Nothing compares to the beauty of butterfly jewelry. It’s beautiful. It’s mesmerizing. It’s transformative. It’s everything we look for in easy style and versatile clothing. That’s why the thebutterflychokers team decided to create the Butterfly collection, a stunning assortment of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other pieces that evoke the butterfly in all of us.

From sparkling studs with CZ stones to charming lariats, our Butterfly collection shines brightly for any occasion. The beauty of butterfly Silver Jewelry Wholesaler is that you can wear it literally anywhere. You can look fresh all year round, reminding everyone of springtime happiness and carefree fun. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best of our butterflies, so you know what to wear anytime, anywhere. Stunning stilettos for the office. Sparkling bracelets for going out with the girls. Delicate necklaces for brunch on Main Street. Stunning combinations for absolute style. 

For the office

To set a professional tone and shine at work, consider a layered beaded and studded butterfly necklace combination. Paired with a blazer and silk top, this ensemble creates a polished, statement look while maintaining a fashionable tone. Complete your look with a butterfly charm ring or two. If you’re going to an executive presentation, wear an evening suit and wear a dainty necklace with a 14-karat gold butterfly pendant. It’s fierce and feminine at the same time… that’s the appeal of butterflies, and especially butterfly jewelry.

For a night on the town

Delicate and dazzling styles always make going out on the town more enjoyable. Nothing is more appropriate for this purpose than attractive butterflies.  Wear your favorite LBD and add CZ stone bracelets to transform the evening. If you really want to add to your bracelet collection, choose a chic gold sterling silver butterfly bracelet with CZ stones for a cool and sophisticated effect. Going to the club with your crew? Then kick up your heels and slip your head into a stunning butterfly necklace, complete with an eye-catching choker, double butterfly pendant necklace with sparkling CZ stones, and beautiful lacing. Add a pair of diamond rings and you have a finished look in no time.

For lunch with friends or shopping

You need something perfect for every day, and that something comes in the form of a beautiful butterfly pendant. Whether it’s a beautiful pair of earrings or a necklace with charms, this whimsical wonder from Mother Earth goes with any style. It dangles gracefully from necklaces and chains, just like its wildly hovering counterpart. Going shopping but want to make sure your style is true? Pair a cute graphic T-shirt with a pair of white sneakers and hoops for a fun, slightly funky look. Want to look absolutely divine for lunch with the ladies? Pair a double bow stiletto with your usual pile of earrings to create a stylish but slightly edgy look that will have everyone asking “where did you get that?” when they’re drinking.

For fun

Sometimes you need new things for those spontaneous moments; you know, when you decide to go on a day trip “just to see,” explore a new part of town or get invited to meet new friends. If that’s the case, then butterfly jewelry is exactly what you need. Butterfly choker is exquisite jewelry for such special occasions. Combine this jewelry with an adorable necklace and you’ll be flying high. Want something bigger and bolder? For maximum effect, combine the CZ large stone butterfly ring with a beautiful asymmetrical double butterfly necklace and a large and small bracelet as a duo of sparkling butterflies. With this combination, you will always be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Whether you’re off on another adventure or relaxing at home with the girls and Netflix, butterfly jewelry is the best way to adorn yourself and show off a sophisticated tone. They are versatile. They’re beautiful. They adapt easily to any style, whether it’s sporty-chic or sophisticated glamour. Not only can butterfly jewelry take center stage in a stack or become a graceful accent, but the butterfly itself is a creature full of vitality.