’s WiFi settings, it might be hard to just get to the Victony WiFi extender login page.

The Victony extender should be put somewhere away from solid walls. Place the device right next to a thin door to make sure that signals can easily pass through it. The location may also depend on how much space you need to cover in or near your home.

Avoid surfaces that can reflect

If you have a lot of mirrors, this could make it hard for your Victony extender to work well. To make sure your extender works well, you need to keep it away from surfaces that will cause it to bounce back. If you don’t, your wireless device won’t work the way you want it to.

So, when you set up your Victony extender, you need to get rid of any mirrors or glasses.

Place the extender within the router’s range

While setting up your Victony extender, you should also keep an eye on how far your WiFi router can reach. If your router’s signals only reach the first floor of your home and you want to set up the extender on the second floor, you will get nothing.

Because of this, it is recommended that you set up your Victony extender close to your home router.

Keep an eye on your electronics

We can’t think of a time when we didn’t have electronic devices. We need everything, whether it’s a microwave oven, a fridge, a treadmill, or a Bluetooth speaker. But having all of these devices close to your extender can make it work less well.

In this case, you should keep your extender away from these things while doing the Victony setup  There are a lot of other things, like baby monitors, cell phones, other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, etc., that you should keep away from your Victony extender.

To Sum It Up

All of these things need to be checked when you decide where to put your Victony extender. We hope you’ll remember all of these things when looking for your WiFi device.

The goal of Victony extenders is to make your existing WiFi router work better. But this will only work if your extender is in the right place. So, if you want to take your Internet experience to the next level and stream videos without any lag, you need to put your extender in the right place.

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