Company’s Selection Process

The selection process is essential to the organization’s development and growth. Since, company development and success depend on the capability of the employees. Besides, the selection process decides the organization’s success. If the organization selects/chooses perfect, skilled, knowledgeable, and talented employees per the requirements/needs of the company, then it achieves its goals.

The selection process helps the company/organization pick the perfect and talented candidate with the necessary qualifications and experience to fill jobs in the company. But, this process is very long or time taking and complicated. Since, this process carries various steps before reaching the final stage. However, all organizations do not follow the same steps in selecting the employee. So, the method of this process may change from firm to firm and branch to branch. All companies design their stages of selection according to their company needs and the necessary qualification required for the job vacancy.

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Selection process/procedure:

Every single company or organization develops its selection process because every company has different needs or requirements. Even though some steps of each organization follow the same, such as:

Introductory/initial interview:

An introductory interview is also known as a screening interview. In this stage, the company eliminates those candidates who are not perfect and obtains fewer eligibility criteria according to the needs of the company and organization. In this step, check the education of each candidate, skills, interest in the company, and family background. This interview is not formal; basically, it is a primary interview. According to the firm, this introductory interview eliminates unsuitable candidates.


In the second step, those candidates pass the preliminary interview round. They fill out the application form in the advice format. This application form carries all information about the candidate, such as education, experience, skills, interest, and more information. This form helps the questioner to select the perfect and eligible candidate according to their organization’s needs.

Screening applications:

A team of screening committees can screen the application form they receive from the candidates. The screening committee first sets a list of candidates they observe as perfect and talented for the next round of interviews. The shortlisting criteria are according to the applicant’s qualification, age, etc. those applicant selected in this round are called for the next round. The team screening committee informs the selected candidates by e-mail or messages.

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Various test is organized for the candidates to check their skills and mental ability, such as aptitude test, personality test, and many more test. Through these tests, the organization contains its suitability for the job.


The face-to-face interview is conducted with the applicant to get more information about his skills and experience. The main motive of this interview is to check the suitability of the candidate according to the organization’s needs and also give knowledge about the job/work profile. This session is essential for the organization because this interview decides whether the candidate is suitable for the present job.


Companies mostly ask for references from existing employees to check the applicant’s behavior, capabilities, experiences, and genuine information.

Medical examination:

Before the last stage of selection, an organization wants about the mental and physical fitness of the applicant to check that the candidate is capable of doing the job perfectly. The medical check-up is also essential to limit the physical capability according to the job need.

Selection/ final stage of selection process:

Those candidates/applicants who complete all interview stages are given the appointment application to connect with the organization/firm.

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